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If Danny Vendraminis theory about neanderthals being supercarnivores is true then that would basically mean that neanderthals were bipedal euopean chimps on steroids. Truly one of the worst creatures this planet ever saw.
it was ridiculously wrong. a carnivorous great ape looks like this and there is no reason to believe neanderthals were that different. like us they had clear adaptations for a sedentary, tool using life, and modern humans were actually better adapted to be traditional predators from more time spent in africa.

neanderthals carnivorous adaptations did not go far beyond those of the inuit, but they did eat plants whenever they could find them. we know from coprolites and isotopic anaysis of fossil teeth. their diet likely resembled a pre-agricultural european diet. protein intake was 50-60% fish if not inland, berries, mushrooms, and tubers were scavenged when possible, etc.

neanderthals were the near-peers of ancient man which is why they interbred prolifically enough to punch through the species barrier, but they suffered from racial autism and lower levels of empathy from a less developed higher brain, inferior culture for passing down knowledge, and could not use advanced abilities like animal domestication, so they went extinct in the inevitable and constant tribal conflicts.

depression, schizophrenia, autism, and allergies are their genetic legacy. yes, really.
They were basically dumb native americans: europe edition
>neanderthal autism
From a gene that would be an adaptation to famine.

Thanks a fucking lot neandershits
>depression, schizophrenia, autism, and allergies are their genetic legacy. yes, really.
3, possibly 4 of these are strongly correlated to higher intelligence in humans.
and lower life achievement if you rely on them to do better on an IQ test

what good is your intelligence if it's in the same class as a shiba inu's hidden obedience potential and you can't adapt to a life you don't really like and just do stuff because you should? you can't be pressured into too much social interaction, you can only do stuff that interests you, you can't have a job that needs you to go somewhere that freaks out out...
a better question is what use is genius in a forest when technology consists of rocks and sticks and fur?

but the idea that they lacked developed culture seems questionable even today when the great "human" advancements are actually made by depressed autistic people who have very little chance of reproductive success in a society of generally dumber individuals that benefit from their works while excluding them from the social rewards.

it's possible neanderthals invented fishing and farming and writing, and were killed for it.
Early major human advancements were made by chads who were of average intelligence with higher levels of charisma and empathy.

Pure homo also had better made and more diverse tools, even before they ran into neanderthals, so neanderthals were either incapable of reliably forming a great culture with knowledge passed down and refined through the generations, or possibly, too dumb, and relying on genetic failures to reclaim some intelligence and scrape by.

People with the symptoms of ancient outbreeding depression are over-represented among the intelligent (and Neurotypical geniuses do exist despite that), but they rely on the personal social connections of and the systems built by purer, less affected humans for their knowledge to disseminate, and to acquire funding and raw materials for their pursuits. A society of nothing but such schizophrenic shut ins would accomplish nothing. However you slice it the neanderthal mind was inferior.
>Early major human advancements were made by chads who were of average intelligence with higher levels of charisma and empathy.
there's no reason to think that, it certainly hasn't been true during our recorded history.

>Pure homo also had better made and more diverse tools,
In North America, the cultures with better and more diverse tools were all replaced fairly quickly by ones that could make one tool quickly, and use it for lots of different things.

what you consider "better" may very well be worse.
>live in ice age europe 10 times longer than modern europeans
>black skin
>flat nose
>despite having forward projecting nasal bones

If you believe this theory you're so dumb I can't even find words for it.
calm down, nobody believes that tripe. Nobody itt is even discussing it. Paleoschizo is just paleoschizoing again.
Wrong thread buddy.
First link points to an article written by Anna Goldfield. I'm just saiyan
>according to the jews people by water ate lots of fish and people inland ate lots of megafauna, and people in cold climates ate fewer plants than people in warm climates
oy vey.
I don't read jewish articles, so i couldn't argue.

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