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File: Tibbles.png (528 KB, 1024x512)
528 KB
528 KB PNG
Reminder that cats are responsible for 13% of all small mammal and bird extinction on planet earth.
Cats kill around 20 BILLION small mammals and birds in the USA every single YEAR.
To put that into context,
the deep-water horizon spill killed one million birds total.
Cats kill far more than even 1000x that every single year,
in the USA alone!
Counties such as Australia have had to take extreme measures against cats,
as they have pushed several species of lizards,
small mammals,
and birds to extinction.
The massive decline in bird populations in countries that have high cat ownership has also impacted the number of plants,
mainly trees,
that grow.
This effects not only the air quality but makes it more difficult for insects like bees to survive and pollinate plants!

Did you know most cats carry a parasite called t. Gondii?
Toxoplasmosis and the parasites that come with it are estimated to be present in around half of the UK population!
The vast majority of cat owners literally catch brain worms from their pets!
These worms have been proven to change behavior in mice,
and studies showed they did the same with human beings until cat owners forced the government to shut the research down!
Imagine defending an animal that gives you mind altering brain worms!
Almost like there's something in their heads influencing them to defend the ownership of cats!

Cats have half the number of neurons in their brains than dogs.
This suggests they are half as intelligent.
So much more 'muh independence! Turns out they don't learn skills,
because they are just fucking dumb!
Probably incapable of love too!
Does cats killing birds keep the population healthy or do we not interested about thus anywure
>Cats have half the number of neurons in their brains than dogs.
>This suggests they are half as intelligent.
I agreed with most of your post, but you made yourself sound retarded.
Are you trying to make some point, or you simply got bored with pit-posting and switched to cats already, despite it isn't even half of the month?
Let be real here. Cats are just dumb animals (and dumb as far as animals go) who barely qualify as domesticated. so you can't really blame them.
The ones are are responsible for those extinctions are stupid fucking cat owners who let their pets roam wild without sterilizing them as well as the other stupid fucking toxofags who enable that behaviour by making laws to protect feral cats and not making other laws to protect nature and public and private properties from cats. If a dog comes into my property I can shoot it's even if it's small like a chihuahua and the law will be on my side but if I shoot a cat in my property It would be illegal, even if it's a mangy stray
based tibbles fuck tranny birds and rodents
a species bred for pest eradication and human interaction dominates the geocide market.
wew lad look at them go
It's one of the newer predictors of intelligence in animals. Used to be body-brain ratio, but it was flawed. Then they started using encephalization quotient, which was a little better. Now they have the technology to just straight up count the neurons, specifically in the forebrain. Turns out dogs usually have more than twice as many
canine paws typed this message
File: 1608977068845.jpg (57 KB, 432x600)
57 KB
you simply do not understand cat
They’re simple creatures.
Fuck birds. Cats are based for slaying nature's alarm clock. I reward my kitties when they bring in a bird.
And i reward your kitty with my anitfreeze :)
>the deep-water horizon spill killed one million birds total.
9/11 killed like tops 10 chickens, some random home farmer kills more than that every year. some random small scale farmer is worse than 9/11. if the problem with deepwater horizon was the direct killing of birds maybe you'd have a point
File: chefurka-biomass-slide.png (199 KB, 2245x1263)
199 KB
199 KB PNG
cat's left unchecked could wipe out the few remaining wild species left
File: 1602354029603.png (84 KB, 510x1023)
84 KB
>Cats kill around 20 BILLION small mammals and birds in the USA every single YEAR.
Please stop I can't kneel any lower than this.
Do your part, get a large breed dog and lure those fuckers to your yard with bird feeders. My neighbors used to have a BEAUTIFUL calico who was the friendliest little furball I'd ever seen. Then he made the fatal mistake of eating a hummingbird on my porch. All I did was open my front door, didn't think about it or even yell at the cat. My neighbors keep their cats indoors now.
>cat brain worms
Is this real?
Reminder that I don't care
And who's fault is it that all the local ecosystems got fucked by cats and other invasive species?
Toxo can put lesions/cysts on your brain, not sure about worms. The lesions do go away with the right medicine I believe.
Toxo parasites compelling humans to allow cats outside unneutered.
File: 1589950729298.gif (1.27 MB, 202x196)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB GIF
The way /an/ seethes over cats kinda makes me want to get one
Based schizo making the same thread for the n'th time
Wtf is this real????
Just don't let it outside.
I will let it outside, im not gonna be ruled by stats.
My cat is old as fuck and just sleeps all day with no desire to hunt, he has a flap he uses as he pleases to go and piss outside.
You will never be able to do anything about it.
Its always dogfags wanting to kill animals the most.
I remember my friends dog running loose and then he spots ducklings and it sprints and just gobbles two of them up, and my friend can do nothing but laugh about it.
Reminder you will NEVER be a woman.
its the same things cats do. you mean based people find predation amusing?

maybe you should try it yourself. or just stop eating meat, lol
File: image.jpg (37 KB, 474x474)
37 KB
These fags only learn one way.

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