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How do I stop being attracted to women. It fucks with my mental health I don't want this and I never asked for it. The older I get the worse it gets. If I could get rid of this I would be able to live okay and wait for 60 years till its over but this just mentally drains me. I need to do school work and I'm just laying in bed depressed. Havem't went to the gym or sport practise for 1,5 month. Wish I was a gang member beefing with people so I could get stabbed or shot.
By realizing inside their pretty candy coating is pure liquid shit inside. Google SIDS. Women are not virtuous creatures, you do not need one of those things to complete you
If you really want to cut off a fundemental part of the human experience, your literal evolutionary drive to reproduce I guess you could castrate yourself.
But I bet the problem is a lot more than just being attracted to women. Do you watch a lot of porn? Spend most of your free time staring at screens? Avoid social interaction that makes you uncomfortable? The best way to deal eith your fears is not to remove the cause, its to confront it. Live your life man, make mistakes, just dont hyperfixate on what you dont have. You can choose to stop wallowing in misery, its as simple as getting up and working towards something.

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