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Supposed RKS but the bud dosen't smell near enough skunky. 4 months. It's pretty and stinky. Normal soil using bone meal. No uv lamp, just sunlight. Should I just harvest now an call it quits?
weed XD
Harvest when the bud hairs just started to turn brown
I hate smoking weed since I quit
But Goddamn I love growing them, such aesthetic plants and they smell so nice.
>Should I just harvest now an call it quits?
Give it a month or 15 days more, a week before harvesting stop watering it so it has a head start on drying out.
Cure your buds
Also looks into pruning the plant so it has multiple colas (branches) full of buds, giving you a bush like plant instead of a christmas tree layout.
Try banana peel tea
You actually need to observe the trichomes under magnification to determine when the plant is ready to harvest. This was the most nerve wracking part of the whole process for me. Look up pictures of this online.

First time grow, 6 plants, 30gal pots, 7.5lb yield dried. Gorilla glue #4, og kush, and harlequin x kimbo kush.

Immensely fun, but also an obscene amount of work every step of the way.
lol wead
>observe the trichomes under magnification to determine when the plant is ready to harvest
Just harvest it at its heaviest weight (people purchase it by weight).
Typical low iq drug dealer thinking. People may buy your heavy weed(good luck weighing it when the plant + soil weighs like 80+lbs) once, but if it is the dankest fire they will come back to buy more.

Looks like he is growing one plant for personal use, so why wouldn't he do the best practice for potency?
If you grow a strain with good genetics, the harvesting practices are going to have marginal impact on its potency.
Maybe, but peak potency and and getting a synergistic balance between cbd, thc, and cbn.

Clear trichomes = more cbd
Milky = mostly thc, best flavor and potency
Amber = mostly cbn

The more cbn the sleepier the stone
The clearer trichomes make for a more uplifting high.
***Maybe, but peak potency and getting a synergistic balance between cbd, thc, and cbn is an important aspect of producing a very high quality end product.
Stop you'll attract the /pol/tarded christhomos

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