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>$300 given out just now, next giveaway is for $1000
>1200 members in 1 day
>Dapps in development
>not out yet

Pilotdoge com
Pilotdoge on telegram
How tf do you get 1200 members in one day
Good marketing it seems
By paying for it. Also NIGGER.
Fuck giveaways, buy this shit
This is gonna blow for sure
Well yeah if you fucking pay for your own marketing that means the devs believe in it? Fucking poorfag
Sir when can I gamble my money on this?
Ok, all these replies stink of curry but lets ignore that.
What the fuck is bounce finance where this is launching presale?
I looked at the website and it looks pretty sketchy and most of the forum posts on it were "Help, i got scammed"
Now i may be wrong, but to me it seems the jeet devs had 1 BNB to spend and they paid to bot the tg since its soo quiet. Now they cant afford dxsale fees and are going to a shadier site.
Would love some counter argument to explain why dxsale is avoided. There was some word of antibot measures here, but i couldnt find any specific info about that.
>cant afford dxsale fees

Dxsale is full of bots, bots will fill up the presale and dump it all and the project fails, I guess bounce is not like that since it isn’t as popular and no bots are made to lurk in there.
Also, do you know how many times a dxsale presale fucked me? I’m down to trying something new. It’s all fucking internet money anyways
>paying for fake Telegram followers
Top lel. Nigger.
This didnt answer anything.
>cant afford dxsale fees
This was more of a joke since to list in dxsale you have to pay 1BNB

>dxsale is full of bots
True, the only way around this is to either whitelist or launch when the tg has low enough numbers that bots havent caught up yet.

>bounce has less bots
You really think people who use these bots wont take 5 minutes to make them usable on bounce?

With dxsale i feel safer and considering another dogecoin with a botted tg is doing this, it doesnt send the best message
Lets do this fellas, pump this
It’s not botted retard, there was a huge twitter promotion yesterday and people started flooding in. Bots get kicked by that captcha on entry

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