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He started throwing up earlier in the day when I wasn't home but was totally fine after that, when I got home I was exhausted and went right to sleep. My sister let him in the yard at night but he wouldn't come back inside so she went out there and saw him laying down in the grass, managed to get him to walk to the porch steps where he laid down again. She then carried him into the house and he wouldn't move, finally stood up to drink some water, and that was the last time he go up. Laid back down and kind of twitched around a bit, breathed heavily. My sister came in my room and woke me up crying saying he was sick, just expected him to be throwing up or something but when I got downstairs he was completely dead.
10 years old, few health problems, was completely fine when I was with him in the morning.

Any theories on what might have happened? my sister was weeping blaming herself saying he must of ate something on her floor but I just assured her it was natural and got her to sleep. But im not so sure of that myself. I know he was getting old but he was healthy and would still run around like a puppy.
Oh, and he has a twin sister, she didn't seem to realize what was happening but she will be extremely depressed when she finds her brother is gone. Have her in my room right now and can already hear her get uneasy. she was always the one with health problems, not him. so I kind of have to expect she doesn't have much longer either.
Now I got my boy wrapped up in a blanket in the other room while I try and decide what to do with him. Have to go to work in less than an hour too. Sorry for the essay bros but im just shocked and feel awful.
It sounds like the dog ate something toxic/poisonous. Dog's body tried to reject it and couldn't. Resulted in organ failure. Only a theory based on some experience with my dogs. I left my dog in the care of my father for one night and she came back all fucked up. Lethargic, shitting herself and vomiting. We took her to the vet and they put her under and pumped her full of charcoal or something, got the shit out. I have no fucking idea what she ate, never again.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
It is really tough when it happens out of the blue, my 8 year old tabby cat started acting strange in the morning when the night before he was his normal self, playful, chasing the other cats/dogs around and just being a little scamp.
Next morning though poor bugger went silent, his body had just given out and his lungs had filled with blood, only kind option was to get him put down and the hardest part was i couldn't be there when it happened because i still had 7 hours of work left, had to get him put down while i was still at work.
Hardest thing i have ever agreed to.
Hurt like hell but i can't imagine how bad i would have felt if i had let him suffer on a ventilator tube just so i could say goodbye.
Worst part is when i buried him he was covered in the blood that leaked from his lungs after he died, poor little fella. Probably wasn't even supposed to life that long, cats are so tough when they are in pain.
These fucking dogs, something about them the last year where they would eat anything not attached to the ground. The more I think about it the more angry I get, if only I was awake I could have taken him to the vet and got him pumped. He was such a happy dog, didn’t deserve to go before his time.Wish I could have those few more years.
Yea, I so wish it was something where you know they’re going soon, even if that’s a little selfish. Would have felt so much better. Instead it’s just waking up in the middle of the night and finding him dead.
Either some cunt poisoned him or some kind of organ failure occured. Be wary of letting your other dog in to the yard - in fact - check around to see if anything suspect.

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