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TLDR is I went on a date with a co-worker I've been flirting with for about a month and it went great.
A few days after the date I realised the replies were leaning more towards friendly than flirty, like I was putting out. Two days have passed since our last shift together where again, it was more friendly conversation and her sort of just laughing off any flirting I was doing.

I can provide more details if you want, there's too many for me to write down.

Question is; is there a way to pique her interest again?
>> coworker
>> Shift together

Don't be retarded
You could just straight up ask her what she wants
Danger of damaging your work relationship...
Honestly op, maybe it wasn't meant to be, maybe you didn't escalate properly, but I'd say you should keep the friendship and try to meet her friends. Don't burn yourself.
I did meet her friends! They came into my workplace and they both assumed who I was so I've obviously been spoken about.
I'm quite fortunate to have some flexibility where I can work in the company, so I can spend most of my time away from her if I wanted to.
I know it's retarted, I don't get out much so this is really my only way of meeting people.
Women usually don't like guys that are having to seek their attention. Keep it friendly but quit expecting anything, because she may have decided that she'd rather have you as a friend.

Maybe she's not ready for a serious relationship right now. Keep it civil, keep it cool and above all be independent. Get out too, that helps. When you get there, ignore the women, if they look, flash a smile and keep moving to the counter, bar or wherever. If it's a market, then you can respond with a Hi and ask them how their doing. Good luck, fren.

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