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File: 1607738420817.png (33 KB, 151x275)
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>be In college 22 years old kissless massive purityfag

Starting to hate women.
every single girl i see in college is some copy paste nose ring tattooed low quality slut with massive ego
Even if things are almost not even related to them a lot of them get offended because they keep thinking the world revolves around them
they're so used to constantly receiving flattery that one mild slightly non positive thing that isnt even directed towards them is like an insult to them personally
also makes me angry seeing how much fuckin money they throw away on the daily because their parents give them 500 daily to waste (though this one may be born out of jealousy since i do have to pay for living, food tuition and rent all on myself since parents dont give me a dime)
they dont even have to try with other people since people just rush to them because they're born with a vagina
and even the ugly/fat ones that are at best a 2 have some chad bf they dont deserve

it just makes me upset they live life in easy mode
Edgy pic: check
Calling himself an incel: check

Saying people only like them because they have a vagina: check.

Can't you see you are the loser here? Ohh I'm having such a hard time. Whiny bitch. Bet you want them to call you supreme gentleman as well. No matter how disgusting the others are, you are 10x worse. Get that through your thick skull dog.
Kill yourself faggot. OP showed no signs of being "disgusting" in his post.
No? Did you not read his rant? Ohh no we found another one. Alek Minassian 2.0 please don't run anyone over. "Even the fat ones". Then why can't you get any? Ohh yes. That answers his question if there even is one. Ohh there isn't it's just him talking to himself.
This is /adv/ anon you should at least dress up your rants with a bait question.
File: 1609205819471.png (639 KB, 649x763)
639 KB
639 KB PNG
lol faggot no idc about dating
the only goal i got in my life is finishing college so i dont end up sweeping streets
you do seem like the kind of guy who believes college is useless and ur better off getting a trade or that thinks learning basic programming will make him rich
i am aware im bad but i dont consider myself to be some gentleman since for that you need to interact with people and every interaction i get is carrying group projects

how do i cope with the hatred i feel for everyone around me
Your feelings stem from insecurity. You should try fix yourself.
Keep yourself busy on other things. If you're always focused on studies and hobbies, you don't have time to let the thoughts about women creep in. If you jack off frequently, you won't ever feel like you need a relationship. Look into escapism to fill the hole.
All decent cope options since you're excusing yourself out of the gene pool
You post that rant with an edgy post picture and then preceded to call me a faggot. Wow you are a truly lost. Good luck. I'm already done with my education. I'm a carpenter with my own problems, but at least I'm not on here posting shit like this. Yikes.
Tell me about it man, I had to interact with some heavily caked up becky today with a visibly recessed lower jaw and she acted very stuck up. I wasn't trying to flirt with her or anything, just trying to get shit done.

If that bitch were born male, she would now be posting on incels.is.
>it just makes me upset they live life in easy mode

And you have a life easier than billions of other people. Stop being a faggot and be humble and stop thinking the worst of other people before you become so permanently bitter that no one wants to ever be around you.
you're such a whiny bitch, jesus. honestly just work on yourself before commenting on other people's lives; no happiness will come out of your attitude and the comparison to others.
>every single girl i see in college is some copy paste nose ring tattooed low quality slut with massive ego
yes because youve never spoken to them. try talking to them for a change
Their egos will crash in time. Find a nice lady OP. They exist. Stop being tricked by glamour. It's a magic that's never what it seems and can have you left off with something you realize too late you don't want.
Oh, shut the fuck up OP. Can we be honest for 5 minutes out of your life?
>Every single girl I see in college
Horse shit. Tell me the college and I will prove you a fucking liar. You telling me you live in septumis piercington academy for witches and faggots? Every single girl back-to-back looking like a BPD whore? X to fucking doubt.
You're looking for them exclusively, in your head. You are looking for confirmation to justify your shit view. And that view is necessary for you to hide the fact that it isn't women, it isn't the outside world--It's YOU.
You are the fucking problem. You are the one cucking yourself 'on the daily'. You are the emotionally unstable jackass. You.

>I do have to pay for living, food tuition, and rent all by myself since my parents don't give me a dime

There's the issue, asshole. Take it up with your parents. You normalized their flippant lack of good parenting and when you see other people benefit from having loving parents, you go apeshit.
>B-but my parents work hard, its not their fault they are poor!
Yeah except fuck the money. It wasn't a lack of money that emotionally crippled you, dumbass. Real money is about as important as monopoly money to children. They deprived you of things much, much deeper than money.

Given how you're raging about holes. I'll take a guess: Your mom suffocated your initiatives to be your own person and is either overbearing or cold and/or strict. Or, simply indifferent to what you are emotionally.
File: shoes.png (11 KB, 516x151)
11 KB
>is some sort of STEM dork
check plus
File: laughing drink man.jpg (49 KB, 413x395)
49 KB
>septumis piercington academy for witches and faggots

that sounds cool as hell sign me up
File: 1606235828626.jpg (146 KB, 1080x1494)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
>Tell me the college and I will prove you a fucking liar
south america
the culture here is just like that

>honestly just work on yourself
just got to 100kg bench
im pretty proud of myself
>b-but there's more than just physique!
bullshit, i will not read a "how to get a gf" book like a sissy

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