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>work delivery for papa johns
>on my delivery see stray puppy
>Dog is about to cross into oncoming traffic
>stop my car and call over the lil pup
>surprisingly responds when I tell it to come here
>has collar, try to find tag but doesn't have one
>dog is super friendly, feel bad if I just left it to get run over
>decide to take dog while on my shift to my house
>puppy and I make it to house
>there's 2 stray kittens outside on my lawn
>puppy immediately chases one of them
>kitten is scared shitless
>almost got fired trying to deal with stray dog + stray kittens
I now have to deal with this dog and kittens I found
Quit dilly dallying on the job and deliver the pizzas wagie.
I feel like a retard for even picking up this dog. Hopefully I can find her owner through online listings like craigslist
you found good friends.
Your ilk are the first to die when class warfare becomes a future inevitability. Discarded as trash ass hand-me-down royalty by the truly rich and powerful, hated by those whom you looked down your nose at for working for a living.
Your comeuppance will consist of having your families raped and tortured before you before you are all subsequently killed in a war for resources by the 'wagies' while those you emulated and idolized sneer at you, laugh at your demise for being uppity and having risen beyond your station and not lifting a fucking finger to aid your sorry asses.
The middle class is shrinking. You now have the poor, the not so poor, and the rich. Learn where your fucking loyalties need to lie at.
Where the FUCK is my pizza??
File: image.jpg (64 KB, 530x440)
64 KB

If minimum wage raised proportionally to top executive salaries and bonuses, it'd be $25.

But I don't make minimum wage, why should I care?
Because it raises the wage floor. You'll have to receive a raise so you don't quit for better paying, easier work.

Everybody wins except literal billionaires and multi hundred millionaires.
I have 3 bitcoin, I am fine.
Until the global internet systems crash. Or electronics stop working properly due to some weird solar activity. The imaginary coins won’t be much of a resource then.
How the fuck do I introduce this puppy to my other dog? Also my main dog scared the kittens away ;(

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