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If you murdered someone in minecraft and got away with it, how would you live with yourself?
I guess if I killed in the name of self defense or killed a confirmed rapist/pedophile I could cope with being a murderer
They probably weren't some saint, but you didn't know them. It would be a random person.
Why are you killing random people in Minecraft?
Anyways, some people devote themselves to a cause, like becoming an advocate/spokesperson for a charity.
if you have a conscience you will suffer until you die and then you will suffer after you die. The fact you ask this question means you have a conscience so you'll end up just like the rest of them.

You can never form real connections with anybody anymore. Cause you have to live with a secret so never can open up to anyone and be real with someone. So all your interactions will be faked and this will result in extreme loneliness. This is why some people want to be caught or confess by themselves the loneliness in killing them. Then they will rot in prison forever but at least its off their mind.

You can't even truly love your own closest family members anymore or any future spouse. It will all be acting from then on.

They will never be able to connect with anyone or society itself. Inside they know they do not belong here anymore. The are the miserable hyenas that belong outside the warmth and the light.

Some say a part in them died. And that's true. And that which hasnt died in them will be compartementalized , dissociated from and never able to unqork that bottle. If you do you'll kill yourself , the lucky ones go insane. What's in the bottle is everything that is good, warm and authentically you.

Night times will be the worse. Before you fall asleep you feel cold and filthy. As the few seconds before you fall asleep will be the only time you can allow yourself to not be distracted as its a necessity. When you sleep you will have horrible nightmares and you wake up in pool of your own sweat. You haven't really rested though you will never feel calm, serenity or rest again even the substances you will start abusing won't give you the rest you seek. Your body will be soaked with sweat so you go to shower but you can't stand the silence of the bathroom and you will feel filthy no matter how long you stand there. Silence will be your worse enemy.

probably like a dosto character would.

The rest of the day you will be spend distracting yourself always running away from your own shadow. You can't feel the finer, nuanced and subtle joys of life anymore like a walk in the park, rain ticking against the window, a nice cup of tea etc etc... you're too stomped off for that now so you need more rough things to receive the distracting sensations you so desperately need. As you can't feel the joy anymore from the good in life you will likely get into more and more fights just to keep yourself distracted only digging your own hole ever deeper.

You may have gotten away with it but there may always be a coldcase team digging up your old dirt. Some unexpected developments etc. So you worry excessively everyday and are paranoid 24/7.

It won't get better only get worse

Hell is real and you are already in it but youre lucky you still have a physical body that stands aside you from the real reality already happening behind the scenes. You fear dying cause you know it will be infinity times worse once your own body is done for. On your own deathbed you will face the worse terrors but you will be too afraid to turn to God cause such filth as yourself cannot be in His presence. Story of Johannes and Jesus comes to mind after Johannes realizes Jesus is who he said he was. This may be the last bible verse you will read except for those tattood on your fellow inmates. You can open the bible but you can't really read it. You see words but not the meaning.

You've wasted your own life by taking someone else's.

Is it worth it?

t. Studied murderers for years . And I don't ever want to see another one.

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