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how is it?
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it’s a video game of course it’s for kids
File: nba-playgrounds-cover.jpg (91 KB, 241x339)
91 KB
So it really is the WWE version of Saber's NBA Playgrounds then
Just downloaded it. Why the fuck do I need an internet connection to use make a caw?
all WWE games since like '12 or something, require you to have internet connection to do anything. I can be wrong, but I know all XBOX ONE and PS4 WWE games require it.
Gay as fuck. I pirated it on my switch and I'm glad I did cos it genuinely feels like a mobile game

itt: wrestlers who shoot browse /asp/
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Ryback, Corbin, and Sasha have definitely posted here before.
Dio's three week run on commentary will live in the annals of /asp/ history
>an absolutely kino pick
>what did she mean by this?
I suspect Britt Baker posts or at least lurks here.
Ya seethe Matt and or Nick?

File: 1587818379749.jpg (71 KB, 782x699)
71 KB
Big Scoops Bix SHOOTS on Cornette's transphobia. Is it all over for our favorite cuckold?
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>random assholes leave funny comments making jokes about Janella/Kiss

I thought jews were supposed to be intelligent? I mean it's nice the little troll is getting some exercise but this is too much of a stretch to make.
Lol he went to the clip to try to get cornette cancelled, realised he said nothing bad then copes with comments.
Holy shit he is a jew through and through
File: 1596671659666.jpg (430 KB, 1511x2015)
430 KB
430 KB JPG
I have never listened to Cornette before.
This is hilarious , no wonder people are hating on him.
Is it always this funny?
>Cames Jornette

File: 20200913_103739-1.jpg (283 KB, 1280x720)
283 KB
283 KB JPG
This is a WWE 'main event' feud in 2020. lol
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God forbid they try something new. And it can make a good story. What would you have liked then? Some no name indyshitter from NXT?
Fake cancer faggot or drunk driving faggot fucking great. Really wish The Rock would fucking die and we'd never have to see any of his shit extended family on TV ever again.
Cope. It's the main program on the SmackDown brand. Has anyone accused you of being retarded? >>11597165
What's your point
This is a standard storyline
Hi Bryan you sucked as a wrestler and you will always be the jannetty to Dave

File: prowrestling.jpg (197 KB, 522x1634)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
How many stars did it get?
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>threw a match for enough coin to buy a donkey
3 stars at most. It's not the Tokyo Dome
File: donkey.jpg (108 KB, 721x1012)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
>back then they worked for much more than a hot dog and a handshake
what went wrong?
>up to 1500 bucks
> a big "dog"

Why should someone feel ashamed to be a wrestling fan? I don’t understand it. Being fake isn’t an excuse. Dumb storylines aren’t an excuse either, because some promotions aren’t heavy on story. So why the shame? Why the stigma?
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Who cares what people think. Do want you want. If people don't like you because you watch wrestling them clearly they're not worth your time
Personal hygiene and morbid obesity are big factors here.
File: watching pro wrestling.jpg (59 KB, 1080x565)
59 KB
Professional wrestling is the last dying breath of the noble and proud Roman tradition of theater. Huge crowds gather to witness epic clashes between titans and plays about the deepest questions concerning the very nature of humanity itself. However, it's true that, in society, the plebeians always outnumber those patricians with the ability to appreciate this fine art. For that reason the idiotic masses have twisted the public's perception of professional wrestling, a true shame. The abomination of modern theater or the hideous monstrosity known as "Broadway" simply cannot compete.
Every single time I see a wrestling shirt out in public the person wearing it was either obese, tragically underweight, absolutely dog-faced, or in a group with people who were. I can remember not a single example to the contrary.
That's obviously not why it died, but it's why it isn't drawing a casual fanbase. New Japan is getting big partially because even though it's halfway around the world, the crowds are normal looking and that's a huge barrier cleared before you even watch a second of programming.
this but unironically. shakespearean plays originally had drunk rowdy crowds.

File: 1579182449082.jpg (879 KB, 1400x787)
879 KB
879 KB JPG
Was the coliseum a work or a shoot?
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It was a shoot but the thumb gesture after the fight was a work
File: 1595262009973.jpg (110 KB, 780x450)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Reminder they had trumpets instead of thigh slaps
Gladiatorial combat drew untold sesterces, brother, and that's a goddamn shoot. Whether to first blood or sine missione, it was undoubtedly far better than pro wrestling.
The G.O.A.T unmasking
The reign of Marcus Aurelius and Commodos was a dimeless era. For me, it's BIG DIMES TRAJAN.


File: 1600054854638.png (770 KB, 900x600)
770 KB
770 KB PNG
>ram and sd are unwatchable
>aew is too gay
>njpw is same old same old
>roh is kill
>powerr is deader than dead

You know it's bad when impact is the only watchable wrestling product
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This. Would be nice if Cage, Dustin, Brodie were in NJPW as part of an AEW partnership but unfortunately, it hasn't happened
File: EiR50M3XsAEhT8-.jpg (253 KB, 1920x1080)
253 KB
253 KB JPG
I have no faith in the quality maintaining after the tournament but ROH is actually pretty cool right now.
Two of them signed to AEW after travel became nearly impossible and AEW wouldn't want anyone having to take the necessary months off to make the trip.
Impact needs to bring back 6 sided ring for casuals to watch again. I guarantee they would jump to 500k plus
watch tjpw tonight

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Congratulations you’re most likely Chinese since those are the only ones who go to these Casino hotels in this country
Thanks for the input, TJ
>Okada has his own hotel named after him
His name is midkada anon
>Okada is so awesome they named a giant hotel after him

Is he right?
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Kenny has called AJ better than he is and was about to quit wrestling for good until he had a match against him and decided that if there were guys that good out there he would say. A lot of you guys don't realize that AJ is at the very end of his career and has been amazing for over a decade. TNA styles was way more athletic than Kenny.
The matches aren't bad enough to be factually bad so why are you asking for proof of how bad these matches are if it's all subjective?
I legit fell asleep trying to watch Kenny vs Okada but I know others would appreciate it.
>40 min spotfests with 20 false finishes and finisher spamming is good wrestling
Nah his recent match against ftr was one of the worst matches I've ever seen, AJ in his worst WWE style match is still 100 times better than whatever shit Homega is doing in GayEW
>151 posts
>66 posters
>not a single person has bothered to check if meltzer even said this

File: 0dfa513e7a14.jpg (93 KB, 500x500)
93 KB
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File: michael-cole.jpg (85 KB, 1000x453)
85 KB
Jesus fuck look at those sweaty unkempt armpit hair shave it for god's sake. I pity anyone who has to wrestle him and be put in a chinlock. No wonder these gooks spread the meme flu
they didn't put the belt on Nakmura
they sure as shit wouldn't put it on Marufuji
t.sissy shaven faggot

File: stephcross.jpg (24 KB, 480x360)
24 KB
This scene woke something up inside me. I was 11 years old. We taped it on vhs. I was basically a latchkey kid for a couple years and every morning after my parents went to work I watched this tape and was completely mesmerized. I didnt even jerk off at the time. Every part of it excited me. The sense of doom. Steph's screams. The way her mouth and tongue seemed weirdly green. The relief when Austin came through to rescue her. I was completely obsessed with it. I probably watched it 200+ times. This and the Metallica Behind the Music.
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>This and the Metallica Behind the Music.
that shit was pretty good
>drunk bus driver angle
is this pasta
File: WTF.jpg (70 KB, 1066x1080)
70 KB
I don't wear half sleeves, though. Those are only for degenerate crackheads, and elderly women who work in offices, and wear bead necklaces.
Was that Corny on Commentary?

File: WAUSPB.png (940 KB, 930x710)
940 KB
940 KB PNG
>October 2002
>Promotes his dumb website long before any other wrestler does, and way before Twitter handles

Kek what an ugly self promoting bitch
I tried to go to undertaker.com but it redirected me to a gay hookup site????
this was also the case for rock and austin in 2000-2001, so he's not the first.
>Zoomer doesn't know that certain superstars had their own .com back then
oh no no no no no the state of this self exposed mark
GOAT wrestler, GOAT website, GOAT attire, GOAT gimmick, GOAT hair...there is literally NOTHING about this man that is not absolutely BADD ASS, and GODLIKE.
Worked. Of course he's not the first, but it fits the narrative, smarks.

File: tenor.gif (36 KB, 220x177)
36 KB
Remember when the neighborhood was ours
Bikes on the sidewalk
Passing cars
In the never ending summer of '92
Sun bleached hair, freckled faces
Simple things to do
And at the end of each day
When our shadows stretched out
We'd swear to meet again
Soon as the sun came back around
Do you remember the streetlights
Riding home on our bikes
So sad to see the sun go down
When every day was a lifetime
We couldn't wait to get outside

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