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File: 0049.jpg (765 KB, 1720x840)
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765 KB JPG
Time in advance edition.

Previous: >>4161702
File: PXL_20220426_131053035.jpg (2.43 MB, 4032x3024)
2.43 MB
2.43 MB JPG
File: PXL_20220511_192829881.jpg (972 KB, 1180x960)
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File: IMG_20220408_193920.jpg (532 KB, 1225x920)
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File: 20220315_111153.jpg (461 KB, 980x1528)
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461 KB JPG
this little shit bullied her way into my apartment when it was below 0 outside several months ago and never left
she's a bit saucy but very sweet overall, no tags and chip is just registered to a local shelter, and based on everything feels like she had problems with her adoptive owners and was abandoned
File: cat.jpg (936 KB, 2909x2067)
936 KB
936 KB JPG
She's slowly adjusting to life here, it's been about a month and a half so far. She likes this chair so I've been putting a blanket on it so she doesn't scratch it.
also i swear to god if this pic flips
File: l-stor – .jpg (902 KB, 1939x800)
902 KB
902 KB JPG
File: CATS.jpg (3.02 MB, 3024x4032)
3.02 MB
3.02 MB JPG
These are my two cats, they are almost two years old. I love them very much.
My cat finally stopped being horny so time to schedule a spay because I am never pleasuring my cat with a qtip even if my life depends on it.
File: you're next cat.jpg (746 KB, 1560x2080)
746 KB
746 KB JPG
always love seeing these two
>rustles maddeningly at 3am
Who would abandon that cutie?
I like cow spot cats
cool coat
sweeties, I miss my tuxie
File: PXL_20220503_020558501.jpg (1.57 MB, 3280x2464)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB JPG
unfortunately they both can barely stand to be around each other even after 8 months or so
File: 1652507367503.jpg (353 KB, 1280x1280)
353 KB
353 KB JPG
File: 1652507576635.jpg (339 KB, 1108x1478)
339 KB
339 KB JPG
Herein here reveals himself the yokai that he is
Make him befriend this cat: >>4169798
Wise choice.
What a spoiled queen.
This is normal. What matters is that they don't fight with the purpose of injuring each other.
File: 456гр5.jpg (70 KB, 659x686)
70 KB
Anons, I have a cat carrier next to my private house - street cats that come to us to eat sometimes rest there.
So today there are 3 kittens lying there. They are not blind, they are quite big and well-fed, but not at the age when they constantly run around.

Where the hell did they come from??
did the people brought them? I don’t think that those who went so much made their way to private territory and stuck the kittens there. WHERE THEY FROM?
Maybe their mother dragged them from somewhere in her teeth?
Put the carrier back where it was and lurk. If they have a mom, she'll come back sooner or later.
If mom doesn't show up for more than 6-7 hours, they might have been put there by someone.
damn i have to do that.
i heard meowing when the neighbour was cutting the grass and making lots of noise with it. otherwise i would never even think of looking inside.
Maybe a mom that alerted by the noise put them inside what looked like a valid replacement for a shelter.
The exact same thing happened two days ago, suddenly I saw the usual stray cat plus her kittens on my side after a guy came to cut the grass in the garden of the building next to mine.
Just lie in wait for now.
oh i see. Yeah i will wait for their mom then
if she wont come back after 7 hours i'll have to look after them?
i really want that black kitten tho...or the front one - he's the most active
Maybe 7 hours is too long and they could be hungry and start panicking, count 5 hours from the moment you noticed them. Also according to your plans and duties.
Taking care of them means feeding them mainly kitten milk formula and a bit of kitten food (they look not older than 7 weeks, so they're not weaned yet), and taking them to the vet for the routine checkup.
Good luck, post updates.
damn i didn't expect those things...And i'm poor so vet is out of this list for now. But i will keep feeding them properly - i had many kittens back then when i had a cat and she kept bringing them
why he look grumpy anon
Well, thank you for doing what you can.
Do you have a no-kill shelter where you live? Any volunteer from non-profit organizations that operate in your area who can help for adoptions later on (as well as spaying/neutering)? Just to make sure you're not flooded with more kittens in the future...
File: 2gf.jpg (433 KB, 720x1280)
433 KB
433 KB JPG
false alarm - mom is here.
And...seems that i can't call her Max because i thought this is a guy and called him max - she often came to us.
WHICH MEANS...all this time those kittens were in that cathouse? i swear i didn't hear any meowing. i guess they were that quiet.
Or she might just brought them here over the night
>What? What are you looking at?
also kittens became angry. They hisss and "grrrrrr" now.
When it will be good to take 1 kitten for myself? when they will start walking out of the box?

the black one is all black except black/white face which is a top tier cat-skin-roll for me
Call her Max-chan lol.
Maybe she just moved them today. I'm happy they're not abandoned kittens.
>When it will be good to take 1 kitten for myself?
Once they're weaned, so when they reach 11-12 weeks of age.
Basically when you see the mom spending less and less time than you with the kittens with each passing day, it is safe to separate them.

>when they will start walking out of the box?
They probably already do, when mom calls them and has to feed them.
Cody is comfy
I was in the last thread with the 8 days old kitten. Apparently everything is probably fine but idk, don't trust all vets sadly etc.
Can't say I've seen him poop, but on the other hand I've tried a lot of stuff to stimulate him for n°2, even giving him a warm water bath and massaging while his butt was underwater. Pisses fine, doesn't scream in pain or anything, has a round belly, soft when he hasn't eaten and firm when he just fed. Heard cases of other people with kitten shitting less often on formula, without any constipation issue or anything, but idk ti's always stressful
Ill post pics when I can
File: 534h.jpg (38 KB, 623x406)
38 KB
thanks! this how they look like now:
probably somebody that got a shelter cat with the expectation that it would be like one of their favorite cat videos
she bites when she's had enough petting and will let you know if you're invading her personal space
she also doesn't like being picked up
File: IMG-20220514-WA0000.jpg (304 KB, 1500x2000)
304 KB
304 KB JPG
if being too charming was a crime hitlerina would be in cat jail getting raped
Max can be a girls name, short for Maxine.
File: photostudio_1652554439259.jpg (288 KB, 1382x1836)
288 KB
288 KB JPG
Kurumi time
Your cat is kinda ugly desu
I'm getting a cat next week. It's a cute orange cub.
What should I name her?
File: lulu.jpg (605 KB, 900x865)
605 KB
605 KB JPG
It's not mine, it was given to a friend 15 years ago.

Still have his mum though. Pic related.
same as H. P. Lovecraft's cat
Please don't get a cat. You sound like it's your first cat and my gut tells me you'd be a shitty owner.
I will get it anyway.
At least help me with a cute name that's not a racial slur.
I promise to post pictures of her here.
File: cat.jpg (3.28 MB, 4000x3000)
3.28 MB
3.28 MB JPG
Here are the pics, can't say if he looks bloated or if it's normal, because I heard that young kitten usually have a round belly.
Apart from the fact that I don't know when he last shat, he appears fine and has been growing a lot, he opened his eyes quite early and can crawl and climb. He sleeps and purrs and reacts to light and stuff.
File: cat2.jpg (3.69 MB, 4000x3000)
3.69 MB
3.69 MB JPG
He doesn't have much fur on his lower belly area, idk if it's normal or due to the fact that he pissed himself quite a lot at first
File: cat3.jpg (2.82 MB, 4000x3000)
2.82 MB
2.82 MB JPG
he ate a few minutes before the pic, belly was firm, but as I said, when he hasn't eaten before it's soft
8 days old, soon to be 9
Good luck, cats are hard enough to keep alive when they're adults, let alone babies

One false move, just ONE day of not noticing something in time, and bam, cat.exe crashes
Cute tabbies and blacky.

u just jelly

Call her Thisbe or Daphne.

To me it doesn't look bloated but I'm no expert on the matter.
You should weigh him every day and write down the weight, to keep his growth in check.
It's a good sign that he's reactive however
cute little socks
True, I have to say that this one looks like he wants to live. We're careful with him but he's been more cooperative than I could have expected from an abandonned kitten. It's miraculous that he survived for his first week but apparently the first week is the hardest. I guess I ought to be optimistic

Same, I don't think he's bloated but I'm no expert either. He's been growing a lot faster than expected as he opened fully his eyes when he was like 5 days old which is very early, he's active and crawls a lot when awake, tries to drink from my fingers, eats a lot, pees alright (not dehydrated), etc. Don't think he'd be constipated as his previous shit had soft serve consistency and his diet hasn't changed at all. Still, nothing certain but man is it stressful working with a kitten.
File: kot.webm (2.85 MB, 720x1080)
2.85 MB
2.85 MB WEBM
Here's him waking up before a feeding. Seems to have a good smell too as just putting the tip of his bottle in his cage wakes him up, and he crawls to get out and feed.
What happened to the mom and to the other kittens?
dk, when he was found he was apparently alone, and nobody was coming for him, so he either got abandonned by a human or by his mother
do cats like us and consider us their friends
I really like my 3 new cats and I hope they like me too
My cat Rory, she had a genetic defect as a kitten that caused her eye to have to be removed. She is a very loving and adorable little shit that gets into way too much mischief for a cyclops. But she is an adorable little baby that is perfectly comfortable around visitors.
i love her
I've had a cat for about 2 years, got him when he was a kitten mostly because u was lonely during covid. What's crazy is when I first got him we got along great, and I started working again and didn't see him as much, but recently I got laid off. In the past few months I've spent a lot more time with him, and I don't know of the toxo has gotten to my brain, but the bond is so much stronger. I love the little fucker to death, outside of cat antics he's very well behaved and social. Whenever I come home he scurries over to see me and meows until I pick him up then he purrs and gets scritches. He sleeps with me nearly every night and if he doesnt he's sleeping on my jacket I lay out because he likes keeping on it. Its just crazy. He gives me something to interact with and love, your trolls when I look at him, and just answers me and does his thing. If you told me 2 years go I would love the furball like I do I wouldn't have believed you. A part of me wonders if this is what having a kid is like. Just loving them to death and your interactions and all that. Love you kitty.
I try posting again this question since it didn´t receive an answer

So, my cat was diagnosed with IBD in February. He is a european 11 years old, he had gut problems the last year that we thought it was just gastritis, I went to vet and treated with anti-inflamatory drugs and cortisone. This February we put him on a special diet for IBD cats which seems to works since the last time he did steroid was over two months ago. This happened because he lost a bit of weight (now it's normal) and puked 2-3 times in a day. He eats and he plays with the other cats.

Although, sometimes, he pukes (~1 times every 1-2 weeks) and a bit of diarrhea (like cottage cheese) every 3-4 poop. Is it normal? My vet is telling me he doesn't have inflammation anymore, though the IBD can't be cured at all. I will bring my cat to my vet May 20th for the monthly IBD check, the last month it went good without giving him any steroid shot, antibiotics and such.

Update: This morning he puked white foam without food and furballs. He ate normally yesterday his prescription and grain-free tuna. After the vomit he ate again normally. Today I even tried to give him boiled beef which he liked so much during the last year gastritis. I'll update with more info, please help me.
Alright, so I'm taking care of him for a part of today, and at his second feeding I noticed that he had small poop stains on his tail and one of his leg, very few though and no trace of shit that I have noticed in his clothes. But I don't think he had those on the first feeding and I gave him a butt bath yesterday anyways so he def started clean.
I hope I'm not just doing mental gymnastics but I guess everything is fine then. For the record, while it's said to stimulate the kitten's bowel, this one kinda poops on his own sometimes, I guess because of all the soft things around him he's bound to scratch his butt against something giving him the signal to go. Thing is it's hard to find evidence when there's so much stuff, but I guess that everything is fine, will confirm if he does it again today.
What would you guys think if I named a cat something like "fence" or "tax fraud"? Idk why but they just sound like good names
If vet doesn't know, maybe the basketweaving forum will, why the fuck does my cat chew on the plastic router antennas and my monitor? this lil shit punctured my work monitor, cat was fine, monitor wasn't, I don't want to keep hiding my new monitor in the wardrobe everynight, any ideas?
Found a little dried up shit in a small cloth that was added yesterday, can confirm. Sorry for bothering you all with him
thought this would have a worse ending 2bh
Cats are retarded for one. Also they like chewing on shit that they know you are giving attention to because you swat them away or whatever and that means their goal of getting your attention worked.

Tldr spend more time with cat
>relative gets their cat euthanized because sick
>said relative gets cancer shortly after
>prognosis not looking good
>barely out of treatment, still weak as shit
>wants to get a kitten
>can barely walk and wants the animal that requires the most energy and attention
>instead of reasoning with her, her SO just does whatever she wants
>doesn't even like cats, will probably get rid of it as soon as she dies
Fuck normies I hope she dies painfully.
the cat was already born and it was going to die anyways. there are too ma
this is preferable to it being euthanized immediately.
File: 20220515_170606.jpg (3.38 MB, 4000x3000)
3.38 MB
3.38 MB JPG
There she is with her kittens. Now she trusts me enough to let me stay there observing and feeding her, even though these brats stole the food that was for her.
They consider us bigger cats.
I did answer but it was nothing too helpful, sorry I can't do more than this.
Maybe your vet will suggest to change therapy. If you think it could be worrisome, cancel the scheduled appointment and take it to a clinic as an emergency.
She has a sense of entitlement because she's a terminally ill patient, she thinks she's justified to do whatever she wants. Help her to not feel so lonely to seek the company of a pet.
File: 3н34.jpg (635 KB, 2380x2209)
635 KB
635 KB JPG
Small update.
1) kittens are so cute - i took them, and looked at them. They are ADORABLEEEEEEE oh my gooood my heart was cleaned from all kinds of crap just by holding them
2) catmom don't mind that - when i was holding a kitten in my hands - she returned and just sat and looked at me. I put the kitten back and she entered the box to feed them.
3) of of the kittens (the most active one) crawled out of the box and started eating/sniffing cat food that was on the plate near that box. When i approached-he crawled back lol.

that means those kittens were definitely brought by Maxine over the night from somewhere. Somehow she thought that this will be a safe place for them
Thank you so much for your second reply, I definitely appreciate your effort.
My cat is ok now, he just ate again, no puke or Diahrea, I anticipated the vet appointment for tomorrow, I'll reply later whenever I know more about this situation.
Can cat tails break during birth?
I've adopted two kittens almost two years ago, and the female has a broken tail.
The story they've told me is that it happened during birth.
Can that happen?
I think my cat is blind in one eye. It started a couple of weeks ago when her left eye started reddening and then went all cloudy. My vet gave me some eyedrops to give her but while the redness is clearing up she doesn’t really react to anything on that side of her fov. They though it might have been fiv, leukemia or fip but she’s come up negative on all counts so that’s something I guess.

A small update from today's vet.
My cat did well on the physical examination, however doing the monthly ultrasound to his belly the intestine is getting a bit more thick, which means he probably has a bit of inflammation due to IBD (which for now it's still confirmed). He took cortisone as 3 months ago. My cat is ok now, I'll look forward to keeping you update. Thank you so much!
great news

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