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/an/ - Animals & Nature

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why would you think that a loss of biodiversity doesnt negatively affect humanity's wealth and well being? china has to put astronomic amounts of work hours into manually pollinating their crops due to lack of insects, and with the current course of things it will not be the last country that needs to do this
Solid source of employment as automation destroys the job market, id say
enjoy paying 20 burgerbucks for a pound of hand-pollinated bread, at least you btfo'd the hippies and lefties, right?
>make thread that gives a solid reason why we shouldnt give a single inch of /ana/ to cynical anti-environmentalists
>paid trolls just leave it alone and start pushing their bait threads as a distraction maneuver
>why would you think that a loss of biodiversity doesnt negatively affect humanity's wealth and well being?
I don’t think that. I think that a loss of biodiversity is horrible for humanity.
if breeding cats and letting them lose beats the left. Fuck yeah Ultra Maga
Take your meds and the evil paid trolls trying to censor you will disappear
Because humans have no ambition other than to make a random few rich assholes even richer. Nothing else matters as long as some billionaire makes a few more pennies, go ahead and throw your children into a woodchipper it's good for the bottom line.
Man was made by God to be the steward of the earth. We have sinned.

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