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Would it be too autistic to give a Japanese escort onigiri I made?
Yes makes you even more of a LBH
What's an LBH?
I mean, if she's hungry and you can cook, I don't think she'd mind you sharing food with her all that much; but see, you gotta share it with her and eat some of it yourself, or else, she'll think you're trying to poison her.

Escorts are also human beings, giving them a small offer of gratitude is not much different from offering an extra in a server's tip; the only difference being servers don't usually serve you their vaginas.
I thought about eating some in front of her to show her that it wasn't spiked like you said but ended up not doing so in the end.
Could've been acting but she seemed really happy to receive them. Talked about how they straight up don't exist here.
Hope she figures out that the seaweed is wrapped in the tinfoil and that she enjoys them.
Thought you were doing this in Japan but I'm assuming she's Japanese out of Japan. In which case that's very nice of you OP I'm sure she enjoyed the onigiri and is thankful. Also LBH means loser back home.
she will probably assume you put something in there.
Yeah, she came to Clapistan. She likes Chainsawman and Demon Slayer. I told her to read Dungeon Meshi and Golden Kamuy lmao.
If she lives in another country it's a nice gesture she will appreciate, if she lives in Japan she probably doesn't care.

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