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/an/, do you know any good jobs working with dogs? I have discovered that the only thing on Earth that brings me any happiness is dogs. I have reached 30 years old as a miserable, bitter, jaded autist and want to kill myself every day, but every time I see a dog I get happy, and I get along very well with all dogs. I think that the only way I will not kill myself is if I get a job working directly with them. I'm too much of a mouthbreathing autistic retard to actually own a dog as a pet or probably work somewhere with a very dog-friendly culture.
I work at a dog daycare. It's not as glamorous as you think
My friend worked at a labradoodle breeding pen in one of those liberal states, he said he hated it mostly but the dogs were fun.
>what is dog walking/sitting
I'm with you on what you said anon but anything that becomes work is no longer fun.
was he the one breeding them?
i dont think its glamorous exactly. but the only thing that brings me happiness is dogs.
i guess that could be true. but i literally have no fun doing anything in my life.
Dog grooming, doggy daycare, dogsitting, dog training, scientist/biologist (researching on specifically anything canine-related), rescuer.
You can always volunteer at your local shelter to help dogs.
I wish you luck OP, I relate to you.
volunteering at a local shelter will get your toe in the water in terms of caring for dogs and helps your resume if you want to look for something paid.
in terms of jobs, for outdoorsy people you can lead hunts in some of the more rural states, wyoming is probably top pick. game wardens also frequently have dog companions that function like k-9 units, helping them track injured wildlife and such but those jobs are pretty hard to get, and you need to be a very outdoorsy person willing to fine hunters for not having permits and whatnot.
doggy daycare is another possibility but that really depends on where you're doing it and what your coworkers are like.
if you like training dogs and are quite good at it you could be a k-9 officer or dog trainer.
try googling a bit you'll probably find something that at least looks feasible, in the meantime volunteer at a shelter and see if you're interested in the nitty-gritty of caring for animals as a profession.

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