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do i just kill myself or what
i like this girl more than ive liked anyone before this shit is soul crushing man
you will find another one
they are all the same
Walk away from the entire situation. Lose her number. You will NEVER get her once she’s placed you there so your best option is to walk away to avoid spending your time and energy on her. Leave if your respect yourself
you will forget about it and after a few years when you will meet her again you will think to yourself:
"did i really suffer for this dumb bitch? lmao"
just slap her ass
>i like this girl more than ive liked anyone before this shit is soul crushing man
There will be more, she's only the first. One day you'll find yours but she obviously isn't it. These soul crushing defeats are normal. You will learn to take them in stride and eventually you'll be an old hardass.
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>studied hard
>Had a shit office job but make good money
>Have a son with wife at 25
>He is sever autist (you can't detect severe autism during pregnacy)
>He is 9yo
>Can't talk only makes weird noises
>Only play with baby toys
>He have to wear diapers because somedays he refuses to go to the bath
>Some days he becomes agresive and destroys the house
>He only sleeps 3-4h
>No sex with wife (sex drive goes to 0 when you don't sleep a full night for years)
>Only fun thing of my life is playing some vidya in the bus to work
>Regret not being a comfy happy neet.
shut up incel

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