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Should I read books about how to psychologically and emotionally manipulate other people, and female psychology books?

And no, morality cucks don't bother replying.
you think that'll help you finally get a gf
What for? I mean, if you want to, nobody is stopping you. It does make you more pathetic though.
reminds me of those ads you'd see in the back of comic books and martial arts magazines that were like NEUTRALIZE AND ATTACKER USING THE ANCIENT ORIENTAL ART OF DEATH TOUCH - SUBDUE MOST ATTACKERS BY SIMPLY GLARING AT THEM
Personally it comes naturally. You just have to prioritize yourself over others while pretending like you aren't. I have read lots of literature and none of the redpill, PUA, "how to win friends and influence people" type shit is very profound or interesting. It's a lot more trivial than you think, and as you have pointed out, just requires a different moral system. What you likely lack is experience and confidence which you find elsewhere.

Can you be more specific on what you want to accomplish?
form a cult of sheep followers.
Okay. So who you should be studying, then, are cult leaders. Everyone from Charles Manson to top Twitch streamers, TikTokers, and YouTubers. You'll notice some commonalities: physically attractive, charming, witty, and overzealous. You will not have it all, no one does, so you have to come up with strategies to compensate.

Can you be more specific again? What sort of following do you want? Are you looking for fame? Sexual deviant? Money?

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