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>washing my truck with powerwasher
>offer to wash wife's car
>she says no thanks
>goes and gets it washed at the auto wash for $15 the next day
Fucking bitch.
ummm sweaty do you need any advice or?
>Have to go to Chicago on business for two days next week
>Figured why pay for hotel
>Use Marriot points + free night
>Blackstone less points that a fucking Holiday Inn
>Wife whines about me staying at a nice hotel despite being free
>She wants to come
>Tell her she can, but I'll just be out meeting with an insurance company on building roofs
>Throws fit that she never gets to do anything fun
>Remind her I'm not doing anything fun, will be just sweating my balls off looking for hail damage with some dipshit from the insurance company all fucking day Wednesday and Thursday
>Is still being cunty about it days late
Never get married
>what do you mean you're not going to take me shopping in the city on your work trip?
Literally told this dumb bitch she could come. It's even right off Michigan right next to the Magnificent Mile.
She doesn't actually want to go. She doesn't want to get raped and killed by niggers
There are very few niggers (relative of course) on the 200-700 block of Michigan Ave.. I was just there last week for the same business reason, and you had to get wanded down to go into Millennium Park. Can't have some Serbian betting culturally enriched off Lakeshore on vacation.
Your wife doesn't have a car, you have 2 cars and you loan her one. You want to wash it, you wash it. Why do retards like you who don't understand the proper dynamic of a relationship even keep bothering trying to be in them? She's cheating on you.
File: 1654040206196.jpg (192 KB, 1080x1350)
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192 KB JPG
You have to go back(to the middle east). I know. Ugh, I'm sorry. I know! You just have to go back is all. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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