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Got groomed/ molded/ raised to be a submissive bitch. Always got punished for sticking up for myself as a kid and now as a man I'm so passive. No mojo or courage to do anything. Wtf can I do? LSD?
unironically you are permantly broken, nothing can fix this. just embrace being a fag or become a tranny then rope in a year
Pick a male role model and strive to emulate them and base yourself around them. Think "what would x do in this situation" and then do it. Stop thinking that you're weak or you've been molded or anything like that. It only has power over you if you let it.
>boo hoo i'm a submissive femboy with no motivation
>i'm gonna do lsd about it instead of actually fixing the problem

Fuck off. You deserve this.
After you reach adulthood, if you blame your parents for your bullshit, you're a loser.
If you do drugs to fix your problems, you're a loser. (LSD won't do shit. It's a cope and you're a fag).
If you don't sort your bullshit out and work towards doing the things you KNOW you're supposed to be doing, you're just gonna continue being a crybaby bitch-boy, just like daddy raised you to be.

Figure out where your submissive attitude is hurting you the most in life. Pick out some behavioural patterns that are causing the most damage. Think of more healthy behavioural patterns, and try to replace those shitty behaviours with the good ones. Ez.
Start practicing with friends and trusted family members, who you know will support you and won't abuse you for sticking up for yourself.
Kinda the same, except I was always taught to not waste energy on lesser people arguing/standing up on stupid point, but with time It turned on not standing up for important points too.

Its a slow process but theres no easy way out of this, decades of no resistance take a lot to turn a man back onto its proper track.
What I have been doing is starting on taking up a stance on small things and after couple years of building up, I've got to be decent at taking the initiative and sticking for myself.
I still do the silent game for some situations from time to time unwillingly, but overall life is pretty good now.
Also LSD- no
Shrooms - yes if you are ready for introspection

Also a test cycle will definitely give you mojo for the time you are on it. Just dont expect it to replace your personality. Its just a booster of what you naturally have as a man.
No child deserves to be mistreated.
That's what I figured slow. I thought that LSD would speed up the process but I will check with the shrooms. Started going to the gym too.
I don't really think I'm weak it's just that I break down crying in confrontational situations and pussy out.
swear my dad did this to me too. discouraged me from doing sports or martial arts, even pulled me out when he found out my mom was taking me. goes on to try to murder me at 17.

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