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>reject a friend of a friend
>he calls me an ugly cunt and says he didn’t even like me anyways, that he just heard I was easy and wanted to pump & dump

One of the weirdest experiences in my life recently. The entire vibe changed. He acted like I’d spat in his face or something. I told my friend that his boy is a psycho.

I don’t get asked out super often, but how can I let a dude down without him reverting to ooga booga rape-ape mode because I said no?
>men owe me attention
Does it pay to be so insufferable?
Never said that. I just don’t want dudes to try ripping my head off. I’m a pretty introverted person.
Can't give much direct advice other than to pick em better in the future. Guys like that usually have other red flags to notice before it gets to the incel screeching. Sorry that happened to you.
>i’m le heckin cute introvert teehee
>my friend’s friend’s friend’s friend’s friends’ friend’s friend’s friend totally is like uncool :(
>i want his attention tho
No. He was unpleasant. Hence the rejection. I minimize interaction with people I dislike.
>but how can I let a dude down without him reverting to ooga booga rape-ape mode because I said no?
You can't control how others react to your actions. Be as respectful as you can be and cut them off.
>but I don't own them respect
Women and men both have duties when it comes to social scenarios. Males have to pursue and face rejection, women decide if they accept their advances or if they should be the ones rejecting. Both of these duties come with rules and hazards.

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