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(Im a man not a girl)
I want to KMS but not directly; I want to live my last years with grit, fervour, spite and fury. Im not rich but almost; highest part of the middle class.
what activities, challenges, or practices should I take up? Should I write a "last year alive" diary to leave behind?
are there any scams I can pull (loan from bank, insurance etc) which will benefit my family once Im ded?
Don't you want to spend the rest of your life with your family ?

If it was me who has only 1 year to live, I would try out:
Jet flights,
Helicopter license,
Would take part in an illegal car race (without ppl on the road except the racers)
Would go to safari and hunt lions by myself (to avoid painful death, use suicide pill)
Would go snowboarding on the most dangerous tracks without any sb experience.
Would do bungee jumping
Air diving
Make some risky videos where i sit ontop of a train and do some shit
Holy shit all of that is so dumb there are video games to play

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