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>live with mom and dad to save until I can buy a house in AZ
>dad is a reserved hermit, started working from home since covid hit and lives in the basement, staying in there even after work, a total of 17 hours a day
>doesn't leave the house for days at a time, rarely lets mom and I in the basement
>cat's litterbox is in the laundry room, connected to the basement
>dad locks the basement door
>cat is scared of him and shoes, something he always wears
>cat pees on laundry when basement door is locked
>I ask my dad to please leave the basement door open, he says that the cat is lazy and that I need to stop blaming him for her peeing on laundry
>get sick and tired of sprinkling baking soda and urine remover in my room
>no matter how many times I tell him, he never listens
>even tells me to harshly punish the cat when she tries peeing in the laundry

Guys what the fuck do I do? Should I just go scorched earth and cut a cat flap with an oscillating saw? What do?
remove the cats litterbox in the basement
you treating your pets like a god is a problem
>buy house in AZ
With all these Californians and Cali companies buying houses en mass, it'll never happen. They'll glady pay double the market value for even a shitty house.
This, move the litterbox, as childish as your father is acting.
>tfw shitty house I wanted to rent is $1,000 more than it was 3 years ago
Something's wrong with you dad.
put litter box upstairs?
true, suddenly his dad never wants to come out of the basement

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