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general life advice and advice for happiness assuming she wants a family and marriage? is there a website that isnt feminst for women? where can a woman get advice on how to be feminine, without already being raised by her parents/ having a secure relationship with both mom and dad? pic not really related
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Improve yourself and seek to improve your life as a priority. Seek a mentor in a trusted confidant that is what you want to be. Find personal meaning and purpose through the desires of your ego, while realizing and being mindful of your existence and circumstances, keeping yourself humble while striving towards your goals. This is the least feminist advice I can give since it's the advice I'd give to a man in your situation asking your question. If you mean in a more practical sense, like you are ignorant of the specifics of womanhood such as your bodily functions and the like which are typically taught at a young age, go to these "feminist" sites and educate yourself, or ask a trusted female friend for help.
im a womam seeking non feminist advice actually
If you are underage, there are many resources available to you through your school, most have some sort of guidance or counseling department where you can explain your situation and get the help you need.
Okay here goes, first some founding info if you didn't know

Feminism has nothing to do with equality usually
The feminists stole valor from the suffragists who did a lot of dumb shit including having the feds poison moonshine (lethally) to stop wifebeating (lol) but actually were trying to get equal rights for women.
Feminists came in with abortion, socialism (like every malcontent movement in the world, thanks to USSR infiltration), deconstruction/reframing of things, solipsism, "the feminine divine", etc etc
They were all about taking down the patriarchal Christian whatever to liberate feminine energy etc etc and incidentally became obsessed with rape and feminine sexual whatever, playing a leading role with the "sexual revolution" which of course led to more rape and dissolution and drunk sex and abortions and so on.

So the way to not participate/avoid this is just to not go along with it. There's no need to even be "trad" or whatever. You don't even have to be quiet or focus on listening or be particularly submissive...most women are submissive by nature, anyways, which is what feminism takes advantage of just like any other ideological or political system that integrates or targets women.

Really, all you have to do is not be a socialist and treat other people equally, for the first step.
Acknowledge people's rights to property, speech, and any goods or currency they legally own. Don't fall for any "redistribution" bullshit whether "liberal", "conservative", or openly federal or subversive. Remember that you do not own, nor are you entitled to, anyone else's stuff.

Now, understand that it's fine to pursue interests you're naturally drawn to, unless they're very creepy or immoral. Whether they're traditionally masculine or feminine does not matter in nearly all cases. Just don't try to be one of the boys, or restrict yourself to activities you think are feminine.
Also don't be too obsessed with building skills or interests, most men won't mind.
Why are you lying? Schools are run by feminists almost exclusively.
Now, if you want to homeschool and stay at home, build up some money while you're young to help support the family while looking for your husband.
If you're going to public school them, either because you think you can counterbalance the influence with a good home life or because you don't think you're suitable as an educator, then I'd say just mainly support yourself and put a bit aside and look for a man willing to work full time to support the family while you work part time and also take care of the house and kids. It's much easier than it used to be thanks to electricity, so it shouldn't be tough to balance. Just do your part time work in the morning and get home in time to do whatever housework needs to be done before everyone comes home, more or less.

If you're naturally very submissive, you can just let your husband make all the decisions, but tell him that's what you want going in, and don't get lazy and resentful if he doesn't read your mind.
If not, you can work together, so long as you're able to be reasonable and fair-minded.
Remember that your emotions are not everyone else's problem and there's a difference between repression and self-control. Other people who do not display emotions or boil over still have them just as much as people who display or act on all of their emotions do.

Another thing, if you are a virgin, stay a virgin until marriage. If he doesn't want to get a marriage license don't, but insist on a ceremony where your families attend anyways. If he doesn't want to get married even socially without having sex first, that's your red flag. That doesn't mean you forbid all physical contact before marriage necessarily, but if you're unable to resist him otherwise, then you should. Also, be sure he is too. Regardless of what muh pair bonding hormone studies say, it is not a good call to marry a non-virgin man as a virgin woman and expect he won't cheat
What about women growing old?
Do men want anything to do with women over 18? I'm very insecure of my age since browsing this website.
If you're not a virgin, do not try the "make him wait so he takes me more seriously than the others" strategy. He will find out eventually one way or another. Just act the same as you have in the past with relationships and don't refuse to do things you did with guys you broke up with, or cheated on you, or dumped you. But let him know that you are looking for marriage and children from the get-go and don't stay in a relationship for years and years with no ring or kids thinking you'll change him.
Similarly to what was said about virgins, do not date a virgin. Don't think you can lie and he'll never find out. Don't think you won't be suddenly overcome by, whatever, blah blah, pair bonding, hormones, and go fuck your ex or a random person specifically BECAUSE your husband is loyal to you and a virgin. If you're not a virgin, your prospects of a loyal, happy virgin are dimmer both on your end and his, but look for someone with similar experience to yours so there is no envy or competition on either side.
Pedophiles and rich men and "alphas" will not want anything to do with women over 25 generally.
If you are out of shape and over 30, get in shape first and look to date men your age, not much younger, not 10+ years older. You may find more older men willing to date you and you can do that if you want but it will always be a weird dynamic, especially if he is rich. It's your life though so do what you want if you really like someone, I guess.

If you have a long way to go to get in shape, still get halfway in shape.
If you are over 30 remember you want to be having your last kid at 35 or younger ideally because fertility drops off hard at 37 and also there are more complications like autism, and shorter overall lifespans, for kids born to mothers in their 30s or later vs 20s or late teens.

If you're mid-30s, fat, were a feminist back when you were hot and are only abandoning it at the call of your hormones as desperation sets in, have had casual or short term relationship sex with multiple men, and generally are "maturing" only to obey the edicts of your body after looking down on the majority of men your whole adult life, your prospects are very limited and you should lower your standards a lot and take what you can get if a man seems to not be a criminal, psychopath, or likely to manipulate or cheat on you.

The retarded truth is that if you have kids you are at more of a disadvantage than if you have abortions, unless you're a widow basically.
If you want non-psychopath men though, abortions are going to be dealbreakers and hiding them is a terrible idea because the mentality that allowed you to get them in the first place, regardless of age or life circumstances, will re-emerge and repel them a few years into the marriage and you'll be left satisfying yourself with half of his money if he has any, but alone again with bitter sadness.

I think that's mostly all I can tell you without knowing anything about your situation.
I'll be 27 this december

Another question; what about men desiring multiple women? Is that jewish indoctrination?
Oh, you have time then.
Men desire every woman we see who doesn't actively disgust us, starting in late childhood or early puberty. By mid-puberty most of us have learned to hide it and it can only be overridden by specific situations or actions we're not expecting, or extremely attractive women by our personal tastes, or by having any woman we consider mildly attractive or higher talk to us, unless we're social people.
Modern media/banking/lawyer/upper class Jews seem to want women to be empowered or whatever and hyper-attuned to money and power so they can screw their way through a horde of shiksas or whatever.
It's absolutely true that most men, regardless of upbringing or education, would be on a basic level very happy for most of their life, maybe as long as they can get an erection and maybe longer with Viagra, simply mating with a new woman every day. The whole thing about the male mice showing stronger sexual response when exposed to new females is very true. I'm a man who has never had sex and I can even instinctively understand that this is true. If I'm looking at nudes or whatever, it is more pleasant and interesting to see a new woman naked who I haven't before, even if she's not one or the more attractive women I've seen.
So the answer is that you have to appeal to a man above the level that you would appeal to a rat, if you were a rat.
Unless he's some BPD/compartmentalist/etc psycho, if a man says "I want to marry and have x many kids" he probably means it. If a man lies it is generally for a direct purpose, and same goes for anything he says.
If you marry a man who wants to get married and have kids with a man who wants to have kids and regularly have sex with a man at the rate he wants to have sex with you, he is much less likely to stray or cheat or care about other women, even if they still catch his eye. Especially if he has an unremarkable career and does not travel for work or care about promotion, and if you don't antagonize him.
And to clarify a little more, this means that yes, even the average LOYAL man you marry is constantly appraising the fuckability of any woman he comes across even more than the average loyal woman would be. It's inevitable, unavoidable, and continues to occur unconsciously even if he entirely removes it from his conscious mind, as many of us do in the process of learning to hide it.
Or, so I assume, never asked other men about this and they tend to have less control over and understanding of their thoughts than me on average, but I think a lot of them still do. Some may even be blocking their unconscious with their subconscious without even knowing consciously that they're doing it.
A moderate degree of around-the-clock self-control in a variety of different mental processes is an absolute necessity for the modern man to exist. Much of it is extremely beneficial but it's getting a little excessive which is why you see so much impulsive criminality and violence even from men who do not have hard lives (that and bad diet, entitlement, high estrogen and low t, often).
Most men who do not already channel their frustrations or aggression into something (usually) constructive like running a business or being autistically obsessed with a hobby or partying or overeating or casual sex are looking for some sort of constructive outlet.
A great outlet would be being very much in love with a woman, having children with her, being able to confide in her and work together on interesting or useful things, and regularly having sex with her.
A terrible outlet would be having a mutually miserable, repressed, fake, alcoholic, emotionally abusive relationship with a woman where each seeks to shout down or out-nag the other arguing over things that will never matter, or passive-aggressively avoiding each other over petty things and working more hours to kill the marriage quicker.
That said, someone has to bring in money, ideally more than one someone, and overtime pays well.
One other thing that women should know is that most men lack motivation more than they lack self-control. If a man is not forced to exercise self-control in situations where it does not matter (being denied sex for no real reason repeatedly while married), he is more likely to exercise it when it matters (alone on a business trip encountering a woman he is very attracted to).
Stress testing a man's loyalty by taking things away from him is nearly always a bad idea post-marriage especially because he will know what you're doing and despise you for it, or even if he doesn't it will still make him unhappy with you, not just unhappy in general, and less attached and potentially less loyal.

Most people naturally love who they have sex with and have sex with who they love, and men and women cheat at similar rates despite hormonal differences. Women just cheat more for "revenge" or "empowerment" or to "feel the passion", and men cheat more for sexual satisfaction.
This doesn't mean you should have lie still and passive while having sex when you don't feel like it and roll your eyes and purse your lips. It means you should actively endeavor, despite hormonal fluctuations, to ENGAGE in sex with your husband and enjoy it, and communicate.
Men are most likely to cheat out of a continual feeling of actual, hormonal sexual starvation which builds up and never really ebbs and flows, but the second best reason would still be lack of emotional engagement, which is also women's primary reason or at least justification it seems like.
So that's not too hard to understand - actively love each other and don't "test the waters" or make each other miserable over dumb things.
Consider how, applicable to your personality, you can have an honest conversation with someone you date, before engagement but when things start to get serious, about your upbringing and issues you've had.
You want to be direct and honest without giving the impression this will be used as an excuse for future problems in the relationship.
Common to various groups' weird propaganda, the most common age ratio in marriages is still 1:1, the exact same age. Just more culturally in common. Look to date around your age and you should be okay.
The only things that will hold you back are your own standards and the general disinterest of men who meet your standards and want a family like you do. I say general because I mean a lot of men have taken themselves off the market or have never been on it to begin with. So it's a matter of deciding what's really important to you, lowering some standards and removing others altogether, or finding ways to engage with men who aren't looking for relationships, don't know how to meet women, don't have social lives, or have specific hesitancy about dating at all.

Unless you're markedly below average looking you shouldn't have much trouble finding an average man. If you're insecure about your appearance I recommend paying WheatWaffles to rate you. Don't bother watching his channel unless just out of curiosity as it's mostly for a specific type of neurotic men, just pay him on whatever his service is, it's like five bucks and he has a really good math based system to score your conventional attractiveness. Personally I have never done this and don't really care but it might be useful to you.
As long as you get 4 or higher you shouldn't really worry much about attracting most men.

If you haven't already heard of it, spend some time playing around with:
It's meant to make fun of feminists but if you live in the US or a similar country and just want some insights into demography and dating practicality, it's very useful.
I mess around with it time to time out of curiosity being a man. There's also one for men:
But last time I used it part of the form was broken, still if you want to check out how "average" you are compared to other women by some common metrics, it could be useful.
You're probably already feminine enough, just approach men you're interested in but make extra triple sure they're actually single even if they say they are before dating at all
What I am most interested in knowing is if men will only instinctively want to fuck a young girl, not someone 26 and up or even 18 and up. Like I said I have used this website and the things said make me kind of have suicidal ideation as in no man will be with me since after 16 my age went up. I looked into almost every board here for several years and recently noticed the relationship with my mom and dad is the key to my own mind issues

Do men instinctively desire women under 18 only forever? I can't tell if being 27 automatically repels men and any honest protection/ being provided for
The reality is a lot of women are attractive into their 40s, and sometimes even early 50s. Attractiveness only really drops off after menopause which is like 55.
I'm worried men choose women based on their fertility despite how old they get since I'm going to be 27, then I'll be 28 etc while every other girl will be younger than I am, then any type of mate will instinctively desire someone more fertile. I made this thread to find out if there's any type of non feminist outlook on being woman. Am I supposed to accept growing older and the older I grow the less wanted I am by my "provider"?
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Pedos are retarded
AoC should probably be 14 or something
Creepy old cradle robbers are retarded
If men followed their instincts mindlessly (You) would be dead or a single mother of various rape babies by now and we would be in the stone age still
Men want to have sex with women who are attractive to them
This (usually) means fertile
Fertile means 14ish to 37ish (usually)
You've already seen graphs like this I'm sure but as you can see you have five years or so before you start sliding down the cliff.
More years left = more potential for babies so women on the younger end are more attractive to most men, plus all of us are falling apart because of our gay telomeres and mitochondria so yes, a woman in her absolute "prime" of 16-22 or so looks the very best to most men, hence makeup imitating youthful looks and muh facial neoteny cope that pedos overapply but has basis in reality.

Your best man-catching years are behind you and you may well have wasted them but as it turns out there are lots of men your age still single, as many as there are single women basically, and while many of them may have tried and failed to not be single some of them simply have never tried and most of them are not actually out prowling for 18yos because the 4chan tards who talk about doing this are mostly sleazy old 60yo men reminiscing about their 40yo cradlerobbing days, or men who go outside even less than I do.
The other group doing this is the rich so unless you're a gold digger or homewrecker you don't need to concern yourself about it much.
Just look to date your age and ideally marry and get pregnant by 30 or 31.

You will never ever ever ever ever be 18 again no matter how much you want to, but what actually matters more when it comes to dating as who you are, a 27yo woman, is how you spent the last ten years.
Regardless of your age, men are less likely to want to protect/provide because we have been called sexist and misogynistic and chauvinist and narcissistic for doing so.
Contrast that with a society where men were very recently actively shamed for NOT doing so.
The rapid shift and general hypocrisy has a lot of men just not caring.

Moreover, you need to qualify what you even mean by that. Provide to what extent, and what are your requirements, what will or won't you get or do for yourself? Are you going to work too or are you looking for a meal ticket and panicking you might have to stay in the workforce like everyone else because your looks are fading?
From what do you seek protection? Is there anything actually after you?
>I'm worried men choose women based on their fertility
Correct and inevitable
>any type of mate will instinctively desire someone more fertile.
Correct and inevitable
>I made this thread to find out if there's any type of non feminist outlook on being woman.
There are women who promote what are now alternative lifestyles but they're usually about return to tradition and gender roles, but the thing is those gender roles benefited men far more than women already, so men will not necessarily seek them out the way you will, especially now that they're considered cringe or objectionable.
Just treating people well and equally is a good foundation for your life regardless of anything else. No special groups with special privileges, even "progressive" ones.
>Am I supposed to accept growing older
Old age and death come to us all, regardless of our acceptance of it
>and the older I grow the less wanted I am by my "provider"?
Physically, maybe, probably, eventually. This goes back to my comment
>So the answer is that you have to appeal to a man above the level that you would appeal to a rat, if you were a rat.
Men who claim to be in love with the same woman their whole lives, and always attracted to her, are usually not lying.
They are attracted to her because of her personality, their familiarity with her, their memories of her, and their love of her, regardless of how wrinkly and saggy she is.
Love is a very real thing and wanting to reduce every relationship to muh instincts muh fertility is part of the secular conditioning you should be parting with along with feminism.
Simply take the lovepill.
I want a woman my age or a little younger who can bear children, isn't a feminist, won't divorce me, opposes abortion and socialism, will work a little to help support the family, won't spend all my money, will have sex with me, won't avoid me, and isn't fatter than me.

I don't know if that's normal or not but it is exactly what I want uninfluenced by any idea of what I think I SHOULD want. I won't date a woman much younger than me because people younger than me are annoying and stupid and people older than me are delusional and out of touch and I have less in common with any of them.
Younger women are more attractive 95% of the time. I like early 20s best but most men seem to like 19 or so. If I were the type of man who put up posters of women on his walls they would mostly be 21 or 22.

Also if I am working significantly more hours than a woman I want her to clean the house and cook for me and the kids and take care of them. If she's going to stay home she'd better be taking care of them entirely, money is expensive.
I've dedicated years to studying and learning about aesthetics and read philosophy but never actually self actualized. Now I'm pretty sure being with my own family will give me happiness regardless of the universe. I read most of that back and it barely makes sense. But I'm pretty sure having my own family and being possessed by a man would make me happy. Just not sure if any would want a woman instead of a younger girl.
What exactly is the lovepill?
I am male. My waifu is 28 in her universe according to my math and she is moderately feminine. My advice would be to not complain like a bitch, don't be a feminist, and try to take care of yourself. Think about the type of man you would want in your life and what he might already like about you or what he might not. Ask yourself if you're the type of girl your dream guy would want to be with.
>I've dedicated years to studying and learning about aesthetics
>and read philosophy
RIP kek
>Now I'm pretty sure being with my own family will give me happiness regardless of the universe.
In general, as an adult, you are meant to make your own happiness, rather than having it provided to you passively. But yes, that will probably help. Not if you wake up and feel unhappy so you screech at everyone or in general neglect your kids or put your emotional needs before theirs and so on though. If you're going to do that, don't reproduce. If you conceive children you have duties to them as a parent, including not always letting them do whatever they want, and providing for them, and bringing them up decently.
Also the universe is just space with things in it, as far as we know. It doesn't make you do anything, focus on your immediate environment instead if you want to be happy. Any answer the universe can give you will be cold and impersonal by definition.
Plenty of men your age will want to date a woman their age. Again, as I mentioned before, a lot depends on how you spent your life so far, not just your current age.
Find a man, fall in love with said man, stay in love with said man, marry said man, still stay in love with same man, have sex as a natural expression of love, plan to have children and be careful otherwise while having sex, and continue to love each other. Expend active, continual effort in loving each other (mutually) (at the same time).
I was indoctrinated and emotionally neglect when I was a kid so I needed the ten years to catch up to where I am now, only realizing I am not even starting from the point I should have or now feel resentment towards, I resent that I'm not young and have all this information now which may be the real thing or issue because I would really like get married.
The vast majority of women now start fucking mid-teens and spend their teens and early twenties working low paying undemanding jobs or no jobs at all or in college, taking some sort of government assistance if they can get it for some reason, college or otherwise, getting drunk, taking drugs occasionally, fucking men they don't love now and then, maybe getting an STD or abortion or two, consuming a lot of trash content on surface level social media, doing makeup or thinking about expensive brands they don't have or whatever, and agreeing compulsively with any feminist idea that's "politely" expressed to them and blaming men and capitalism for every problem in their lives.
Body count will be upper single or lower double digits which may exclude a bunch of blowjobs for random men or a "hoe phase" of several months or a year screwing random men every week or two.
Otherwise, half of these men or more will have been "in relationships" of one month to one and a half years, rarely longer, or maybe one longer term bf who they may or may not have cheated on and dumped them around age 23.
They read very little and learn very little during this period other than emotional experience and "what to expect out of men" or whatever.

Do you think you have spent your time in a way that is more or less repulsive to the average man than that example over the last decade?
That should be a guidepost for you.
OP is a LARPing tranny.
What's wrong with the "feminine divine"? I believe in a "male divine" as well. As a woman, I worship the male divine and as a man you should worship the feminine divine, your other half.
>provides an unconventional yet excellent example of what's wrong with it
I still don't get what's wrong with it :D it's only wrong when it's unbalanced, and nowadays it has been terribly unbalanced towards the feminine divine.

An anon here was talking about the lovepill, but I'm more into the worship/adoration divine lovepill <3 so pardon my ignorance
Do the opposite of what feminists tell you to do.
Honestly I don't have a single good answer, but i do have a couple of suggestions:
Start with finding women you appreciate (irl and people such as writers, bloggers etc) and hearing them out. Now my personal gripe with a lot of "conservative influencers" is that they never seem to talk about actual women and they take a very man-centric point of view, so I suggest taking their words with a big grain of salt. Be wary of women who put down other women, feminists and non feminists (that goes for all people really). Also, don't be afraid of checking out things "for men", a lot of times I've found that they give pretty general advice that applies to everyone, even if they think it's only for men.

And if you want fashion advice and the like, just go ahead and read that magazine or popular site. You don't need to take everything they say seriously.
File: how to be a lady.jpg (43 KB, 317x500)
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>where can a woman get advice on how to be feminine
Just read books from a century ago or more. Countless generations of women have existed that have paved the way and informed their peers. My own personal advice?
>avoid tattoos at all costs
>stay slim
>avoid weak men - weak meaning morally
>value your sexuality and your body
>read great works
>aim to have children as early as possible as your body will be screaming at you to have one by the time you are in your early 30s
>rebuild links with your family as it's the only one you have
File: the case.jpg (16 KB, 319x500)
16 KB
Oh, to add to this, I'm a guy but a recent book I thought was a great read is pic related. I'm a reactionary kind of guy so I was bamboozled into buying the book based on the title but it's definitely not a right wing work of any sort. I still enjoyed its arguments. It's a modern day feminist work but without the baggage of progressive-leftist feminism and its radical individualist messaging.

>Ditching the stuffy hang-ups and benighted sexual traditionalism of the past is an unambiguously positive thing. The sexual revolution has liberated us to enjoy a heady mixture of erotic freedom and personal autonomy. Right?

>Wrong, argues Louise Perry in her provocative new book. Although it would be neither possible nor desirable to turn the clock back to a world of pre-60s sexual mores, she argues that the amoral libertinism and callous disenchantment of liberal feminism and our contemporary hypersexualised culture represent more loss than gain. The main winners from a world of rough sex, hook-up culture and ubiquitous porn - where anything goes and only consent matters - are a tiny minority of high-status men, not the women forced to accommodate the excesses of male lust. While dispensing sage advice to the generations paying the price for these excesses, she makes a passionate case for a new sexual culture built around dignity, virtue and restraint.

Highly recommend it for a woman to read. One of the best things I've read all year, but a lot of it was lost on me given that I'm a dude.
Another addition, if you want to have a good guide to life as a woman in the 21st century, you should follow the advice of this book's chapter headings.

>Foreword by Kathleen Stock

>Chapter 1 - Sex must be taken seriously

>Chapter 2 - Men and women are different

>Chapter 3 - Not all desires are good

>Chapter 4 - Loveless sex is not empowering

>Chapter 5 - Consent is not enough

>Chapter 6 - Violence is not love

>Chapter 7 - People are not products

>Chapter 8 - Marriage is good

>Conclusion - Listen to Your Mother

I should reiterate that this is not a right wing book. It was written by a writer in the New Statesman, which is a progressive-left British rag. Based on the author I wouldn't have even given the book a shot but I am glad I did.
The MOST purely feminist advice in the world:

Do that which makes you feel most fulfilled as a woman, whatever it is.

(The opportunity to do that is all that feminists have ever asked for)
File: woman parking.jpg (399 KB, 625x900)
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399 KB JPG
>Do that which makes you feel most fulfilled as a woman, whatever it is.
Ignore this post-1960s nonsense. There are proven pathways to being happy as a woman, and it is not hedonistic shit like anon is saying here. Millions of years of evolution have cemented what 'fulfillment' is for a person, and it is not mindless individualism.
>whatever it is
So here's the psycho narcissist bit
The whole thing is a lie btw
Anyone who ever says "all feminists have ever asked for" is lying
Because it never fucking ends
The requests, demands, and expectations
Anon women dont want family and marriage that's just a comfortable lie. They want to be young and free and wild until their eggs dry up and it's time to settle down.
File: journal.jpg (35 KB, 448x419)
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Ignore redditors that have had their brains rotted with incel culture.
Why would you not want to take full advantage of everything feminism has afforded you?

Don’t get me wrong - as a system feminism and the destruction of the white patriarchy has been a catastrophe, it’s undermined the middle class and shattered the family on behalf of (((world capital)))

But the times make the man (or woman in this case). So as an individual, why would you choose to diminish your own power, when you really can have it all in 2022? There’s nothing to stop you from fucking every hot chad of your dreams and securing fuck you money in your youth, then settling down a little earlier than is conventionally advised is there?

I can see how if you want a vaguely traditional endgame you might start looking for a husband at 25 instead of 35, like some brain dead cat lady but why would you not take full advantage of the feminist power structure in the meantime?
maybe she's not a psychopath like you?
>There’s nothing to stop you from fucking every hot chad of your dreams and securing fuck you money in your youth, then settling down a little earlier
Except many men can see through this disgusting behavior and usually the high value ones won't settle for this used up woman.
We know these women lose their ability to pair bond and will resent us for not being "Chad", even if we might be "Chad-lites" ourselves. So we keep our "Chad-liteness" so to speak to marry young, virgin women.

t. did exactly that and can assure you my wife is happier than the cock carousel riders
The fact that it's so easy to spot the males in this thread tells me you all should stay out of this conversation
>least feminist advice

"Just be a man"

Just absolute LOL if you think “High Value Males” give a shit if a hot twenty five year old did modeling work and has a 10+ body count.

I’m not suggesting OP abandon her trad goals but there’s something so cucked about not taking advantage of the current power structure, I’d respect a girl less if she didn’t enjoy her freedoms at least a little, and I’d trust her less too. A hot 25 year old virgin is just going to be a nutcase anyways

Guys like you just won’t ever make a marriage work regardless, I can already tell you’re controlling, jealous for some reason like your mommy didn’t love you enough

The fact that you care at all or imagine a girl who had some fun is “ruined” is just to totally misunderstand female nature and the male relationship with it in contemporary society

Literally kill yourself

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