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I'm 23 years old and until about a month ago I masturbated at least once a day, using increasingly weird porn, to the point I could only get off to fucked up japanese adult games.
Since then I've stopped cold turkey and recently even entered a casual relationship with a girl. The problem is I think I've fucked up my dick/sex drive pretty bad. I can barely get hard during sex, and even if I do it's limp again within seconds.
I even tried viagra, and it worked to keep my dick up, but I couldn't cum. I'm scared I've conditioned myself to prefer fake women and gripping my meat with my hand, permanantly.
Is there a way to fix this??? Like I said I stopped masturbating about a month ago, is it just a matter of time and getting my body used to actual women? I'm scared this girl won't have the patience for that.
You should watch Trish Leigh on YouTube. She talks about male porn addiction and recovery and has been very helpful for me. Yes, your dick will recover and work fine again, with time. Just make sure not to masturbate or watch porn. Ever.
>fix you diet and eat healthy
Shitty fuel = shitty performance
>drink more water to increase blood volume
>take a multivitamin to cover any deficiencies
>workout to increase T levels which will help with sex drive and performance
>sleep more
It helps literally everything in life
>genital cover to increase sensitivity
I got one from manhoodcanada and it's been amazing
>see a therapist or urologist
There is a way to fix this, but it requires going a few layers deeper than just your floppy dick and your masturbation habit or the weird porn.
The porn and jerking was a cope for a bigger issue. You might not know what that issue is (or issues) even are. It will take a bit of self reflecting.

And most importantly: communication. I have been precisely in your shoes. A chronic pervert. Jerking off several times a day, every day, to japanese adult games too (artificial academy 2). A total reprobate. A degenerate. And then when I got a girlfriend again, my dick wasn’t up for it. After the years of obsessing over pussy, my dick shrivelled when it finally got near one for the first time in years.

You’re not alone, or hopeless. This is not a dick problem. Or a dopamine problem. Believe it or not, this is an emotional one. From years of suppressing it, using porn to shut it out.

Talk to your girlfriend. Tell her, open up man. I promise you if you can do this, your dick will become diamonds. It sounds crazy I knowl but I am not misleading you. It’s what fixed me. Took some time, but I’m functional as a man again. I can feel joy and love again.
"At least once a day" is being a normal human being, the fetish shit is unrelated to masturbating one time a day.
Wow crazy how I was just thinking about this, sup guys I’m also a 24 year old who has been pretty much consuming porn since 11, been in a relationship for a year and a half now and I still haven’t been able to kick my porn habit and yeah I’ve def been getting into weirder type porn but nothing too crazy but I fear worse is coming I also struggle with staying hard and I know it’s because of my constant porn and masturbation, I feel like I’ve been disappointing in bed for my gf even tho she doesn’t say it. We’ve had lots of great sex but also lots of times where I go soft and it’s the worst feeling ever and very embarrassing, I still am trying a way to find the courage to kick this horrible habit but I feel def get you Anon.
You guys have sex? What the fuck fucking normies

Anyways even when you know porn has hit you in a bad way, and know you need to quit, I would like to say you need to exercise more on top of having a healthier and more protein fueled diet. Amino Acids especially help you stay masculine and ready to fuck at a moments notice. Riding from an adrenaline high and then picking up from there is a good idea too.

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