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>"Just go outside bro!"
>go outside
great, now I'm cold, tired, and have a headache from all the wind. I'm $15 poorer cuz I bought a mediocre lunch, and I still have no friends.

What should I really be doing when I go outside?
working on your poor attitude
and you might need to move too, I get really bad seasonal depression so I don't go on vacation in the summertime and take a few long weekends down south in the winter to cope with it
honestly yeah, just go out and breathe the air grumpy gus
also plan something social to attend, you cant just order lunch alone and expect people to surround you themselves
Going outside is a healthy habit that you should foster, and you did a really good job by at least trying it. It’s especially good that you prioritized eating, even if you didn’t like the food.

Unfortunately, improvement and good feelings don’t always just come in all at once from these kinds of healthy habits. They’re best if done regularly, and sometimes improvement is a more gradual process that sneaks in.

I’m sure you probably walked around a bit and got some exercise while you were out, and that’s pretty much what you’re supposed to be doing. Hopefully you managed to be lucky enough to pass through some pleasant places so you could get a little mental stimulation too.

I personally find I prefer to have some destination goal when I go outside walking. I like going to the library because I like to read there, so I walk there.
I used to think the same way until I realized I love my own company more than anything
>going out
>learning that i can literally do whatever i want without waiting on anyone
>even going on walks alone with an audiobook / music is 10/10

Even if you can do a daily 30min walk anywhere, you'll start to feel better.
Join a club, join a gym, join a team, do volunteer work. Put yourself somewhere where you'll be among people and DOING something. The doing will automatically give you something in common, and being busy will make chat easier.
>What should I really be doing when I go outside?
What most people mean by muh go outside, they mean go to bars parties and so on for hookup culture but that's not what I like about going outside.
You can do anything really, usually what you can't get indoors like feeling the wind, getting lots of sunlight, having more room to walk/jog/stretch. Don't go outside if you don't want to, if the weather isn't good don't go but often times I rather just dress up more layers, wear a hat and so on so that the cold doesn't deter me. Try and keep a budget, I sometimes just make lunch indoors and take it with me outside. You can eat a sandwich while just walking around aimlessly, you don't really have to do anything, that's the nice thing about being outside. Go out, find a bench, sit down, just observe your surroundings, that it. Maybe you see birds you didn't notice before, get to see what the people around you look like, what dogs they walk, where they go and so on. Maybe go outside and read a book.
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>go outside
>try not to act weird
>brain gives out after 5 minutes
>people start staring
holy fucking shit this is torture, im going back in
what exactly should my attitude be when the junkie is nodding out on the corner and a violent nigger is dropping greasy trash everywhere and acting erratically?
Probably a better attitude would be adding the smallest bit of empathy such as
>damn sucks that theres so many broke mentally fucked up people cast out by society outside
>oh damn I too am a broke and mentally fucked up person outside, just not as obviously broken as these homeless bums
>maybe I should change my view and especially change my scenery because I am worth more than only hating others because I hate myself
>find the nicest trail park near you and walk around

The trick to this is its actually a lot of tedious consistency and work. You dont go out one days and everything is magically better. You go out regularly, with a set purpose of simply being out and appreciating your environment or even more simply observing it without so much judgement. You do this for years till its a casual habit. Then at some point you notice youre a little less bitter and fat and angry because you built a comfortable habit bird watching on the weekends and sometimes locals are nice and give you a friendly wave and the homeless schitzos dont bother you so long as you dont treat them like the enemy and birds are funny petty creatures much like us and something about all that gives me hope. Or at least gets me over myself. I wish that for you. Even though it will take time and you are resistant to change.
Good posts. But unfortunately, you made the same mistake as OP did and are taking "go outside" too literally. And I love being outside and going for long walks so don't take that the wrong way.
When someone like OP is told to "go outside", it's really just code for "get a fucking life". Or "touch grass", as people say now.
>feeling slightly discontent and restless in life is the same as being a late stage pant-shitting junkie and/or psychotic enough to intimide random asian ladies half your size
wow, quality post right there
Posting on 4channel and being antisocial enough to seek advice from here does put you on the same mental/social level as the average homeless bum.

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