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i know lots of people that ignore their dogs all day then get mad that theyre energetic.

>Don't get a dog if youre not going to be able to give it the attention it needs, or if seeing it act like a dog is going to annoy you.

some resources on how to train your dog more efficiently and make it a happier camper :



>physically punishing your pet is neanderthal behavior that is barely effective anyways, and only teaches your pet to fear you/ be aggressive/ be uneasy around you
b u m p
for anyone who needs to see this
bu m p again
based. remember you're not just maintaining your dog's health. you're training him to be the best dog he can be. daily fetch/runs to exhaustion or you're doing it wrong
>daily fetch/runs to exhaustion or you're doing it wrong
Overdoing it is also a form of abuse because you’re turning your dog into sorta dopamine addict. Also, I feel like there’s a statement against overly exhausting your dog but I don’t remember the exact reasoning.
Pic related must be no good for the doggo
I wish these conversations weren't so needlessly emotional.

Just say that "Deprivation from environmental stimuli and exercise will harm your dog's welfare."
I think it is very important to demotivate people from getting a pet before they’ve made a life ruining mistake

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