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I apologise for how stupid this post is but please only nice/constructive remarks.
I just graduated from college and am looking to stay in town for another 3-5 months. I kinda failed things at college so will mainly spend this time waiting tables and doing stupid hobbies on the side before I figure out what's next, and frankly want to be left alone as I do this.

I am now looking for a new place to stay. I have found 2 rooms but I am struggling to make a choice between them:
Option 1: room in a 9 people household filled with yuppies/successful folk. analysts etc.
Option 2: room in a 3 guy household with a cooler/arty/hustler but also chill vibe.
The people in option 2 seem a lot more complex and "real" and are the kind of people I have always wanted to have in my life/as friends. I think it would be a very grounding breath of fresh air in my very stale life, especially with them all being guys. However, now that the opportunity has come up I am afraid they will destroy me. I'm in a bad position now but want to have the dignity of figuring things out and rebuilding my life on my own. I feel like the arty people would prod more and would have more of an expectation of me to stand behind my current version. Which is pretty indefensible and I feel like okaying the place I'm in in life would confise me even further. With the yuppies (using this neutrally) I feel I would be able to escape unnoticed.

What I do want is to spend the next couple of months working insanely on myself and some of my hobbies with no expectation to improve in other spheres of life. e.g. socialising. I feel like in the hustler house there would be an expectation to cover all my bases e.g. socialisation, which I frankly do not care about at the moment. So maybe it'd lead to some awkward moments if I'm just in my room working all the time. 1/2
At the same time, these people do seem really cool/complex and I think I would profit a lot from having them in my life and would advance a lot socially (via osmosis which I am good at). But I run the risk of being forced into committing to something, a decision, personal narrative etc. out of pressure to be "on top of things and of myself" which I would be free from in the yuppie house.

Basically for just a few months of my life, I want to escape the watchful eye that would likely inhibit the arty people, but I also know that doing this would be evasive on my part and a loss of opportunity for "personal growth". (The yuppie people can of course provide me with socialising but they're all working professionals and I only really see us having basic level interaction, or I would resort to my uptight persona with them so there would be no growth).

Could any one tell me that skipping out on a few months of "personal development" with the more complex hustler people won't break me? And that I mustn't lose track and do what I always initially intended which was spend a summer working on myself? Or that I need to rise to the occasion and ingratiate myself with these people but not let them get to me? Or that I'll likely end up living the same life either way? I do want to take this opportunity but only if I know it won't destroy me.
Please only good faith responses, thanks!
bro, 3-5 months is nothing, why are you sweating it??
just go for the cheaper option and forget this recursive headspace shit you've got going on
>failed things at college
>but graduated
>micro-managing personal development
>3-5 months of exposure to 'hustler guys' might 'destroy me'
have you talked to a shrink about anxiety recently?
do that.
4chan isn't a shrink (at least, it's a really shit one)
Also if you want more replies you've gotta keep it simple.
Frontloading too much word baggage is just gonna make people ignore you.

And before I forget: if you're a woman then shacking up with 3 "cool" guys is just *begging* to be fucked, don't try to deny it.
I'm not even going to read all of this. Obviously go for 3 roommates instead of 9. 9 sounds like a nightmare.
Same shit I want thinking
It doesn't matter dude. These people will be your roommates, not your friends.
But what about the promiscuous and risky sexual encounters that some people need to satisfy their sexuality? 3 is slim pickins.
You don't fuck the roommates unless you have somewhere else to go if things get shitty.
Buttsex shitty.. or dangerous tension?

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