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attack edition

Please post pictures and talk about your chickens. What's happening with your flocks, anons? Questions welcome.
File: Kiwi.jpg (160 KB, 1280x720)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
The windowsill Pigeon became a mama!
One of the eggs didn't make it so there is only this one Kiwi looking thing left in the nest.
I finally managed so snap a picture (and water the poor plant) while mom was gone.
The beak looks disturbingly long.
Hey I remember you.
Geez has it been that long?
I suggested putting a piece of paper on the glass (not the poop).
Cool to see one made it
How long do you usually wait to eat pidgeon babies?
I am working to make a lot of money and one of my biggest motivations is buying land and owning chickens
please post pictures of chicken cloacas i need them for research
Tractor Supply Company is like your neighborhood drug dealer.
Quick, easy and cheap- usually has product in stock but once you compare to another seller you realize you've been buying shit quality for years.
chicks moved to the coop today, new type of waterer and feeder compared to what they’re used to
they’ve got the waterer figured out somewhat but does anyone have any tips on making sure they know where the food is?
also how do i give them grit without allowing them to overeat?
When I got chicks I dipped their beaks in the waterer and feeder and they figured out where everything was. As far as grits go, I don't think they'd overeat that stuff. If they are though, don't give them a dedicated grit station, just leave some out for them to peck at every so often.
What are your feed prices like?
File: IMG_20220522_201149.jpg (1.16 MB, 1944x2592)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB JPG
Little bastards are getting too big to be allowed near the garden
File: IMG_20220521_150713.jpg (612 KB, 2592x1944)
612 KB
612 KB JPG
Still under 20$ per 5o# bag here. I don't keep good track. And my feed store doesn't go itemized receipts.
File: IMG_20220522_174448.jpg (2.23 MB, 3120x3120)
2.23 MB
2.23 MB JPG
Cute! I just bought some fertile Muscovy and Peking eggs.
So how do you guys get your hens to eat their calcium? I have one who seems to be ignoring the crushed oyster shells I leave out and then she ends up laying shell-less eggs later on. Its like she doesn't like eating them so if I don't intervene and make her eat them or give her a calcium supplement she just won't get her required intake. Its not a serious issue but its been going on for a while now, what should I do?
That's probably not what's causing the egg issue.
I put the old feeder next to the new feeder for a few days.
My 50 pound bags are the prices of those 25 pound bags.
She'll less eggs are usually stress or healthy issue.
Are.you using layer pellets with added calcium? I've seen inexperienced people who were using.meat bird pellets for layers and they had issues. I keep my egg shells when I cook and grind them up in a blender and then sprinkle it on their fermented grain when I start seeing weal shells.
Maybe. I feed laying pellets and she was fine for the past few weeks up until a day ago, so I guess it might not be that. The only other cause I can think of is that an older hen I had died in one of the nesting boxes and now nobody will use it or try and lay in the adjacent spaces, so among 9 hens there's now only 2 boxes that they want to use. Sometimes more than 2 chickens are trying to lay and the others will just stand and wait for them to leave the box, I think that is stressing her out a bit. Even if unrelated does anyone have tips for getting them back to using these nesting spaces? (like putting an egg in there so they know its safe or whatever)
I got these out of the bantam bin anyone know what they are?
Sounds like your buying scratch.
How's Cackle? They have both of the breeds I want.
File: 20220522_123015.jpg (691 KB, 2009x1800)
691 KB
691 KB JPG
A couple of my sweet babes. I put them up their and they seem to enjoy larping as adult chickens.
File: selfblue chickens.jpg (82 KB, 640x479)
82 KB
I've never had any chickens like those, but I'm guessing "Selfblue" from the tuft of hair under the eyes/neck? Just a guess though
Their fluffy talons are so goofy. Is it just for warmth?
File: batemanphone2.jpg (45 KB, 700x500)
45 KB
Can my 3 week old chicks live outside? The lowest temperature at night is 62.6 Fahrenheit - 17 Celcius. Or how much should I wait?

They seem resistant to cold since they sleep beside the open window at night and don't complain at all, I don't know if it would be completely different if they were outside tho.
Haha those chickens aren't mine, just a pic from the internet. I imagine feet feathers would provide some insulation in cold weather though
I wouldn't. Give it 2 more weeks at least. My new batch are 1-1.5 months old and do fine without heating at night
File: IMG_20220522_181030.jpg (3.58 MB, 3120x3120)
3.58 MB
3.58 MB JPG
My two week old coturnix. They eat ants! Ants are a virtually unlimited resource.
cool channel about chickens, in japanese but still chickens
They love their new mansion
I buy 4 grain scratch, 15% layer pellets, 20% medicated starter crumbles and 30% medicated starter crumbles.
I have a good local feed store that stocks over 20 types of poultry feed. Most is from a local manufacturer- But they're not making the medicated crumbles right now due to supply issues, but I've read that medicated feed can cause tolerance issues so I've thought about not using it anyways.
I start hatchlings on 30% for 2 weeks then shift to 20% for 3-4 months then the 15%. Fermented grain daily once they start showing interest in it.
I go through about 400 pounds a week.
"Self blue" is also referred to as "Lavender". It's a color that breeds true. Whereas the other "blue" is from the incomplete dominant gene called "splash". One copy of the splash gene from a parent lightens black to blue/grey. 2 copies (one from each parent) turns the feathers white with black highlights.
>black feathers +splash modifier = lighter color.
>black feathers +splash modifier= lighter + second splash modifier now lightens the already lightened color.

Muffs and beard are breed specific and can be in any color. Araucanas, Ameraucanas and Faverolles all have them (probably some other breeds too).
File: PXL_20220521_162001744.jpg (2.39 MB, 4080x3072)
2.39 MB
2.39 MB JPG
How do you get over the devastation of losing 4/6 of your pullets to a fox in the middle.of the day?

On Saturday morning my neighbor texted me that there was a lone chicken on their porch. When I went to retrieve her, I noticed the rest were missing, then found a small pile of feathers, then saw the fox. The fox ran off and an hour later I found one more pullet. It's been three days and none of the others have turned up after hours of searching. I'm getting some big delayed grief. Should I just give up searching or is there still hope. The two that remain won't come out of the coop into the run.
File: PXL_20220523_184448116.jpg (3.49 MB, 4080x3072)
3.49 MB
3.49 MB JPG
I picked up two pullets to add to my flock yesterday and have them in a temporary pen while I modify my run to introduce them to my existing flock. I manually cooped them last night in a separate coop.

I'm new to chickens, how normal is the amount of feathers in the ground here? Are they pulling them out?
Your should really quarantine then forna little first. You don't know if they have mites or other pests.
The feather lose might just be stress. It doesn't look like much.
Thanks anon.

Any tips on treating mites? They do seem to be itching themselves a lot.
The stock incubator thermometer is almost 10 degrees off. The bulb is just loosely stapled to a scale
Go full Arnie in Predator and build a system of defenses then kill the fox when it comes back
Had to put down one of the sweetest chickens I've ever known yesterday. Her name was Prudence, and she loved hanging around us and being picked up. The chickens all live at my GFs parents place and we only see them on the weekend. When my GF and I went to take care of her parents' animals for Sunday night, we found that she had a badly prolapsed vent with visible wounding/infection. We tried to treat her, clean, replace the tissue, but it was beyond help. I was pretty fucking mad becuase this clearly didn't just happen, and there was definitly a timeframe where we could have dealt with it. My GF's mom is horrible when it comes to noticing anomalies, and she tends to mischaracterize and downplay illness signs and symptoms. Ironic, given that her mom is a fucking doctor. Anyways, I have no doubt that her mom could have detected it early and we could have dealt with it, especially given that my GF is a vet assistant and her clinic is literally 10 minutes down the road.

I love these animals so much bros, it kills me to see them suffer. I cried like a bitch before and after putting her down. I know it's mercy, but it still feels bad. Pour one out for Prudence.
Better photo of her with her friend, Veronica
Interesting, anon. Chicken breeding is quite a science it would seem
Thats awful to hear anon, I'm sorry :(
Give the flock a little hug, I'm sure they are really sad as well
How do I prevent this from happening to mine?
Even the digitals on $50 incubators suck.
I always verify with a known good food grade thermometer that's been recently calibrated and then run the incubator accordingly. You have to step up to $300 control units to get accuracy (in digitals).
Never had them myself.
Lots cleaning and medication is the standard treatment. Same as human headlice
Thanks anon, I appreciate it.
Prudence anon here. Good nutrition and hydration are the basics of prevention. Sometimes it just happens, but thankfully it is really manageble if you catch early. If they prolapse, you can just clean it by soaking their bottom half in water, cleansing the exposed vent with Vetericyn, and carefully pushing back the prolapse with a gloved finger (ideally lubricated with something). Then its best practice to withhold food for a short period, 12-24 hours, so the gut can rest a bit. If you catch early and no hens have pecked at it, you are probably fine if you act quickly. Which is why I was so angry/pissed about this situation, because I have no doubt that my GF's mom had like 100 opportunities to screen for it anc catch it early. I always make a habit of keeping an eye on vents (for prolapse), feet (bumblefoot), and feathers (lice/mites), because those are easy to see, detect, and treat early.
I got 50 pounds of turkey starter for $21 today.
Anyone got a good blueprint for a coop for hot weather environments?
Very nice anon, the Tibetan/Rosetta are one of my favorites.
>I go through about 400 pounds a week.
Jesus how do you turn a profit? Eggs or meat?
File: Chicks001.jpg (464 KB, 1536x2048)
464 KB
464 KB JPG

You can do it, Brother! I haven't got land, but I've got chicks destined for the backyard. With the egg-savings, the land will come in time.
I ditch roosters as fast as I can.
Sell eggs to cover some cost.
Speciality laying hens (colored eggs) do pretty well in my area. When I take birds to the auction I tape the actual egg that bird lays on the crate and people will bid higher compared to a random laying hen. I typically get about $30 a hen and on a good day it's $50.
Even hatching eggs do well- I might sell a dozen eating eggs for $2.50 but at auction a dozen hatching eggs might go for $20.
This year killed me though with auctions shut down due to avian flu so I'm just playing with some.new breeds and crosses for next year.
File: kiwi2.jpg (209 KB, 1280x720)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
Kiwi is guarding his dead brother, also looking less like a Kiwi with every passing day.
There was no need for any paper, the mom got used to me walking in after the first few days, Its my wardrobe room so I don't bother her that much.

this Kiwi will not be eaten
File: Sad.jpg (89 KB, 379x246)
89 KB
Dear Prudence looked like a honey of a hen, sorry to hear of her death. I am having a hot chocolate in her honour.
Some helpful info that could save one of your chickens:

Wry neck can be genetic or caused by a vitamin deficiency. I sometimes add vitamin E and biotin to my fermented grain mix just to make sure chick's get enough in their system.
I occasionally see a bird with a droopy neck and "shudders". I quickly isolate that bird and take the the vitamin E and biotin capsules, open the capsules and squeeze the contents into their mouth. Every bird I've done this with has recovered within 12 hours, usually faster- I had one last night and I've already put her back out in the pen.
This is a type of neurological disorder that is caused by an imbalance in brain chemistry.
So grab a bottle of vitamin E and biotin and have them on hand incase of emergencies. For the record I've read it's the vitamin E that does it but the biotin is important too and it doesn't hurt.
aww, very cute birdies.
File: Sicilian buttercup bantam.jpg (748 KB, 1628x1221)
748 KB
748 KB JPG
I am so enjoying my little Sicilian Buttercup bantam hen. She's tiny - I can carry her in one hand - she flies a lot and she's very chatty. She will happily let me pick her up but only for five or so seconds, then she's wriggling to go free.
Why do most photos of chickens look like they live in bombed out beruit? Are they the cattle of the broke?
Are you familiar with lumber prices?
>expects people to spend $3,500 on a coop for a bird that lays $28 worth of eggs a year.
File: 46d.png (120 KB, 600x464)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
I even fenced it off with some sticks and twine thinking it would scare them away and they just duck under the twine and start pulling the leaves off again
File: chooks.jpg (323 KB, 1439x1456)
323 KB
323 KB JPG
Got 4 new chooks to add to my 6 bird group
Would it be possible for me to mix in some protein powder in the starter chicken feed or will these fuckers die from it?
I wanted to chook-max my birds but I don't want to kill them to do so
File: 20220528_181247.jpg (1.35 MB, 1602x3139)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB JPG
Took some fun pics of my rooster.
File: 20220528_181420.jpg (1.64 MB, 1800x3376)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB JPG
File: 20220528_181521.jpg (1.68 MB, 1601x3908)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB JPG
File: 20220528_181647.jpg (1.45 MB, 1725x3712)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB JPG
And another! He can be quite photogenic.
File: 20220528_181732.jpg (1.89 MB, 1800x3883)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB JPG
File: 20220528_181545.jpg (1.65 MB, 1694x3649)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB JPG
Last one. Enjoy. :D
File: 1653789845938.gif (47 KB, 316x400)
47 KB
I don't have chickens but I love the fancy birds you guys post. I don't think people appreciate how beautiful they can be. Big fans of the ones with the fancy feather patterns. RIP to the ones lost in this thread.
fox got 4 of my birds once, i took one carcass and built a pen around it and cut a hole in it so the fox could barely get in there and i sat out at dusk and waited for him and i blasted his ass and then nailed him to a tree as high as i could get with a ladder and rubbed his blood on the tree, never had a fox come back
File: IMG_20220527_160413.jpg (615 KB, 1683x2183)
615 KB
615 KB JPG
here are the other chooks please someone answer this
Why the hell would you add homemade mix to chick feed?
looks like porcelain d'uccle I think, shrug. pronounce dew-clay :>>
maximize chick size potential
I see that some people said its cool so long as its pure protein and it doesn't have sweetener but it doesn't say anything about babies.
I did this with Pidgeon babies once and they were noticeably bigger than the standard size without any visible damage to their bodies or ability to fly
You don't want them to grow too fast.
They do that to broilers for market and they can put on weight so fast that their legs can't support them.
Stick with 20% protein feed. It's not just body weight they have to develop. It's also bone and feather growth.
For a flock of ~8 chickens, would you rather a homogeneous pure bred flock so you could breed your own chicks, or a mixed bag so you can get eggs like pic rel?

I've got americaunas, brahmas, and wyandottes right now. I'm either gonna commit to brahmas or grab some marans today.
File: 20220529_135801.jpg (2.19 MB, 2601x1891)
2.19 MB
2.19 MB JPG
Dark Brahma hen.
Double laced.
I basically have all the colors in that pic.
Mixed flocks are much more rewarding.
French Black Copper marans / Black Copper marans have darkest egg color (French variety have feathered legs). They also come in blue but those are a little harder to find. Cuckoo marans (barred) have much lighter egg colors- the difference between top left in that pic and the one next to it. There are other colors but those are the most common.

Brahmas And wyandottes can both produce pink colored eggs so crossing with a dark Maran can produce cool stuff.
The ameraucana x Maran will of course produce greens/olives.

My experience is that people will pay as much for a cool color layer as a purebred. But "dud" layers that are mutts are a little less.
Yeah, I know if I want the rainbow I need some copper marans and a white, maybe an olive egger too. But, the rewards of a mono flock is being able to breed and keep offspring true to type, or even sell chicks. I think I'll stick with a mixed flock though as I'd rather not have a rooster at all right now. It's just that with the world collapsing it seems smart to have the capability and knowledge.
File: 20220529_135746.jpg (644 KB, 1075x1225)
644 KB
644 KB JPG
Black laced Silver cochin.
Color is also known as just silver laced (black is default color type so omitted out of laziness).
Skip the white layer.
Or get a polish (they lay white but they're funny looking and friendly).

Hatching chics gets expensive.
But ya, having a rooster and an incubator NOW it's cheap insurance.
If you want to go fo color most people start with an FBC/BC Maran rooster and various colored hens
File: 130-1306424_07-14-35.jpg (31 KB, 300x367)
31 KB
>wanted to set up a broiler farm of about 2000 chicks since we have an unused 1000m2 lot
>country is going to shit thanks to communism
>no clue where I'm going to get the 1 day old chicks from
>no clue where I'm going to get feed from
It was over before I even started.
I hope you're not in the UK. They got fucked harder than the US. I can still get day olds mailed in from the hatcheries.
I think it's best you didn't pursue it.
There's going to be a MASSIVE food shortage here in a bit. Over 50% of our food is imports and our currency is going to tank hard. I wanted to at least secure a food source but with no space or land to grow crops it's going to inevitably fail since I won't even be able to feed my own birds if shit really, REALLY hits the fan.
Where are you with 50% imports?
We export high quality meat and import low quality so millionaires can make more millions.
Every western nation is capable of being self sufficient. When they say "grain shortage" its because farms are growing almonds so faggots have almond milk instead of growing actual food. (BTW, it takes a gallon of water to produce a single almond).
The Great Reset isn't going to work out the way the elites are planning. Peasant uprisings always prevail.
My neighbour and I are getting chickens this weekend!
Mail order or local pickup?
Local pickup
File: Bird_hen_Pics.jpg (525 KB, 1600x1200)
525 KB
525 KB JPG
I love chiggens!!! :DDD
specifically hens
File: 6369653453198898994.jpg (1.53 MB, 3593x3393)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB JPG
File: IMG_20220530_125837_702.jpg (75 KB, 750x1070)
75 KB
Should chickens have a fire suppression system?
At the end of the day a chicken is a chicken. So even grab bag random mixes are fun. But it can be more rewarding if tou do research before you buy- even if it's just standing there at the tubs full of chicks and looking up the general stats of the breeds available.
If you're already heading to a breeder for specific birds that's all good too.
File: 20220530_171932.jpg (2.99 MB, 3596x2953)
2.99 MB
2.99 MB JPG
Hybrid so interesting color and pattern.
I'm honestly not sure who her parents are.
I should get some of these fuckers, I have an INSANE amount of carpenter ants that need to be controlled.
Pigeon and chicken.
Funny you mention that.
I had a racing pigeon show up (banded). She was just roaming the yard and grazing with a rooster and some hens.
She left and the next day was back again inside the pen (let out that group for the day so the door was open).
File: 20220529_203347.jpg (436 KB, 1360x2187)
436 KB
436 KB JPG
This pic doesn't do him justice.
Blue with some weird reverse red lacing and like partridge or something (I don't have any chickens in partridge).
Too bad it's a rooster, I really wanted to keep this one. He let's me pick him up too.
Please take another pic as those feather colours are spectacular
He really is cool.
I'll try to get him to cooperate tomorrow in the sun for some better pics.
I don't have a pen for him but depending on how he turns out I might have to build something to house him until I find him a good home because I would hate for him to just become someone's $5 freezer filler.
I've hatched 5,000 birds and this is the first one that looks like this.
File: 20220315_095802.jpg (428 KB, 887x1178)
428 KB
428 KB JPG
Side question...
Can anybody explain these long feathers?
This was suppose to be a Salmon Faverolles. Also all the feathers that should be black are white instead so I'm guessing he has a dominant white gene (dominant white suppresses black color, recessive white suppresses all colors).
Other than those 2 issues he's correct for a faverolles.
File: 20210617_085840.jpg (357 KB, 954x940)
357 KB
357 KB JPG
Here's his "brother" as a comparison.
This shit drives me insane.
>Blue Laced Red Wyandottes for sale. Pic is of parents...
So these are Splash laced Reds.
All of them are 2x splash genes so their offspring will be 100% splash.
(1x splash gene turns black into blue.)
File: DSC_6819+(1).jpg (355 KB, 1500x1248)
355 KB
355 KB JPG
Here's an actual blue.
Now how many of you would be pissed if this is what you were expecting and you got the splash version?
And a black just to round it out.
Thos is just one gene that creates these.
None= black.
Single carrier (from one parent)= blue
Dou le carrier (from both parents)= splash
The feed store I get dog food at a good price has a bunch of chickens like this out front and they always walk right over. Love those lil guys
File: 20220529_110444.jpg (387 KB, 954x2016)
387 KB
387 KB JPG
I lost my two silkies suddenly, one was lethargic, and I separated her, then she died two hours later. Then the next morning I had my first predator attack, and lost my other one. I had gotten lax being in a semi-urban area.

So I got two more, the catch I had to take the rooster. I'm growing partial to the fella, when I first introduced him, the top hens of my flock went at him, Ikki a Columbian Rock, and lil Marge, a plymouth. Actually had to help him subdue them, all it took was two pecks and now they don't even try to fight him.

Almost got all my neighbours on board with his crowing (most are older and love it cause they wake up early anyways).
File: 20220601_231326.png (2.47 MB, 1161x2064)
2.47 MB
2.47 MB PNG
It was a long time since I've posted here, but I kinda wanted to share this: one of our chickens usually lay slightly larger eggs, but today she layed this monstrosity, 104 gramms.
You got me beat.
My largest was 103.
File: 1623590967439.jpg (475 KB, 2048x1386)
475 KB
475 KB JPG
I used to be indifferent to chickens, but raising a batch of them made me really like the lil guys.

I like to hold them and have them perch on my finger.

You can kinda play with them as well, which is fun.
File: 20220528_201018.jpg (728 KB, 1435x1218)
728 KB
728 KB JPG
Forgot about my lil dudes.
File: 20220602_115816 (2).webm (1.46 MB, 540x960)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB WEBM
He? (Still hoping for a she, feathers are coming in now) doesn't like to hold still for picture day.
File: IMG_20220602_125241.jpg (1.19 MB, 2592x1944)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB JPG
Melted ice cream cake snack
File: 20220602_115849.jpg (1.61 MB, 3510x2148)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB JPG
It's pretty hot today so I didn't want to take him out in the sun just to try and get pics but this is an interesting shot.
The grey lights up to blue in the sun (like how some types of black birds have the blue/green/purple beetle sheen). You can slightly see the effect along his back caused by some sunlight coming in behind him.
I'll get another full sun shot that's in focus at some point for comparison.
Still don't know how this hidge-podge of patterns is going to come together.
File: In the hood.jpg (3.62 MB, 1912x1788)
3.62 MB
3.62 MB JPG
We are poor but happy
File: IMG_20220317_174829.jpg (1.18 MB, 2592x1944)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB JPG
Why would you spend money on an animal that's going to attempt to shit on every surface.
File: received_2292741464200041.jpg (248 KB, 2002x1439)
248 KB
248 KB JPG
My chicks along with some keets.
Skinny neck
I saw a good idea.
They'll sit on it and poop in the food.
Can you blame them?
File: 20220604_213602.jpg (2.05 MB, 3000x2643)
2.05 MB
2.05 MB JPG
I had extra scrap steel and a welder so I made a bunch of "box freeders".
They work well in conjuction with these covered areas along with automatic dog bowl waterers.
File: Myfanwy and Marama.jpg (1.36 MB, 990x1092)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB JPG
Which are which? Are the speckly ones keets? How do they get on together?
The lavender with lines on the head.
They aren't as different as ducks are. Ducklings will often times kill chicks, due to their size difference, behavior, and habitat.
File: received_332363499030624.jpg (217 KB, 2048x1429)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
File: received_3974251086134111.jpg (215 KB, 1705x1966)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
I'm going to call her mascara.
>silkie has been getting out of the run several times a day
>put some rocks down where I think she’s getting out until I can get more wire to attach and bury
>half hour before I lock them up for the night get the urge to go check on her to make sure she’s still in there
>as I’m walking toward the back of the run, everyone starts panicking
>turn the corner, thinking it’s nothing and it’s just someone starting hysteria like usual
>big fucking raccoon in the pen
>start screaming at it and chasing it, it runs out a hole by where I just buried wire
>incidentally the same hole has silkie feathers stuck to the wire

Well, found where she’s been getting out I guess. Was ready to beat the shit out of the raccoon, lost my favorite hen when I was a kid to one of the bastards and I’ve had a burning hatred for them since.

Gonna have to put a bunch of concrete chunks in the way until I can get more wire.
File: chicken police.webm (1.83 MB, 480x360)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB WEBM
>Burning hatred for them
I feel the same way about stoats. One got into my chicken house when I was a uni student, killed the lot of gentle, friendly chickens I had. I cried for weeks. That was the day Freddie Mercury died. Sounds like your hens had a lucky escape, especially your naughty Silkie.
My timing was impeccable. It really scared my girls though, they were all scared huddled in a circle in the corner. Made me really sad to see them that way.
Glad you got there in time.
I run a ditch around my pens, stick the wire down in it and pour a concrete footer. It doesn't need to be much, just a couple inches wide and like 8" deep is enough to stop predators.
File: Rasmus.jpg (2.05 MB, 2944x2208)
2.05 MB
2.05 MB JPG
worship my cock
This but I use my copius amount of rocks.
File: 20220601_180112.jpg (1.45 MB, 1686x3681)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB JPG
File: Sucker.png (1.16 MB, 804x843)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
Yes sir, on my knees to his glory.
Is he really called Rasmus?
File: Ophelia2.jpg (554 KB, 1080x766)
554 KB
554 KB JPG
he looks like a veteran, cheers to his crusty self
yeah we used to have like 4 roosters in our batch and lovingly called all of them something like nuggets or tendies, by the time he was the biggest, most handsome and dominant bastard in the pen, we turned the others into stew and i christened him rasmus for his beautiful cape. Pic related is one of our small hens with twink for scale.
My God she's beautiful. She looks young?
File: Ophelia1.jpg (897 KB, 1080x1386)
897 KB
897 KB JPG
She's a real looker, a few of them you could throw in some chinese emperors private park alongside peacocks and quails and they wouldn't seem out of place. She was about a year old there, we ended up giving her and a few others to some family friends, since we wanted to focus more on our cochins than the small breeds, but i still see her pretty regularly and sneak her some mealworms
File: 20220608_121417.jpg (1.14 MB, 2048x1152)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB JPG
Everyone's 16 weeks old now, I'm officially on the lookout for eggs.
16 weeks is for early laying breeds.
Some breeds take 9 months so don't get frustrated.
Oh yea, I've got some barnevelders in there that won't start giving me eggs until late fall. I'm just being hopeful some will start laying soon.

Given that I've got a mixed flock, how should I go about feeding them?
Some still have a while to go (months) before they're of laying age, should I start making a gradual switch from chick feed to layer feed until they're all mature? Or just go from chick to layer feed over a week or two?
File: 20220514_165637small.jpg (69 KB, 1316x640)
69 KB
The first of this years chicks are looking good!
File: 20220322_084749.webm (2.91 MB, 400x710)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB WEBM
I free range about 40 hens and 3 roosters on 30 acres and don't do much other than let them in and out every morning and night so its pretty rare that one gets close let alone eats out of my hand.
Cute pic. Looks determined.
You have soft looking hands.
File: tranny athlete.jpg (42 KB, 1240x744)
42 KB
Nice cock bro
File: 20210214_162310.jpg (165 KB, 578x381)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
Thank you anon, I wear gloves almost all the time I'm outside doing farm chores and moisturize every night before bed. Just cause you're a redneck farmer doesn't mean you shouldn't take care of your skin. Wear sunscreen religiously too, my dad had 4 skin cancer growths removed by his 60's. An easy treatment but I'd rather not get cancer to start with.
Also its no fun fapping with calloused cracked hands when the GF is away and even less fun to use nasty hard fingers on her.
File: 12064.1-G.jpg (25 KB, 505x505)
25 KB
You might want to try some of what I use on yourself. Its great, no scent, no grease, soaks in right away and I can use it on the goat and sheep titties too when they get chapped from milking. This stuff will turn your mangled paws with gnarled digits into respectable gentleman landowners soft palms with dainty fingers in a few days. Course once you get them soft you have to wear gloves anytime you do work or you go through the whole annoying getting callouses phase again.
Is it better to have a mixed flock of all girls and a bachelor flock of roosters to pull for breeding or separate flocks based on breed with one rooster per flock?
Whats your goal? Do you want to breed purebreds? For what purpose? To sell, show, eat, or keep for eggs? How many breeding flocks(breeds) do you plan on and how many roosters do you plan on having for each?

I started out really organized with 3 rooms in my coop and a separate ramp from each room into a covered run isolated from the other rooms runs. After a year or so got to be a pain in the ass and I decided to free range and mix all the breeds together. The roosters fought for a bit but established an order and each one has their own little "harem" they run around with in the fields. Of course there is sneaky breeding while one rooster has his back turned so now I have Hienz 57 breed chickens. If the roosters are all raised in close proximity or even together from about the same age they tend to squabble and make noise but not actually fight. Had to eat 5 roosters before I ended up with 3 that get along well now. I do lose about 1 hen a month but with how many birds I have and chicks that hatch each summer that's not a huge problem and I don't feel like shooting a 4th fox. Though some would probably think it pretty cruel that I'm willing to accept one dead a month its the price we pay for using the land that the predators owned first and killing off most of the vermin they relied on.

If you're selling eggs/meat the average consumer at the farmers market or coming to your place off facebook or craigslist to buy stuff from you could care less what specific breed it came from as long as the finished product looks how they expect it to. Its only if you plan on selling live chicks or pullets that keeping the breed pure really matters. As long as you're raising egg type and not meat birds they blend pretty well together. Don't let your broiler types cross with layers though, that is in my mind the only separation really worth enforcing at the backyard flock/small/hobby farm size.
Clan breeding
File: Chicken-Conquerer-520.jpg (53 KB, 378x520)
53 KB
Imagine keeping track of all your chickens and having an organized breeding program for genetic diversity when every late spring and early summer people in the suburbs with livestock regulations against roosters are trying desperately to give away their chicks that grew into cockerels/roosters from their hatchery sexed chicks despite "90%+ female guarantee" before their neighbors call animal control and have all the birds confiscated for causing a noise nuisance.

I just put an add on craigslist about 2 months after Southern States and Tractor finish their chick days showing my fields and coops and saying I'll accept a limited of roosters for rehomming.

Had one housewife drop off her rooster and she was crying cause if she didn't get rid of him by the next morning the city was going to take all her birds to make the neighbors happy. She got to keep her hens and I got a free rooster to breed for a season then make stew with. Sure the breeding is random at this point and there may be some inbreeding going on but so far nobody has birth defects.

Part of being self sufficient and making your own stuff is to not make it more complicated than it needs to be for your purposes. Take advantage of things people don't think about.

You know all the pumpkin stands around Halloween? On Nov 1 I drive to all the stands as the Mexicans are breaking them down, they don't want to haul the unsold pumpkins away so they are thrilled when I offer to load and take them myself. They usually help me load the trailer. Last year I got 4 tons of pumpkins of my sheep and goats for half a tank of gas and an afternoon.

>mfw I get weeks worth fresh pumpkin for free while backyard livestock owners flock to the feed store and pay $15 a bag for feed at the same time with the first snow

Most grocery stores are also willing to let you take their expired produce and will often set it aside in a special bin for you if you can be reliable and take it away for them on their schedule.
Hope I didn't come off as too snarky or dismissive, I've just seen a lot of people get started and they want to have the UBER chicken coop 9000 set up and detailed plans for stuff and they get caught up in the minutia of trying to make it perfect. Striving for efficiency is great but most likely after you factor in the cost of building or buying a coop and then some kind of fencing, water supply and troughs or automatic nozzles, food troughs, and your time. Don't forget your time is still valuable even at 3pm on a Saturday when you're just doing some minor maintenance or whatever. A lot of people starting small who also have an outside job forget to factor in their normal work salary should apply to their time on the farm if they plan to make any kind of money and instead work for "free" on the farm side of things. If you're spending 4 hours a week or whatever taking care of the birds you need to factor in that if you were an employee you'd be paid a wage because that is time taken from you that you can no longer use for something else and you should compensate yourself for that. At the end of the day unless you happen to have a freakishly huge piece of land next to an urban area with people willing to pay $6 a carton for free range eggs and buy out your whole stock every weekend that backyard chickens are going to likely cost you more than buying eggs at the store. So you're really doing it for a hobby and for better quality eggs that you can share/sell. I'm guessing you're just doing a few chickens for fun but if you're planning bigger and don't already have a solid sales plan for the meat and eggs you'll be stuck making stuff you have to give or throw away.

TL/DR: Don't worry about having the perfect system at the start, if losing 10-15% potential efficiency means that you manage and don't have as much work input and its less stressful for you to deal with you'll be happier in the long the run and can always improve it later as you learn and get confident.
If I had a dollar for everybody that moved to country, got some relatively small by rural standard plot of land, and grow a huge vegetable garden are suddenly baffled when they realize that some magic gnome doesn't just show up at their place, collect the produce, and hand them cash then and there I wouldn't have to farm anymore. Its sad how many young retires put in these huge amazing gardens and spend all this time and effort making it nice with their savings cause the wife read a story about how Mrs. So and So made a fortune selling homemade salsa or whatever from her garden so they try to do the same to stay busy and have some side income to supplement their 401k and social security and flake out before the final stage and end up composting hundreds of pounds of perfect produce on their fence line by the back wooded quarter because they simply don't know what to do with it. You could easily feed the homeless in the major city I'm about an hour from all summer and fall with the extra produce. But nobody wants to pay someone to collect it, drive it there, and distribute it.

One thing I haven't like about getting seriously into ag is knowing how much perfectly edible food is produced at great expense and simply wasted. I mean look at the trailer in my post above, I filled it 3 more times that afternoon. They were going to take all those pumpkins to the county landfill and waste them, along with all the time, effort, resource, and pollution associated with growing and getting them to the city in the first place so people can have them on their porch for a week before they end up in the land fill anyways. The amount of blatant waste and the complete lack of concern about it infuriates me.

Well not quite cause I'm thinking about it now. Also pretty upset how farmers get blamed for making more than our share of greenhouse gasses and how the media is turning the urbanized public against the evil land raping farmers. The average person doesn't understand that while farmers have certainly done damaging things its not out of malice or negligence like industrial pollution. Farmers draining wetlands a hundred years ago legit didn't know better and thought it was good. Nobody at DuPont, 3M thought it was a good idea to dump toxic waste into the rivers and land, they knew it was bad from day 1 and chose to do it because of the need to show regular quarterly profits and dealing with the pollution would cost to much, literally the only hurdle. If industry ruins an area they can move or just deal with the pollution to a point. But as a farmer I have a huge interest in keeping my land healthy because then its productive and I make money. Sure I could dump the old motor oil in the pond and it wouldn't be a huge issue right away, but it would hurt the land productivity and cost me more in the long run than taking it to the disposal center.

Yes I generate more CO2 than the average person. That's because I'm running machinery and working to produce a food surplus so you don't starve to death in your apartment while you work at your sky scrapper office. But if you think I should only make as much carbon as a person who walks to work and doesn't own a car fine, come bring your horse to my farm and get your goat cheese, I'll be here.

Oh and your upset my livestock belch methane and you want less livestock? Ok fine. Now you have methane surplus that you'll replace with a natural gas power plant or the like. Also the grasses evolved to be grazed so now I have to use a machine to mow the pasture before they turn back to woods in 10 years.

But eat your organic apple trucked from Washington state, and drink your coffee on a boat from Columbia in a cup from China.
While you write a blog post on your very hard to recycle smartphone you replace every year and tell me how how its rural people and rednecks that are all to blame. Then throw your cup away, get a pastry in a plastic single use carton and walk back to your air conditioned super structure.


Okay *now* I'm done.
most of that calculated waste is food recalls
my waste calculation is probably closer to 5 pounds a year
does it really count as waste if it's the stem part of a pepper that gets cut out and dumped into the compost drum, idk
Naw I'm not talking about what happens once Joe consumer buys it and take its home. Yes there is still waste at that point but not as much as in the transport, warehouse, delivery, display side. Produce gets damaged each time its moved and must be discarded. That big display in your local grocery store that's always stocked to point the bins are almost over flowing? The stuff on the bottom layers is passed over by consumers because its lower in the box so they think it must be worse and by the time each asshole has picked up and felt 10 apples to decide on which 3 they want to buy they may have bruised some in the display so now those are wasted. But I'm glad you mentioned your personal effort to reduce your waste and I applaud you, its important we all do our best and always improve.

However the companies and media have been working for years to make you feel like its your fault for pollution and its all up to the end consumer and they are just captive to public demands through spending and golly guys we sure would like to use less plastic but people really like a new disposable bottle each time they drink their hummingbird nectar with extra caffeine and we would love to stop making so many bottles but people want them and if we don't make the plastic bottle somebody else will so might as well let us make as many as we want.

Its not the average consumers fault or choice anymore. The average middle class family in the suburbs on 1/4 acre with a car for mom and dad and family entirely reliant on stores to obtain their basics like food and soap. They have no choice but to buy what the store has. They can buy whole ingredients with less packaging and do more home cooking but most people don't have time or are just too lazy and would rather get fast food on the way home, throw the containers out and not do dishes or get a prepared meal in a box with plastic wrap in a plastic tray. To them its just how life is and has been for since the 70's at least.
File: water1.png (231 KB, 632x364)
231 KB
231 KB PNG
Here's an example corporate propaganda. During the worst period of drought in Cali people were asked to really limit their use, short showers, no baths, no watering laws in daylight or on consecutive, don't flush the toilet if its just pee etc. I don't think they ever actually limited entire water mains but I know they installed flow
restrictors on individual homes that blatantly flaunted the conservation guidelines and hit them with fines. Which sure, people used less water at home, great.

Lets say by some miracle they used 50% less water a day. Based on this infographic 4,432 homes would have to reduce their water use by 50% to equal shutting off one golf course whose clientele is by definition usually wealthy more influential politically. Did golf closes shut down to spare water for homes? Of course not, the taps flowed for them.

The problem is the media and the companies are trying to distract us with little pissant recycling campaigns, carbon credits, using sustainable materials etc. All the buzzword crap. And we as consumers feel bad but hopeless to do anything about it so we haven't banded together and demanded that the companies put profits on hold for just a sec and spend a little extra money to make sure we have a livable planet in 100+ years.

But no, its our fault for using the products they provided, which we are forced to use in many cases, to take part in the modern world they have shaped.

It would just be nice if they spend 1% of the money or effort they spend on raising awareness about how great they are and how awful we consumers are, and running ads showing how they planted a tree a saved a turtle or some shit and actually stopped making the damn mess in the first place or spent the money on the camera crew and production team to hire more clean up crew and just write a damn article about it later with pictures. Their strategy is to make you feel so guilty and helpless that you just end up doing nothing and not demanding change.
Its hard to not lose hope about the long term future. With what humans have and are continuing to do. I'm a pretty cold hearted bastard when it comes to most things. I don't believe that human life is the most important thing always. We're an organism here like everything else and sometimes some or all of a species dies and that is just how it is. I would really like to think that my small efforts and those of others in the developed world will make an impact but it won't be huge. All my plastic goes to recycling or at least a proper land fill.

But some countries can't afford centralized garbage collection and while the people don't *want* to throw their trash in the river where else can they realistically be expected to put it? Its not the average persons fault, its their government for failing to provide basic services, infrastructure and meet basic needs. If you're always a few days from away from starvation, trying to make ends meet, living in abject poverty and just trying to survive the last thing on your mind is the long term consequences of throwing your trash into a stream. But when billions of people live and think that way we got a serious problem. Not only do we have to clean up the mess we made so far we have to stop adding more to it.

I want to think we can at least make the future not as awful as it could be but then I see pics like this about what we do to our own children, let alone animals, and I honestly think its too late for us as a species. If we could let it get this bad why would we all of a sudden make a massive united global effort to fix it?

Glad I get to enjoy my green space animals now while I can. Also glad my GF had bad PCOS and is sterile. Much as I want a kid and to be a father its going to be a hell of a different world in 50 years and I'm not sure I want to add another human to it. But then I think the less intelligent are going to have kids anyways so it would be nice to raise a smart kid to balance it out and maybe help.
I just hope when the world as a whole realize that the current economic model which depends on constantly developing new markets and creating products for them where every quarter the CEO has to present a positive cash flow to the board or his bonus goes from $100m to $50m and he can't afford that new private island in paradise where he can pay someone to walk the beach daily and pick up the trash. You bet your ass he will cut every corner and do whatever he can to keep posting profits.

My dad was went from an electrical engineer to eventually CEO of about a 100 person tech company. The change I saw in him once he "became responsible to the board" was horrible. He went from 50hr work weeks to 80hrs, missed important family dates, all the stereotypes. Whenever we asked him to prioritize us over the company he would say this exactly "I have a fiduciary responsibility to the board and stock holds to turn a profit and I have to do whatever I can do maintain that whatever it takes." Its like it stole my dad from me. When the company finally went public and sold and he got his bag of money and left it was like a spell broke. Like legit out of the lord of the rings when the king wakes up. He apologized a few months later one night out of the blue and cried for like 30 minutes about how he can't believe he got so caught it up and thought it was so important and his whole life depended on it. He also had a heart attack at 58 while CEO from the stress.

I'm convinced that anyone who wants to be a CEO or a politician with any real influence has serious mental problems. Normal people can't function like that and abandon their values and beliefs for long without breaking down and stopping. You have to be the kind of person that thinks your always right and wants to boss others around. Those sorts of people don't like being told they need to stop dumping heavy metals into groundwater to slow cancer rates in Bangladesh at the cost of 2% of their profits.
I hate to be so jaded and cynical but I'm starting to be convinced that at this point our leaders are only going to do the bare minimum to keep places at habitable (though still harmful) levels of pollution. And the only reason they are motivated to take even small action like this is because if we lose a significant chunk of the planets habitable or arable land to pollution then they can't do business and make money there. They'll keep it just clean enough for people to live full working lives. If they get cancer at 65 that's okay, they would have retired and started sucking down government benefits soon anyways. If they kick the bucket before 70 sure its some expensive medical care for a while but its still cheaper than if they lived till 90. Less to spend on a non-productive member of society and they view the national treasure as quasi belonging to them since they can use it to buy things like government VIP jets they can use whenever they want, with free fuel and aircrew, even though they government technically owns them.

Being young is wanting to change the world. Being old is wanting to have a cabin deep enough in the woods that you don't notice if the world changes.
Feed type is important for bulking up. But birds can actually become obese if you keep them on 20%+ all their lives. Once they're full grown, even if they're not laying, you should switch to a 15% feed.
But at 4 months they still have some weight to put on.
Judging by the pic I would probably go another 2 months on starter/grower. I forget what you wound up with but I think you had some wyandottes (?)- which (will be) some heavy birds.
>live in desert
>”WTF why is there no water??!!”
The planet is fine, stop listening to doomsday prophets that have never been right.
>Whats your goal? Do you want to breed purebreds? For what purpose? To sell, show, eat, or keep for eggs? How many breeding flocks (breeds) do you plan on and how many roosters do you plan on having for each?
I would like to raise flocks of three different heritage breeds (winter layers, summer layers, meat birds) to help preserve their genetic distinction and keep genetic diversity alive. A mix of personal use and maybe selling of pullets/cockerels in the future in the preservation of said heritage breeds. Minimum is 3 flocks/3 roosters, thinking 6 flocks with 6 roosters would be ideal (A team/B team for each heritage breed) to limit effects of inbreeding. I wouldn't start there, but I'd like to potentially end there.

Breeds I'm looking at are Chanteclers (winter layers), Dominiques (summer layers) and Delawares (meat birds).
I personally don't agree with Farmer Joe's mixed flock concept.
That's fine if you just want some eggs or to slaughter some birds for your own freezer filler.
But when you cross chicken breeds randonly you destroy lines that have taken hundreds of years to create- some were people's life's work.

You can cross a gold laced wyandotte with a silver laced Wyandotte and get 100% of offspring that express the gold lacing. But it will take a dozen generations of selective breeding to strip the gold lacing back out to create silver laced birds again (the gold is associated with multiple genes).
Dominant genes are not always the preferred genes. Crossing an ornamental variety with a heavy laying variety might create a poor laying, generic looking bird.
I have multiple pens.
A massive grow-out pen, half a dozen breeder group pens and another half dozen hatchling/hold over pens.
I let separate groups free-range daily.

There are many breeds that have lost popularity over the years as massive conglomerates focus on single production breeds so keeping some of those lines pure and going is very important.

File: th-1242633586.jpg (35 KB, 474x474)
35 KB
I'm more bag balm man.
Interesting. So, essentially, you keep all flocks separate and cycle out whoever is free ranging that day? Are the pens right up against one another, are they distanced for the roosters sake, are their visual barriers to help with stress?
Pens have shared wire walls. Think of them like 5pen x 2pen cell blocks, so a middle pen will have left, right and back shared walls and the corners shared with 2 other pens. They become accustomed to neighbors and don't care after awhile. But when they get to roam for the day they'll go over to another pen and either flirt with the hens or try to fight the roosters.
Some groups are a pain to round up so they might get a full day of roaming- other groups will follow me back into their pen or are just lazy and wander back in by themselves after an hour and I can then let out another group for the rest of the day.
I have multiple purebreds and some hybrids. French Black Copper Marans were popular one year and made good money then the local market became saturated and their price dropped. Faverolles were popular another year and then people lost interest (possibly because it's an uncommon breed those who wanted some now had them).
Ayam Cemani were the rage for awhile but now they're everywhere. The internet might claim they're the most expensive breed still, but good examples sell for $5 as chick's. Simple chicken math-
>one hen lays 200 eggs.
>next season you have 100 hens who each lay 200 eggs. They're no longer rare.
>next season you have 10,000 hens.
So it's always a gamble of what to focus on each year.
I found some really good range feeders that are super affordable. We have two of them and between them they hold close to 40lbs.
You are wonderful.
Interesting. I'm not entering this market with the intent to make money or even to break even, but your insight is valuable. How many chickens do you have?
File: Nigger_TheChick.jpg (575 KB, 2048x1152)
575 KB
575 KB JPG
I may be in this situation, if this little chick turns out to be a cockerel anyway. Though, I simply intend to eat him as soon as size permits and it's obvious he's male. Any guesses as to when this hatchery "mystery meal-maker" might start crowing or even what sort of bird he might be? He feathered in dramatically faster than his brood sisters (Buff Orpingtons)
File: Orpington001.jpg (714 KB, 2048x1152)
714 KB
714 KB JPG
Not anon. But I doing this as a hobby for now, and I'm planning on earning enough passive income to sustain myself to not need to sell chickens/veggies before I go into that lifestyle.
Would pic related be a good automatic feeder?
Can hold lots of food, and has a solar charger.
File: 09-017f2.gif (29 KB, 540x297)
29 KB
I've got a few dead birds I'd like to add to the compost bin. I've read they're carbon deficient so they need substrate in order to break down properly but sawdust is hard to find where I currently am. Can I use old newspaper instead?
An obese chicken is a taste chicken.
Isn't it natural to cut the lines that don't make the cut? Mixing them in a clan/selective breeding system would produce something better for you individually.
Paper takes a while to break down. Better bet would be read grass.
*Dead grass
I don't have that much access to dead grass and I need to get rid of these carcasses now. Can I use newspaper as a source of carbon or not? I wouldn't mind shredding it up so it breaks down faster.
Yeah. It'll take 2x it 3x as long.

What's the hurry? They belong to someone else?
>It'll take 2x it 3x as long
fug I was hoping it would take 2-3 weeks does newspaper really take that long to break down??
how do you change the bedding in a setup like this? just scoop it up with a shovel, add it to a compost bin them spread more?
Yeah, paper takes a longer long time.
Untreated sawdust and/or lime.
Beware of rats, can you not bury them?
I usually bury mine deep with some wood chips next to a perennial.
File: AAAAAAAAAAAAA.png (113 KB, 1019x645)
113 KB
113 KB PNG
>Theof breaks into our fenced in yard and raided the garden shed (AFAWK nothing important was stolen)
>Neighbor stopped him before he could steal one of our wagons
>Cops come over to take a look
>Sees our chickens and says we're not allowed to have them within the city
So this is what they mean by ACAB
They're letting you know before they get a formal complaint and actually have to fine you or whatever.
>hurr acab

And yet you'll still call 911 if you're in trouble lmao
And yet people can have subcanine shitbulls that bark all day and attack children. If the cops were bastards you wouldnt have chickens anymore.
You know what to do.
The Jew fears the basement chicken farmer.
>How do you get over the devastation
File: maxresdefault-1.jpg (124 KB, 1280x720)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
File: Игорёк.jpg (2.8 MB, 1981x1887)
2.8 MB
2.8 MB JPG
Igor at 7 months. He's a good fellow - cheerful, full of vim and eager to learn. Not much lady-action from him though, I've only seen him jump the hens twice.
Slo-bro, are you about? I wanted to ask you about the bee houses you can sleep in, apparently they are popular in your country.
File: ChickenIsBliss.png (1.64 MB, 1080x649)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB PNG
File: 20220614_213046.jpg (2.22 MB, 3024x2910)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB JPG
So a few weeks ago I had (another) bird go broody and at that point I was tired of it so I just said "fuck it, hatch some eggs" and left her alone.
Well she's in a pen with 3 laying boxes and apparently all the other hens kept laying eggs her box.
Normally I would mark the first eggs with a sharpie and pull the rest but this season I've been gifted with so many broody hens that I got tired of that shit..
So anyways...
It got to a point where she couldn't cover all the eggs. And I thought about taking some out, maybe candle them all and put the developed ones back- but I didn't do that.
And then one day the issue was resolved because another bird went broody and decided nest in the same box. So I thought we were done.

This is what I found tonight:
Looks comfy
Oh my word!

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