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I am angry, desperated, demoralized, hopeless and emotionally devastated.
I am financially bored.
Bifrost (BFC) is the first ever blockchain agnostic middleware that enhances smart contracts by allowing developers to deploy DApps that are compatible with all smart contract platforms and to combine different features of different blockchains together all in one place to suit your DApps needs. Integrating Bifrost reduces gas fees by 75% with no overhead compared to L2 solutions and increases scalability to 3000 TPS. For example you can take the scalability of BSC, combined with the security/decentraliztion of Ethereum, with the user interface of DOT, and maybe you like one of the features Solana or Tezos has. You get full customization over the underlying tech when you deploy your DApp. Any project can integrate this middleware seamlessly to reap the rewards under the hood with no changes to the user experience. The massive team behind Bifrost already built their own DApp on Bifrost called BIFI to showcase what Bifrost is capable of. Mainnet is Q3 this year, this project has big partners and big backers that you can check out on their website


*Not to be confused with Bifrost (BNC) or Beefy.finance (BIFI)*
I didn't buy 1inch because of this piece of shit that doesn't move.Fuck anyone who still shill this

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