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My uncle caged two baby birds because they kept falling on the street from the nest their parents built on his 2nd floor veranda.
They are still being fed through the grates.

That got me thinking: how long would the parents keep feeding these babies if they were never released?
Do they eventually realize the bird is not a baby in need of help anymore and abandon it, even if it risks starving inside a cage with no way out? Cause if it never flies away, maybe there is no cue for the parents to stop caring for the baby.
birds do not work like that anon, parents know when the bird is old enough and stop feeding it regardless in or out a cage. i seen fledglings die from hunger because they couldn't find food by themselves, and parents refused to feed them despite the constant begging.

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here we go
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Here you go, my ESL-tier dumdum EOP.
>Do they eventually realize the bird is not a baby in need of help anymore and abandon it
Once their time comes to become independent the parents will stop feeding them. They dont give a fuck anymore and expect them to do their thing, which they should.

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