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Guys i dont want to fud but doge going up is bringing down btc and bringing down alts. It is possible we could fud crash down to 45k in the complete worst case. I hope not.
who gives a fuck about btc. dogecoin is
superior to it in every way
in which way im confused. The main point of bitcoin is to remove inflation no?
No but see, it has a picture of a dog and Daddy Elon thinks it can be the currency of Mars.

No one is doing the innovative stuff the Dogecoin development team is doing. The rest of crypto is a joke compared to those guys.
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>only 45k

you have no idea just how colossal the impending dump will be.

>mfw BTC tanks into the 30k range
>mfw DOGE sky rockets into the 1k range

your thinking reddit likes something =/= that something is inherently worthless. get out of your own way.
Im not saying its worthless. Objectively as an investment its a bad idea. Its inflationary if people stop pumping it it goes down. Do you understand theres people constantly dumping it? Have you spent more than 10 mins on this website to see people dumping it?
I dumped my stack this morning. TY BYEBYE CIAO
I come here everyday and see people constantly shitting on doge and how its about to crash and how they are shorting it. Not gonna lie it was kind of cozy waking up this morning seeing all the pink wojak shorters that lost it all.
Doge is going to drop into the .001 cents category. It's tulip mania just like early 2018 was with the alt coins. Boomers didn't know why they were buying the alt coins like litecoin, they just did because "It's cheaper than a bitcoin so more room to grow!", and while BTC and ETH crashed hard into the sub 10% range of their value pre crash, most altcoins didn't even survive the last crash
DOGE will crash, it's just a question of when, and when it does and the entire market topples with it, normalfags will lose everything
I unironically hope so, I missed ETH going up and want to buy in at lower prices.

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