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File: macho man mic.png (109 KB, 320x256)
109 KB
109 KB PNG
How good was he as a in ring worker? I normally hate 80's shit because I grew up in the 2000's era, everyone talks about his character, but does his in ring match the 2000's era wresters like hbk and benoit?
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One of the greatest of all time, could be debated THE greatest.
What shortcomings did you see Macho Man having?
At his best he was amazing. The intensity and pacing of his matches got you fully invested in the story.

>match HBK and Benoit
Not as flashy as HBK or as insanely intense as Benoit but imo better than both.
Never had a ***** according to Meltzer
And Kubrick and Hitchcock never won an Oscar, your point?

File: 2020-11-28_17-54-38.png (75 KB, 298x231)
75 KB
For me, its Dream Girl Ellie

General thread for posting images of /ourdyke/ Sonya with other women
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File: 181073500-288-k458069.jpg (23 KB, 288x450)
23 KB
File: Cq4QXedWcAAfzsO.jpg (183 KB, 960x1280)
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183 KB JPG
File: DToh8YWVoAA-9Mo.jpg (110 KB, 1080x805)
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110 KB JPG

File: 2039847609823760982371.jpg (96 KB, 1178x661)
96 KB
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Yeah, they're called friends
with benefits ;)
me on the left
Will that faggot Agua go on a 40 day tantrum for this one as well? will he try to dox the guy? will his autism finally make his brain burst?
get a load of these incels who don't know that you maximize pussy by maintaining a few key platonic female friends who'll not only introduce you to new partners but also vouch for you to them

File: LigerWK14.jpg (40 KB, 340x510)
40 KB
What are his best matches? You literally can't name any because he's the most grossly overrated wrestler in history
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Liger has plenty of classics under his belt. He was the centerpiece of the 90's Junior division.
so nothing for almost the first two decades of his career? lmao
absolutely basado
>Taker vs Angle
Carried by Angle, also not a classic.
>Taker vs Batista
Not a classic at all.
>Taker vs Edge
>Taker vs Brock
Not a classic.
This so much this.

This faggot doesn’t even look like Big Boss. Should’ve gone as Kaz
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>short blonde hair
>could've been a passable kaz or ocelot
>cosplays Big Boss instead
Is Cody retarded?
He always wants to be the main character, that's his inferiority complex
Imagine fucking bitching about Cody's cosplay
Fucking hell
How many people would recognize Kaz desu
Brandi actually looks like a black woman there.

File: download (2).jpg (9 KB, 259x194)
9 KB
Are they going to put the title back on him now that Survivor Series is over?
No. He's going to feud with the Fiend now which in turn will kill his, Bray and Alexa's career and that is a good thing.

Here is the fact, Jack. When you remove yourself from the internet opinion bubble, you realize one simple fact. Americans don't, and will never, give a shit about Japanese wrestling.
They do care about shitty nipland reality TV though

File: pXlMuY7H.jpg (22 KB, 400x400)
22 KB
This fella is unironically the greatest pro wrestler of the past 10 years
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This but unironically
He's always been an absolute shitter
as a fellow Irishchad I hate him for micking it up for the Yanks with his look. He's not far off an Irish minstrel.
I also disliked this about Becky dying her hair that colour. I get the need to stand out but come the fuck on just playing into dumb ignorant Yank stereotypes about Irish/gingers.. She's a natural brunette and much prettier as one.
Over rated as fuck.

>Rumble winner
>Multiple time world champ
>MitB winner

The dude was pushed too hard, too soon, and didnt develop any real character. I only remember him as a kid when he won the WHC within months of debuting, which is somewhat rare. Other than that, he was always boring.

Oh god. The endless feud with ADR was a long bathroom break. Both guys are charisma vacuums.

He'll bomb if Tony makes him AEW champ.
They could probably put anyone as world champ, ratings can’t go much lower
He has to win the title.
Now if his reign should be long is a different matter.

File: Vince-McMahon-1024x621.png (252 KB, 1024x621)
252 KB
252 KB PNG
>Dave Melter reported today that things were a mess backstage and the show was still being written as of a few hours ago. This explains why they did not announce anything on the WWE.com preview. This is not uncommon these days.

>It was noted that Vince McMahon arrived at the arena at 12:30 pm. Another person said that people did not know anything about tonight’s plans until McMahon arrived. It was also noted that this has been the case every week as of late.

>Many times we have written about creative plans for Raw and SmackDown only for those plans to get changed. In many instances, the writing team has a script completed only to have McMahon arrive and rip it up and rewrite the show from scratch. It seems as if these problems are happening more frequently on SmackDown than at Raw these days.
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40+ yr track record of accuracy and honesty are why he is still in business
Stay mad
>are happening more frequently on SmackDown than at Raw these days

And Smackdown is a far better show than Raw, so based Vince
I have no confidence in Triple H after running NXT into the ground and failing to beat an upstart despite pulling out every trick and having every tool to do so.
He's in over his head without others around to do the work and take the credit from.
And Gaytch is getting beat by a complete and total rank amateur with 0 experience in TK.
That has got to be so embarrassing for him internally within the company. Hope he gets lots of good natured ribbing about that. that he plays of cool but seethes internally about.
looks suspiciously like vince got some subtle plastic surgery at some point years ago and now it's starting to show

File: sddefault.jpg (23 KB, 640x480)
23 KB
Who was in the wrong here?
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t. Meth Hardy
Go back To r/atheism FAGGOT
Keep going drug addict
imagine writing subreddits on 4chan and being a christian. Double stupid
That vid came up on my Youtube feed too.

Edgetty fucking ethered by Captain Chad Charisma
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christian was more over than edge ever was
Christian would have never even sniffed the main event scene if he wasn't friends with Edge.
No he wasn't.
Mankind's biggest moment was Rock winning a match for him.
>t. Adam COPEland

>Christian was never ov-
ready, idk why you let those 2 letters slip from your keyboard, anon
why did they do this to my boy? Was sad to see

File: Jon-Moxley-1.png (941 KB, 2172x1312)
941 KB
941 KB PNG
this motherfucker is BORING
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I really disagree.


These are all totally different promos.
That’s why Brock buried him but put over the big dog and the A+ player Seth Rollins
>no tattoos but acts crazy
wtf does this even mean?
is this a criticism ?
He's dean ambrose that swear a lot, that's it
>the sheer SEETHE that Mox still inspires, 18 months after escaping the cult
He'll be the next Punk here on /asp/
His every word and move monitored with a fine toothcomb by psycho jilted lovers

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