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why are you faggots rugpulling each other with these shitcoins? What happened to this place? I hope you're all ashamed of yourselves.
biz used to offer knowledge and encouraged it but this is now the worst circlejerk of all time, you're actually losing money on terrible fucking memes its incredible actually
dude same
Mods delete [Redacted] because they don't want you getting in early whilst they fill their bags.
Why don't you pump my bags instead of shitposting on /biz/ Dani
>why are you faggots rugpulling each other with these shitcoins
all the rugpulls are created by offboarders though. most of them are made by a wallet with millions worth of BNB. he rugs /biz/ every hour, every single day. check the catalog, he's probably got a few new scam threads up right now. he's running out of creative names because he does it so much.
just filter them out faggot
or wait until the bear market does
>assuming jeets are actual bizraelis

India can't ban crypto soon enough, the board will be purged
>running out of creative names
yea there's still hundreds of thousands of words you can attach the bonk or inu suffix to.

also this board is full of South Americans, eastern Europeans and southern asians. one TG I was in posted a screencap of the dms they get from indians inquiring if they want their coin advertised.
You'll like AXN ! They just did the LUXY IDO through their launchpad ;) they also have daily BTC divs and NFTs !
Those threads are pretty easy to avoid, some of them look like shitcoins too but they end up going up a lot. I think some kinds of threads are worse, such as
- people asking for non businesses or finance life advice
- "are you slurping" threads
- threads stating the current price of bitcoin (wallah threads)
- "what was that?" threads
- "shill me something that will 100x in two weeks" threads
- mumu threads (pepe and bobo are funny, mumu is not)
- picture of girl threads
- obvious fud threads (criticism is ok)
- "would you buy this chart" threads
- "should I buy/sell X" threads
- ethereum rocket threads
I'm sure I'm missing a lot. But yeah pretty much any thread that's just a meaningless statement and pushes other threads of the board

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