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Which animals are most likely to gain human-like intelligence? Personally I think it's:
1. Raccoons
2. Bears
3. Squirrels
4. Monkeys
5. Apes
>no elephant, octopus, or crow

shit list
Crows? Octopus? Dolphins? Pigs? Parrots?
Squirrels are dumb as fuck. Never heard about bears being especially smart.
These are arboreal animals with dexterous front limbs (AKA "hands"). This means they're more able to leverage higher intelligence than the average animal.
They have absolute no pressure that would drive them to become intelligent. They’re apex predators and no-one but humans gets in their way.
Rodents and corvids are more likely to become intelligent
They don't in the short term, but due to their physiology they have less of a plateau of evolutionary benefit of intelligence than corvids. Between bears and rodents it's basically even I think
You said GAIN the intelligence, not leverage it you fucking retard

Human-like intelligence is consciousness and rationality not opening a fucking jar
you open your jar every day if you cook for yourself or you think tapping buttons on the keyboard does difference between your and animals consciousness?
Yes it does, because you use the keyboard for language.
Bears probably yeah. Certain apes maybe. Crows and octopi are likely the closest in terms of someone being able to set up a good breeding program and increasing their intelligence very quickly, and they have body parts that are relatively capable for tool use
Crows and octopi peaked, they're highly optimized with little room to grow. If crows approached us they would lose flight due to larger, energy hungry brains. Octopi are slow to evolve due to their bodies relying on RNA editing to function. There's also no immediate advantage for either of them to gain higher intelligence. In fact, crows are more likely to lose it.

Raccoons are our last best hope. Intelligence can actually be selected for as smarter raccoons would be better at scavenging through human junk and possibly, using it.
File: l3n6k3w4eqh51.jpg (145 KB, 1080x1080)
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if they don't do it naturally some crazy bastard is going to do it artificially
How exactly do you think they'll evolve towards human intelligence level if they don't gain any benefit from the increments
Not that guy but humans could artificially select just about any trait imaginable in other species. I'm no scientist but seeing how most dog breeds arrived in just 200 years it's possible that a fully sapient animal could be produced in 1000 years or so if everything went according to plan. That's without genetic modification.
>why would bears become intelligent on their own
>i-i can force it!
Bearfag cope. Even in that scenario rodents win effortlessly
1.) Monkeys, because obvs
2.) Octopus, but not squid
3.) Border collies and no other breed of dog
4.) Computers
5.) Dolphins
>All of you >not scientists
That includes you, anon

>you all got no idea what you're talking about
Or you just aren't the same page. That's okay, we all learn at our own pace.

>Theres more math, stats, and theory that goes into it
Whoa, slow down! Math? Stats? Theory? God, I had no idea science was so complex.

>After a certain point, the researchers had to apply extreme selective pressure (culling) to keep the carapace size constant because it began to interfere with other biological constraints
Uh-huh. and how do you think your granny's pug got such a short face? Thousands of long-faced puppy drowned just so Scooter would have to stand 2 inches closer to lick your face.

>Using it to achieve what youre talking about is not easy, it may not even be possible
I didn't say it was easy, I said
>it's possible that a fully sapient animal could be produced in 1000 years or so if everything went according to plan
>if everything went according to plan
Yfw west highland terriers evolve sapience and border collies degenerate into funny looking jackals

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