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This. So much this. E-Drone chuds won’t admit it, though.
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>Do you spend your whole day stalking random people on twitter, OP? 'Cause if so it is one of the saddest gimmicks on this board.

dat comb over doe
Consume the Cum Chalice
>simping for Kevin Nash of all people
He's a dork but he's right.

File: EhpqTEiU0AEz7g2.jpg (765 KB, 1534x2046)
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765 KB JPG
TJPW Upcoming Events: 10.3, 10.10, 10.17

Unagi has left tjpw

old thread
>>11667311 #
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File: 1982983985982.jpg (141 KB, 682x1024)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
leaving after dropping the belt and getting married
File: DlezgM3U0AAm17G.jpg (112 KB, 748x1024)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
as long as Hyper Misao doesnt leave, i dont care
The great Mirai push begins, fuck aino
File: 1568581656184.png (1.02 MB, 720x1080)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
wednesday night bump

File: hcfwuuz1bmb41.jpg (108 KB, 750x750)
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108 KB JPG
– NJPW1972.com recently interviewed Hiroshi Tanahashi, who discussed an incident in Hokkaido on February 1, 2002 with Antonio Inoki and being fed up with Antonio Inoki’s leadership. Below are some highlights.

Hiroshi Tanahashi on the incident: “Right. Wow, 18 years ago now… At least in the end, I bore those words out, but I wasn’t really thinking much at the time. Yeah, I was pissed off. Really pissed off [at Inoki]. Yeah. If I were to say how I felt I would have told him ‘this whole thing is fucked up’. He would have said ‘who are you mad at?’ and I would have said ‘you’. But I just couldn’t be as straightforward as that.”

Tanahashi on being fed up at the time: “That’s what Inoki’s vision for NJPW was at the time.”

On the criticism being put toward NJPW at the time: “I don’t want to speak all that ill about my own company, but… I think in the Inoki-ist mindset that was a way of bringing new support into NJPW, but in the end it only became a negative. … It was like our own boss was saying ‘don’t buy what we’re putting out, it’s shitt.'”

Tanahashi on Inoki pushing the concept of Strong Style: “I don’t think I ever really understood what it was. I think then, and now, I really just see it as just some words, branding. Marketing strategy really. A long way back, I did an interview with Inoki for Weekly Playboy magazine. I asked him just that same question, what Strong Style meant. He said ‘that? That’s just something everybody just started saying and it got carried away’ (laughs).”

Gook shit LMAO
Literally no one cares, loser.
I love how inokiism represents shoot style bad ass manly men but the only modern fans of it are literal schizo trannies like catch wrestling U

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>5.6k subscribers

It's over, E-Chads...

This will go viral and AEW will become mainstream.
E cucks... it’s over...
More like transgender club
more and more normies talking about this aew shit, wouldn't doubt it

how the FUCK am I supposed to watch my King’s Road now that classicpuro is down
I’m seething bros

Why is my informative AZM-chan thread about her costume getting deleted?
I think AZM-chan fans would be interested to know more about her...
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>Stardom generals
Those threads are full of sewer mutants. I'm not interested.
AZM is 18 now right?
>those threads are full of mean people who call out my mental illnesses and remind me of Orca Uto existing
fixed and kys

File: 3shibata-1.jpg (120 KB, 600x400)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
>[Katsuyori] Shibata: Well, I’ve never thought of refereeing after my injury. It’s tough work in its own right, and I’m not sure I’d be up to that task. You know sumo referees traditionally carry a dagger in a belt around their waist? It’s because if they blow a call they were expected to take that sword and commit sepppuku, disembowel themselves. I’m not sure I could carry that responsibility.

What?! Sumo wrestling sounds serious..
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Imagine if one actually did, that would be insane.
File: 9_1.jpg (229 KB, 600x400)
229 KB
229 KB JPG
>Shibata was in your corner for the G1 final. What did he say to you before the match?
>He just said, "show them what strong style is."
>the mate who lunges into tackles in friendly futsal games
>the mate who pukes every drinking night
>the mate who passes out from too much weed
there's a shibata in every group of guys.
lmao based tana

File: 1599280898618.jpg (108 KB, 1280x720)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
The drawing power of Austin
The wrestling ability of Flair
The swagger of HBK
The mic skills of Rock
The politicking skills of Hogan
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bitch ass nigga
The drawing power of dan severn
The wrestling ability of hornswoggle
The swagger of eugene
The mic skills of heidenreich
The politicking skills of droz
this is bait but switch wrestling ability/swagger on HBK/Flair. Flair wasn't never impressive moves wise.
>the penis of hornswoggle

What's your favourite Benoit match /asp/?
For me it's him Vs Angle at the Royal Rumble 2003
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Owen never drew a dime and nobody would remember who he was if he hadn’t dropped Austin on that stack of dimes he called a neck (some worker, eh?) and then plunged to his death like a retard.
So dedicated to the craft he jobbed to a glorified belt and sold it perfectly.
I sometimes wonder if Daniel Bryan's retirement/hiatus was caused by Chris possessing him and accelerating his brain damage.
I mean even Paul Heyman said he’d put Benoit on his top 5 talents of all time

File: a mark crying.png (541 KB, 484x573)
541 KB
541 KB PNG
kek what a crying bitch
She was crying because she was scared to show her arms
damn this nigger is UGLY
Ew look at her arms
look at your bingo wings
kek what an ugly armed bitch

File: o0850056714227447800.jpg (170 KB, 740x560)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
The Villain Training School
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That new joshi video channel has also added some new stuff. He adds some really random stuff. He just put a Kana & Konami vs. Kagetsu & Kaho

Has Kaho vs Miyuki singles ever happened? I want to see that
they had a singles match in Kani King

and then one more in WAVE during 2017
Its time for another one
agreed, Miyuki then and now are two different wrestlers

*Power Chord*
It's time to lock the cage!
*Power Chords*
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Hey Randy, you're a little salty today, huh?
4 hours and 45 minutes until the cage is locked Paul.
Hey Randy, don't you have some offs to fuck?
Dubs and NXT beats AEW in the ratings this week and Paul will be a free man this month
>got 92 instead
Paul bro’s......

damn... the european championship looks like that????????
Yeah it was based
Europe is such an irrelevant continent that they retired the title. Sad!

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*sues you* :^)
A Cuck, A Closet Fag, A Bald on Top Fuck and A Cheater
>the two homos on the left are not a couple, they are professional wrestlers
yeah im thinking thats gonna be a no from me dog
Damn rusev is a manlet

File: 1601431023397.jpg (97 KB, 750x856)
97 KB
Redpill me on NJPW World. Is it worth it for myself, an american who will mainly view it on an Android phone and has only watched wrestle kingdom 13 and some random matches?
File: SANADance.webm (2.53 MB, 640x800)
2.53 MB
2.53 MB WEBM
It has pretty much every event 2014 onwards. Before then it’s a little patchy because of their partnerships with other companies at the time and tv rights but they’re making the effort to get the rights to and regularly upload older events. But even then, they have most of the big matches you’d expect to see like all the Wrestle Kingdom events.
There are some kino documentaries on there as well.
You should get it and watch through one of the G1s. 29 was kino, 26 and 27 too.
>Android phone
Probably not, they don't have a mobile app and I dunno what the site is like on mobile. It's definitely best viewed from a computer or a chromecast or fire stick.
File: R5CUgjD.gif (936 KB, 220x220)
936 KB
936 KB GIF
If you like pro wrestling, yeah. There are no captions and the websites translate using google translate. Still worth it for purokino
t. Android user who's been watching a ton of NJPW in the single month I've had world

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