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How do I make a move on an older woman? I’m 25 she’s 40 (fit af so don’t judge me), we know each other through the gym and it’s been obvious for a while that we are mutually attracted to each other, other people notice and constantly ask the two of us if we’re seeing each other/fucking, but I can’t figure out a way to set something up outside of the gym. My last relationship was long term and I went volcel for a long time after that, so now I feel I’m out of the loop and I never dated/fucked anybody older than me in the first place.
walk on a stool, put on a noose and just make the move
>> I'm 25
>> My last relationship was long term
>> I was volcel for a long time after that.

Kek. Child, you have barely lived. Nothing you have done in life so far has been long term or for a long time.

School yard romance is not a real relationship, it's just practice

I don't see what on earth you might consider difficult here. Truly I am unsure who these other people asking you at the gym are either. All sounds a bit retarded to me.
"Wanna get a drink/coffee after gym?"

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