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>be me a month ago
>walk into work after a week of vacation
>dude from HR tells me I'm getting promoted and not to tell anyone just yet
>happy as fuck, its my first "real" job and I've worked really hard to prove myself
>tell friends and family
>couple days later, boss comes over to my desk and tells me I've been promoted but it's just a "lateral promotion" and it's just a title change
>no pay bump, no different work, no more responsibilities, literally just a change from one meaningless title to another meaningless one
>humiliated and embarassed, forced to tell family and friends
>email hr dude asking to meet about the """promotion"""
>he says we'll meet but never follows up

This is so fucked up. I don't even know how to handle this. I can't even quit just yet because I have <$1k in the bank and all my money is in Link. How do I get back at the company? I don't want to fuck over my boss or my team because they've been ok to me. What are some ways to fuck over the company? Just stop working and sit there? Start doing whatever I feel like? Can't get fired just yet and Ill have a much better potential job opportunity in the next few months

Also, post wagecuck stories

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