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Honestly this is the only board I have constant positive interactions.
Fuck you
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that's more like it...
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also my cat recently had kittens, will post more if people want
File: IMG_20220605_172948.jpg (2.97 MB, 4160x3120)
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>constant positive interactions.
Yeah, there are always /an/ons to help, but you have to expect the >>4216092's too, because kek.

But I'm gonna hijack your thread to say thanks to all the /an/ons who helped out with my "semi-feral stray" feline issues.
She (I found out she's a she) is doing well, comes for food regularly, uses the "scratching post" I built (when she started to scratch the sofa I thought it would be best to build one), and comes in to shelter from the rain.
When I hear "cat fighting sounds" in the garden I've always gone to intervene as a good friend of mine has suffered massive vet bills due to his cat fighting. Historically all the cats have run away when I go outside and hiss at them (this is a throwback from being a dog owner, and growling at dogs who showed "too much" interest in mine when she was in season, trust me, it works, works on humans too if you are built like me), but now she stays around and follows me back inside/hangs around when the others have fled.
She's still a "bit bitey", but it's calmed down a lot, and I struggle not to laugh when she attempts to bite my bear-claw gorilla hands as if it would deter me from a chosen course of action.
My son was a bit perturbed when I told him someone had moved into his room (he's away at "college"), but calmed down when I sent picrel.

Do you have a chat or chony picture too?
do want
Too many schizos though
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sorry for late post, went to sleep

don't know what to name the little furballs
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it must be uncomfortable sleeping on eachother like that
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i mostly just look at the images

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