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File: 195865732367548.png (210 KB, 473x426)
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>AEW star Britt Baker and Adam Cole are a couple. She recently stated that there are big hopes to see Cole wrestle again with The Elite very soon. Wrestling News reports that Cole's contract is up this Summer. If Adam Cole allows his WWE NXT contract to run out then he will have no non-compete clause. Cole was also at AEW’s Memorial Day party with his Britt Baker. The Young Bucks, SCU and others were there as well. He has been to a few AEW social situations in the past. All Out is September 5th. If Adam Cole’s WWE NXT contract expires in August or early enough in September then fans could be in for a big surprise no matter where All Out is held.

>Inb4 W-we did-didn't want that manlet an-anyway!
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You know wwe is petty enough to throw everything and the kitchen sink to get ad cole to stay. Happened with cain, edge and orton found his worth after khan rejected his offer. TK don't fuck around.
hi renee
Guy would be god if he just jumped off and run a steroid cycle
Fuck AEW for not signing my boy Trashy Tim
Matt Riddle is my favorite wrestler because he knows he can't get fired so he just acts as obnoxiously as possible.

File: fake.jpg (12 KB, 684x99)
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why do you still watch pro wrestling?
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Yeah the drama is probably the only thing that gets me. Fucking hate those choreographed matches without any story.
If I wanted to see athletic shit I would watch ballet or the olympics or some shit
sup cody
comin home after work and watching the latest puro matches. especially during g1 season. wwe is good for their big 4 ppvs but i don't touch their tv shows. joshi has always been fun to put watch every once in a while. powerrr my favorite show. kevin nash was gangraped in 1992
I only watch Impact, so I enjoy it still
I dont

File: 566456252543.png (1.61 MB, 958x1076)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB PNG
I don't think I've ever seen someone so hyped fall out of relevancy so quickly. He completely shit the bed the minute he signed with NXT. Maybe things would've been different if he went to RAW or Smackdown immediately but NXT is career suicide.
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Also a risk Vince takes a shine to her and books her into a cuck angle
He would be fed to Cody.
>he’s screwed when Vince gets him because Vince loves blondes and will focus on her meme!
He almost never pushes them. If anything it’s a predictor of a mediocre career, I have no idea how this narrative persists. Charles and Alexa Bliss were the only ones last decade off the top of my head. 2. In a decade. One because of nepotism and the other because she looked like a movie character at the right time. Scarlett is going to be over 30 by the time she starts on main roster if ever and will never be more than a valet like Lana
>triple h is sitting in the production room
>"holy fuck, get vince on the line.. it took us YEARS to get roman to lose viewers like this! we've got our next wrestlemania main event here!"
File: 1341169311867.jpg (25 KB, 231x363)
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File: IMG_20200526_150747.jpg (49 KB, 579x767)
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MJF charges the same
Yeah but he has the cult of meltzer approval seal
He will talk about The Summer of 1992 and Kevin Trash. It'll be worth it
at least MJF is guaranteed to cut a promo on you. I saw a video he did for someone posted online and was impressed that he's still staying in kayfabe for the cameos.
I bet rock could go on there and change $1000.

I just want to take a moment to appreciate the current era we are in for viewing professional wrestling.

Sure, some of it is absolute shut and some of it is Kino but let's be thankful that we can watch just about anything that we want at any time (whether it's a companies network, TV deal or even going on streaming sites lol).

So whether you're an WWEcuck, AEWtranny, Nujamal or anything else thanks for being around so we can argue about professional wrestling in 2020.
Current era is cool for all the reasons you listed but also terrible.
I agree but we have the ability to just filter out the shit and get to the good stuff.
We just gotta roll with the punches. I’ve found when you’re not taking everything in wrestling so seriously, you can make like of the shittier moments

File: shinsuke.jpg (39 KB, 500x281)
39 KB
Do you think Shin deserved to win the strap during this feud?
Who was the heel and who was the face
Face v face if I remember correctly
It was face v face until mania then it was Aj as face, Shin as heel
It was face vs face up until Nakamura pearl harbored AJ
Shin went heel after losing clean and started punching AJ's dick off, yes he probably should have won so that it warranted his turn in the first place.

Watch NJPW.
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Blame Ali’s nig bodyguards for telling Inoki they’d shoot kill him if he laid a hand on Ali, making Inoki lie on his back and kick him
Is Mutoh the most imitated wrestler of the 80s and 90s?
so whats this nigga doing now? AJPW?
The rules & stipulations of that match were structured around limiting Inoki's ability to grapple coz they knew he'd get his ass kicked in a pure stand up striking match. So he fought like a little bitch and destroyed Ali's legs in the process. Inoki has legit shooted & won on White dudes much larger than him, and he's a big guy himself so it's not like he couldn't have fought Ali in a match that used proper MMA rules which would allow him to grapple or submit an opponent. Inoki has even legit beat down criminals as they were comitting a crime, although that's not impressive considering how tiny Japs are compared to him. Dude is even bigger than Okada. Jap wrestlers in general used to be large as fuck during his era. Even Keiji Muto is large and he was some kung fu flippy guy.
Lately he was wrestling for NOAH

File: OK KO.jpg (44 KB, 1087x585)
44 KB
I ... am going to bring back replacing based with mint and there's not a damn thing you people can do about it.
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Absolutely mint.
File: -857160303.jpg (11 KB, 300x224)
11 KB
This thread is fucking minge
mint and saltpilled

File: the og.jpg (15 KB, 300x300)
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>WWE wrestler Simon Dean was scheduled to do a television segment with Roddy Piper on ‘Piper’s Pit.’ Simon approached Piper backstage and began telling Roddy what he wanted to do and say on their segment. On the surface, it seemed harmless, but his behavior apparently didn’t go over well with some of the veterans in the locker room.

>While Piper seemed okay with Simon approaching him, others, like the Undertaker, were not. The Taker felt that Simon should have asked for Piper’s input instead of telling Piper what he was going to do. Simon Dean was unceremoniously kicked out of the locker room and his bags with all of his gear was placed in a shower stall and had the water turned on. Simon was ultimately taken off the road with the company and reassigned in a non-wrestling role.

based Undertaker
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>but his behavior apparently didn’t go over well with some of the veterans in the locker room.
Nova had been wrestling for 12 years at this point...
File: CuckCalaways.jpg (19 KB, 304x378)
19 KB
fucken teenage girl faggot undertaker
*sticks a cucumber up Undercarder's ass*

I'm getting the Nova was the GOAT. Imagine if Kanyon wasnt gay, didnt an Hero, and stopped at the peak of his powers. Also created about another 100 moves. Nova might be the greatest
Isn't he the one who used to ring up Bryan Alvarez's radio show and troll the shit out of him?

File: 1587497928843.png (399 KB, 839x768)
399 KB
399 KB PNG
>Smith considers himself straight edge, as he abstains from alcohol, tobacco, and drug consumption.[212] He has a younger sister.[12] Smith resides in the Katsushika ward in the east end of Tokyo and is fluent in Japanese.[2][213] Smith told ESPN.com in October 2016 that he "loved Japanese culture before even realizing it was, in fact, Japanese culture" and that his favorite video games and cartoons were Japanese.[214] He has since obtained Japanese citizenship
Show some titties
no new information here slowpoke
I've never met anyone who described themselves as "straight edge" that wasn't a complete cunt

And my best friends are sober, they just don't call themselves straight edge like fucking losers
“Straight Edge”is just Faggotese for “Flaming Homo”

File: file.png (213 KB, 263x379)
213 KB
213 KB PNG
>Hulk Hogan vs The Rock
>Stone Cold vs Triple H for the WWF Championship
>Edge vs Kurt Angle
>The Undertaker and Kane vs Scott Hall and Kevin Nash
>Chris Jericho vs RVD
>Booker T vs Goldust
How much better would this have been versus what we got?
Not better, but this could have been yet another different card

>Austin vs Hogan
>Jericho (C) vs HHH vs Angle
>Undertaker vs Flair
>Rock vs Hall (W/Nash)
Here's a better card
> The Rock vs Hulk Hogan (c) - World Championship - The Rock wins
> Stone Cold (c) vs Chris Jericho - WWE Championship - Chris Jericho wins
> Edge vs Eddie Guerrero (c) - Intercontental Championship - Edge wins
> Kurt Angle vs Triple H - Kurt Angle wins
> Jeff Hardy vs Rob Van Dam - European Championship - Rob Van Dam wins
> The Undertaker vs Ric Flair - Undertaker wins

File: EQcoDTaXYAAyAp7.jpg (200 KB, 1364x2048)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
Watch NXT
I like mia yum but NXT is boring nowadays
I hate mia yuck and NXT is boring
I was going to post my Hana pretending to throw up webm but I'm too sad. You won Mia poster.
Keith is a lucky man
>DUDE WEED in a cage match with some dude I've never heard of
Yikes hard pass and big oof kind stranger.

File: BEHCKEY.jpg (71 KB, 677x677)
71 KB
Post em.

File: nu male smile.png (166 KB, 309x368)
166 KB
166 KB PNG
Not enough flips for ya, tranny?

*kills /asp/ in your path*
*resurrects /asp/ in your path*

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