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What does /biz/ think about Mutual funds/ ETFs ?
I've been thinking about investing a couple k in something relatively low risk, so not crypto (I also hold some crypto but have only lost a bit so far, I'll hold off for now). From what I've researched, these funds historically can do about 10%/Y, so much better than letting your money rot in the savings account. However, I noticed a lot of funds lost 10% this year (due to Brexit?), so it might not be the best time to buy in?

Do any anons have experience with this shit?
a global collapse is at the door and you want invest in invisible paper credit?

Do it, you deserve to lose everything.
To answer your question, they have their place in the market. They can be either a good or bad investment depending on your goals.

However, from your post i get the feeling you don't quite understand how those investment vehicles work and what risk/return is. That historic return of 10%/Y you mentioned is taken over decades. Which means if you invest now you may lose 50% tomorrow but be up 250% in 10 years. Also you need to remember that historic returns are not always a good indicator of future returns.

So before you do anything i recommend you read up on investopedia.com. There are a lot of articles about various asset classes and investment terms that are vital to know for making good decisions.

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