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>carried Triple H to a 5 star match
To this day Warrior is the only wrestler to ever beat HHH on PPV without Hunter later getting his win back.
Warrior was based as fuck.
Yep, also one of the few guys to ever beat Vince in backstage politics too.
Fake news
>polite applause
and now, as I stand here before you Ultimate Warrior fans, mere minutes away from my lungs breathing their final breath and my heart beating it's final beat I only have one last thing to say:
Israel is the enemy and an illegitimate state!
black lives don't matter!
>Yes Yes Yes Yes x4
queering doesn't make the world work!
>based and redpilled clap clap clap clap clap
pedos and trannies each get the rope!
>thank you warrior
and one last thing, Triple H is a big nosed bitch and Shawn Michaels did in fact pose for a GAY MAGAZINE!
>*Warriors theme plays one final time as he ascends to heaven*
>we will miss you clap clap clap clap
Hunter got his win back though
>Shawn Michaels did in fact pose for a GAY MAGAZINE!
I don't understand, why would he say all of those obviously false things and then finish with something true?

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