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File: images (2).jpg (60 KB, 628x488)
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My kitten died today. She was a cat that we rescued last month, and unfortunately she had a heart attack today... She was only 5 months old. I feel terrible. How do you cope with a loss of a pet? I love animals so deeply. Even though I only knew her for a month she was the sweetest thing.
your soul hardens even more and you vow revenge on the evil demiurge and cannot wait for death to battle in the underworld until you become a god and create a world where your kitty never died again.
My husband and I were walking outside on a snowy morning last month when we found a cat laying in the middle of the road unable to move meowing desperately for help. She was skin and bones and had her legs and face injured. We took her to the vet and they gave her solulite and some eye medicine. She was missing many teeth and sometimes needed to be spoonfed wet food. Her face and legs eventually healed up and she was starting to gain weight so I thought she was getting better... And then she suddenly had a seizure and collapsed with yellow liquid coming out of her mouth... It broke my heart so much...
Animals die or are killed terribly all the time. All you can do is say you did your best for them during the time they had. Even a short life is a gift to a stray that'd otherwise be euthanized.
Of course silly thoughts like that run in my mind. I wish there was a cat heaven. I wish she could come back as a ghost and play with me again. I wish I could ask a god why things have to die...
Thanks for putting things into perspective. If I didn't get her that day she would've froze to death or have been ran over by a car. I still wish my best was better.
It returned to the void. Next time, don't get attached to something that's likely to die like a stray kitten. It's like getting emotionally invested in money you have in the stock market. Or like tying a rope to one arm and the other to a rock that might roll off a cliff, or might not.
I can't. I love all animals immediately.
File: 1612032978232.jpg (182 KB, 1200x1200)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
>hear some meows coming from the hay loft in our barn
>there's three little kittens that are just old enough to walk
>their eyes are closed and they run towards anything they hear
>play with them for a little bit and then leave
>check on them a few days later
>they all starved to death, the mom never came back
Fuck this gay earth. Maybe I got my scent on them or something, but I've played with kittens before without the mom abandoning them.
the mom was dead
I don't think scent matters as much. Mother cats have been known to foster orphan kittens, there's even a video on YouTube of a mother cat taking care of ducklings. It is more than likely something happened to the mom. I am really really sorry it happened...
Unfortunately there is no cope, all you can do is hurt until it stops hurting which for me was about a year. You could also get wasted 24/7 but I wouldn't recommend that.
>I wish there was a cat heaven
But Anon, there is a cat heaven.
its Ok to cry after "animal"
its OK to grief after animal
Its Ok to make a memorial for your animal (not everyine just dump caracass into trash bin)

in more "casual cases", just remember about your pet

im quite sure you lie about "Im not a robot" checkmark
that part is usually called Rainbow Bridge (btw Rainbow Bridge/Bifrost originated in Norse mythology as a sort of "connector between worlds, but in present it function as sort of "pet heaven")
File: 81CavkWSl2L._AC_SL1500_.jpg (222 KB, 1048x1500)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
pets mostly have short lives, so let them live in your heart/memory
Stay strong <3
File: Waiting for you.png (528 KB, 794x530)
528 KB
528 KB PNG
and something extra, esp fitting for you
Thanks a lot guys. The images and poems make me smile and a little hopeful. I really do appreciate all your support you guys are giving me. I won't rush my grief and I'll always have a place in my heart for my lost kitten.

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