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File: 136632498262352623.png (544 KB, 599x718)
544 KB
544 KB PNG
He gone
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This is awesome
braun should've been masked the whole time, hopefully AEW doesnt fuck up luchasaurus further(he shouldnt have talked ever).
File: 1561444716211.gif (739 KB, 480x270)
739 KB
739 KB GIF

File: D7omMUpUIAAy4hn.png (201 KB, 732x650)
201 KB
201 KB PNG
Is there a reason TV ratings are so archaic? How are they not able to see who is watching and tuning out at any point in time like on YouTube?
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>not using greentext to quote
because the vagueness is a feature not a bug
this, advertising doesn't work and if you give companies all the information they will realize that, which they have already started to do with online advertising.
It's insane the disparity between how much a YouTube earns and what TV networks get..
>Pewdipie nearly 10 billion views $30 million networth
>aew dynamite under a million viewers per episode $135,000 per 30 second ad space sold
Go back you fucking faggit

>hey guys, don’t bodyshame me or call my wife racial slurs
>*virgin shamed a random dude on twitter a few months back*
Typical liberal nigger, you bet your ass he’s also alright with body shaming a fat dude, it’s just when someone insults his or his friend’s doughy skinny-fat physiques he gets offended.
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File: tyler.png (200 KB, 1186x676)
200 KB
200 KB PNG
Why are white liberals such faggots? I'm Mexican you think I give a shit about some randos calling me beaner or spic? Hell no. I'm willing to bet half this shit didn't even happen, at least not at shows or inrl. This nigga sitting over here crying over mean shit he sees on instagram or something. Dude supposed to be some big scary occultist irl and he's whining about some faggy tumblrina shit. What a faggot.
>trying to hold the left to their own standards
i mean sure it sounds great but you're going to waste a lot of energy
File: Capture.jpg (119 KB, 813x817)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
This exact screencap was posted to reddit an hour ago
Go back
I can't believe these "say what you want about me but not my family" cliche posts are still a thing.

why would anybody beat such a gorgeous lady?
I'd ding-dong diddly beat her anus with my tongue, brother - HH
Is that Su Yung?
yes she is, rich swann's wife

File: GothMisao.jpg (40 KB, 640x640)
40 KB
12.7 Harajuku Card

Rika/Miu/Mirai v Nodoka/Yuki/Yuna
Sakisama v Misao
Yuka v Raku
Miyu v Mahiro
Itoh v Haruna
Hikari v Suzume
Mizuki/Pom v Kamiyu/Mina

No Shoko this week


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File: D1BC9R1UYAA24p9.jpg (295 KB, 1457x971)
295 KB
295 KB JPG
I love her lads
Nodoka is so qt
File: D_7JIwZUwAA0Rn6.jpg (220 KB, 1200x1200)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
>Stardom's Bushiroad era starts to fully shape itself, complete with an Ota Ward show on the Spring
>Chigusa's weird plan to recruit all the joshi promotions together like Zordon recruiting the Power Rangers to fight Stardom's possible monopoly
>Ice Ribbon running Korakuen every month and having a big Yokohama Bunka show for the 3rd year in a row
Is TJPW just gonna sit by and run Itabashi every week in 2020 while everyone else is making big moves? Ittenyon isn't even airing on AbemaTV. Put your momentum to use, Koda!
File: retard.jpg (64 KB, 413x401)
64 KB

File: m_44hEju_400x400.jpg (27 KB, 400x400)
27 KB
*shoots on brock*
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Daniel Bryan *gets raped by Brock* after he tried to shoot on him
*gets absolutely mauled because he's a fake fighter*
Even Corbin would heem this goatlet
Bryan is a submission artist, he could tie up and rape that blown up pussy in a minute
Daniel Bryan is a weak midget who cried when he couldn’t fake wrestle anymore. Live in a fantasy world all you want but he’d get mauled by the average red blooded alpha male
Brock got embarrassed worse than Phil during his UFC time. Bryan ran down an armed robber and slammed his head on the concrete while being retired and on a vegan diet. Call me when Brock can take a hit without curling up like a pussy.

going 50/50 with 50 year olds on Dynamite?

He should be one of your key people in the company that you always keep strong and put focus on.
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He's the jannetty to Fenix anyway
Based retarded who cant follow a long term storyline
Omega's story have been explained
Cody's story makes perfect sense and he doesnt want to be champion.
The record will be reset so the lucha bros can still have a monster run and be champions.
And Moxley is the top guy and is pushed to the moon. And there is no trigger to pull because they book based on long term thinking
*internet retards want mox to win
Anyone with a brain knows it's a long term story between Jericho and omega
Literally a better promo despite being in Spanish than 90% of current wrestlers
"The buzz is off"
Over in the crowd every week/is a considerable rating draw in the 18-49 despite his booking
"Tried to be humble" or maybe he simply took a seatback for 2019 and take the temperature adapt himself to a new country and system before trying to be "the man"?
Anyone with a fucking brain knows he is the one who will take the title off Jericho and will be the face of the company from there except people on asp.

A dancing queen?
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>you could replace entire countries with faggots
wouldnt have to do that since youre already british
A fan of Boris is also happy to shower praise on scumfucks who have oppressed their peoples though, since that's what the Tories do. Their only saving grace is their stupid ideas like the porn ban are so retarded that it's impossible for them to work.
This never happened though.
File: taichi-zsj.jpg (77 KB, 1253x748)
77 KB
Why's it bad if Zack is gay? Would Japanese NJPW fans get mad?
This. When ZSJ has sex with men, he's face down, ass up, getting tossed around like a chew toy. When Davey Boy had sex with men, he had already been awake for 72 hours straight, stopped thrusting every few minutes to take a drag out of his crack pipe and only considered it in the first place because it ain't queerin' if you're getting your needs met on the road. That's how they did it back in the day before the current era of lanklet cosplay wrestlers who'd rather spend their free time playing video games than jacking it with the boys.

Previously: >>8602274

•Social Media•

•Alexa's title wins•

•Images and WEBMs•

•Alexa in NXT Collection•

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Holy fucking cute
The faggot who larps as other shitposters got banned and exposed as a gimmick imposter
234 days

What’s the worst wrestling physique that you’ve ever seen?
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he started hanging out with an actual pedophile and killed his own audience
Based we are forcing him to get a clue
he looks like he can process 10 auto insurance claims with one hand tied behind his back
File: warriorv2.jpg (49 KB, 968x681)
49 KB
objectively the worst wrestling physique

File: ELOYqRhVUAAzKEt.jpg (261 KB, 1242x1656)
261 KB
261 KB JPG
Was /asp/ present? A lot of empty seats.
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>girl on the right
damn, russostacies look like THAT?
Where's MissJericho ?
Cornette actually draws dimes to some degree with his
who's this goblina?
holy yuckola

File: Cheerleader Melissa.jpg (425 KB, 1200x900)
425 KB
425 KB JPG
How did Cheerleader Melissa fell from PWI #1 in 2013 working as Alissa Flash and Raisha Saeed TNA to having to sell pics online to make a living?
Has any other promotion killed as many careers as Lucha Underground?
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Holy shit saved
She actually looks attractive here
File: Melissa.jpg (570 KB, 2000x2938)
570 KB
570 KB JPG
Feel like she fell off the face of the earth.

Her, del rey and serena deeb were the ones that got me into shimmer
She hit the wall and went batshit crazy.
Shimmer had such great fapbait. Those three, Lovely Lacey and Becky Bayless made me a coomer.

File: RHL01jf.jpg (55 KB, 750x1084)
55 KB
What are your honest thoughts on Australian professional wrestler Peyton Royce?
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dumb bitch
why would you say that?
because she always takes retarded selfies in the most retarded spots
I’d rather be her road husband than Shawn Spears desu
What's with her non-existent cranium?


What's her character?
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Her face is ugly
An extremely good wrestler.
File: bayley.webm (2.95 MB, 960x540)
2.95 MB
2.95 MB WEBM
failed heel with a nice ass

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