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Should I kms if I am 22 and never was in a life or death situation or a fight? I never hunted or killed an animal and I don't know how to survive. I was never in the army either. The painful thing is I always wanted really bad to to learn to fight and survive in the wilderness but after so many years I never did anything. I just went to school and back home. Now I have no life and friends and live with my parent. I was supposed to become a man and have an initiation when I was like 15. Now it's too late. I don't want to live like a failure. Is jumping from a tall building a quick and painless idea?
>learn to fight
there are places for that
>survive in the wilderness
that's called camping
Don't give this idiot any attention he will just make more threads
The iron is shaped when it's hot. It's not just about skills but about the spirit. I can never catch up with guys who grew up with this and lived it. You can put an average dude in spartan society and they will eat him alive because he didn't go through the same shit they did as kids.
Go back to making your daily tfw no gf incel threads faggot.
do you want to be 30 or 40 with the same predicament?
it isn't spartan society today
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You're upholding yourself to a standard that is no longer relevant in current year. Not only that, your view of the world is utterly black&white when the reality is various shades of grey. You live for 70+ years on average, it doesn't matter if you start late, you still have 50+ years to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT and PEOPLE WILL APPRECIATE AND ROOT FOR THAT way more than admonish you for being late. Get fit, eat healthy, study what grips your mind with fascination and become one of it's masters, find joy in the simple things in life so many take for granted and BECOME SOMEONE. Waste no more time lamenting in misery, for it enjoys your company and will keep you forever if you let it.
It sounds like your life sucks and you're trying to cope and imagine that if you knew how to fight and survive in the wilderness that would somehow "make you a man". In short you're unhappy with yourself. Fix your shit.
>too late
you are fuckin retarded
Have you ever seen a badass independent high value man who was sheltered from the real world his entire youth and never faced any hardship? Your real worth as a human is only tested in war. Foundation for a real men is his childhood. Having adventures with his friends, living his life surrounded with masculine role models and pushing the boundaries of what society will let you get away with.
I am unhappy with myself because I am not a real man and I can't gain respect from others. My entire life and existance is wrong. I was supposed to hang around the streets with other boys and get in fights. I had to do labour, play sports, get drunk on the weekends and fuck whores or something. I would gain real life experience and connections that way.
You sound like a repressed camping hobbyist. You should go camping, because you can go out and hunt deer, and live in the wilderness, and eat/drink and survive on your own basis. I think you'd love backpacking, because that's what you're supposed to do, you're on your own, when you're in nature by yourself or with a group of friends, getting it together and making it amongst dangerous wildlife, like bears, or mountain lions, shunks, bugs, poison ivy, you name it, the wilderness can kill you, it's an accomplishment to camp, it's a rite of passage for men(it's also a good shit test for women, because they reveal who they really are when they camp with you, because they can't keep up the act while trying to survive with you).

Plus, you're only 22 for goodness sake. Your journey is just beginning. You're not even getting started with your life yet.

You should seriously go and check out /out/ , plenty of guys on there could help you with this. You ought to post something like

>Hey, I'm 22, and my life is fucking boring, I wanna survive have meaning in my life, fighting to make it and take on living as a challenge, what would you suggest for outdoor activities and how to get into them?

You ought to Get yourself a permit and then gun license, and go hunting, do some backpacking with good supplies, hiking, all in the wilderness and in national parks. Mountain biking is fun too, as well as motorcross. You need to live, you need to get out there.

You post an image of soldiers in the Vietkong. You wouldn't want to be there during the Vietnam war, wishing for survival in war is foolish, and you are too inexperienced to understand, because you don't know the ugly face of war. Though I suppose you could roleplay.

Just go camping, and stop whining and projecting suicidal thoughts that you don't actually mean. Everyone can clearly see you wanna live, so Get your life together, and go have an adventure.
> You should go camping, because you can go out and hunt deer, and live in the wilderness, and eat/drink and survive on your own basis.
I am a poor guy in Europe. Is this possible over here?
>You wouldn't want to be there during the Vietnam war
I am not romanticizing war or anything like that but I know when war comes to you humans reveal their true colors and you see who is made out of what. If you are a scared pussy without fighting spirit or character you will break down. If you lack individuality and confidence that can only be gained through martial arts, survival and real life troubles people around you will sense your weakness and eat you alive.
You can camp on a dime. You really should research cheap camping supplies. You can really do that. Go to /Out/, plenty of those guys aren't made of money.

As for your thoughts on war, and individuality and becoming tough, camping does reveal your true colors. You're surviving with what you have, and are adapting as necessary, becoming accountable and responsible for your survival, strength, and well-being. That's what being a man is all about, men are born out of tough situations, of being able to make it without luxuries or protection or even support, Though there's nothing wrong with having friends, camping alone is certainly a challenge.

You can really do this. Camping is not complicated, and can be done inexpensively. Do your research, and go check /out/.

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