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Me and my gf got gifted a betta fish, what the heck do guys? We got an aquarium and a place for it to hide, what should we put on the ground, how much should we feed it?
I know that according to google they are comfy in a water ph of 7, but is it ok for the water to be electrolysed? The machine i got can alter the ph of water but It also electroises the water and changes it's microstructure to be more fine to penetrate the skin better and hidarte yourself better, is that ok for the fish?
The bowl is not too big, not too small but we don't have a filter, should I get one or is it ok if I change the water 4 days to a week?
Also is it ok if I introduce other life to the aquarium, microscopic life, living plants? Then I think I would require a filter for sure.
Any other guidelines to follow?
Just buy simple plants, like anubias, java fern, and floating plants. Feed a small amount like 2-5 flakes/pellets a day. Bettas are hardy, so don't worry about ph that much, but you could buy catappa leafs for his comfort, it is also benifitial to them. It does turn the water brown/tan, but i personally like it. you should not house them in a bowl though. They need 2.5 gallons minumum. Filter and heater is important. and you can find lots of good guids on youtube. good luck bro!
I don't know what your machine does, but if it doesn't remove chlorine you need to treat it with a water conditioner.

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