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so i live in a neighborhood with a HOA and there's a public school and a city park next to it where there's a HOA park. both city and HOA rules say you have to pick up poop and no dogs without a leash, but last night my dog looked innocent as hell and it was near dark so we went on a little walk.

well, he had a little accident, and as i was walking away shamed, because i didn't have a bag or anything, i noticed fucking kids in the distance with their phones out, probably doing Fortnite flossing for tiktok or renegading or whatever

AM I TOTALLY AND UTTERLY FUCKED?!? at any point any of them might now have totally uncontestable evidence of me flaunting the rules. the police could come and get me, or the HOA could notice I'm breaking a rule and lien my house and take away everything I've ever made in my lifetime for a few bucks

give it to me straight because I've spent the last 24 hours doing nothing but pacing and googling totally painless euthanasia methods, how to order an exit bag, how to survive the police being called to your house, i watched the video of the guy in AZ complying with every contradicting order they gave him just to be gunned down like an animal, over and over again like 20 times? and then they love to shoot dogs soon as they see them, i cannot imagine life without bandit by my side

is there ANY chance at all i can get out of all this
Calm down anon, it's just a dog shitting on the ground, it's not like they'll execute you for that.
wtf, just pay the fine. are you off your meds? i don't recommend marihuana to people, but it seems like your only option to stop being so paranoid for no fucking reason
They're not going to pull guns on you. Letting your dog poop is a non-violent crime. They are not authorized to pull a gun on you unless you are holding weapons and are refusing to drop them.
>The police will come and get you for doggy doodoo
Bro at worst you may be fined like 25-50$ by the HOA.

Best way to get back?
Build a shed for some endangered bats or some shit.
They Legally cant take it down as its a endangered species habitat.
If they try to its them crashing and burning not you.
Don't try a war with the HOA, they'll just sue you and kick you out of your own home. You nearly never have property rights in an HOA, they will simply find other reasons to kick you out of their neighborhood or come at you for literally nothing at all and just claim you harassed them in some implied fashion and send a bunch of lawyers after you or outright take the property from you as it's on their land.
This post is so funny
Really hope you arent serious though.
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>how to survive the police being called to your house
Anon why would you want that

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