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Enjoy working the Florida Loop shows. Trevor.
Good, Trevor lee is a geek
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Cody must have 'lost' Trevor's phone number
AEW drones seething
n-nice try e-drone. Just you wait until Michael Elgin vs Joey Ryan sells out the Milwaukee Dome.
That'll show y-you.
Over a TNA reject?
>working Paul's yellow playground
what a simp
Not elite enough to hang with us AEW chads anyway
Didnt these retardads learn ANYTHING about the Elite guys rising their profiles by rejecting the offers,
cause these simps always fall for the 'its always been a dream to wrestle where the hulkster did' meme
File: Chadman Page.png (561 KB, 461x615)
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Trevor Lee:

>Fucks around on Impact, MLW and AAW for a few years.
>Gets a lowball offer from Triple H
>Like a dumb cuck, he immediately jumps at the first opportunity.
>Signs a fucking mark contract.
>Will pay his dues in NXT for a few years like some dumb, Indie geek for $60,000 a year.
>"Guys, I'm just happy to be here. Honest!"

Kenny Omega:

>Is in OVW.
>Disgruntled with his treatment, leaves WWE.
>Proves himself in DDT; eventually signs with NJPW.
>Lights the fucking world on fire; 6-star matches, rave reviews and nonstop fanfare.
>Gets an offer from WWE.
>Declines it.
>Gets another offer from WWE, this time it's much higher.
>Declines it.
>Begins to talk shit about WWE and all their wrestlers and begins to bury management.
>Wins the IWGP Heavyweight Championship.
>WWE is now overtly mentioning him and referencing him on their social media.
>Gets another WWE offer which is much higher than the others.
>Declines it.
>Proves himself to not only be a fantastic wrestler, but an incredible draw.
>Gets an unbelievable offer, one that Meltzer describes as "Fantastic", believed to be around 23 million for 5 years, averaging 4.5 million a year.
>Again, declines it.

Want to know how I know Kenny Omega would be a big superstar and Trevor Lee won't? It's very basic, simple psychology. Don't be a fucking WWE mark.

Even fucking HANGMAN PAGE was offered 300,000 a year to do NXT. Trevor Lee basically signed with NXT with absolutely zero leverage. He is the absolute epitome of the word "geek".
Was Lee hated or something on the independent circuit? Seems he started slowing down in PWG after a while and he was never a really big player on current IMPACT.
These guys don't have the benefit of meltzer publishing their bullshit as facts
Just look at the guy
>He is the absolute epitome of the word "geek"
and Trevor Lee will abosuletly end up jobbing like one, fuckin hell he'll even job for Kassius Ohno

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