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In the last 2 months I have bought
>$3k LG 77” OLED
Use to watch the same old shit wasting time
>iPhone 13 pro
>Apple Watch 7
I’m some ways worse than my $300 android but girls like it
>$1500 bicycle
Fucking regret this because I can’t ride without fear of death by car in US
>LG gram
Don’t use
>plane ticket to Japan in Sep
Weeb. All I know is Kana.
>a shitton of accessories, wardrobe, travel stuff etc

Total: $9k
Also last year $30k car

I’m still fucking miserable. Will traveling help me? I know being a consoomer won’t help me but I can’t stop. I made $100k from shitcoins and sat on it for 2 years until something snapped.
>$1500 bicycle, cannot ride without fear of death by car in US
Good, I'm glad you're afraid because I'm taking you out if I see you on it on my road.
Jesus you could have bought a lot of BJ’s from prime hookers in Venezuela for that money and lived like a king
File: blade and sorcery.webm (1.65 MB, 320x240)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB WEBM
get a quest 2 and beat bitches with a bible
Stop wasting the money anon. You're going nowhere fast. Split your thought into two groups. 1) how do I make more money with this money 2) what purchase actually provides any VALUE TO ME. You may not be able to answer either at first. Take your time. I advise before diving into question 2 is to take the trip and see how exploring impacts you. That might be your thing, maybe not.
Also. You need to make a connection. Anons on 4chan don't count. Idgaf how gd weird you are, there's some site/subreddit /discord out there for you. Find that connection anon or die before death.
i think i see the issue here. you're missing the $3000 gaming PC to achieve happiness.
Have you considered getting laid?
File: Jesus.jpg (178 KB, 1200x1439)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
Fren, you should watch this video:
the trend is that when you're bored of spending money on stuff you spend money on "experiences" or maybe get into a constructive hobby where you build things.
Do adults really go online to meet new friends? Seems too late as a 28 asocial guy, but I can fake positivity for
a while just takes a lot of energy.
Already have it
I had a older cat mom fwb that would blow on command but she moved state. Buying accelerated then
Good video thanks
Isn’t there like 2 games
>Buying accelerated

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