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They keep texting me and shit and I just want to be left alone.
Reason is I'm such a fucking loser I get severe inferiority complex when I'm with them.
you typed all this out and thought, "yup this sounds normal and healthy"?
no you fucking didn't you dumb shit go get therapy and stop fucking putting yourself down, they're texting you because they like you, shit man
You sound like me 10 years ago. I just started ignoring them. Now I have no friends or dating prospects and I'm very lonely. Suck it up and text them back
>because they like you
But they always make fun of me for being fat/dumb and shit. That's why I want them to leave me alone.
And I have been to therapy, didn't help. I just wanna lose weight in peace without being called a fat fuck every 3 minutes
Then it'll be
>god I love my job
>god I love being fit unlike you anon
Over and over.
Actually, I want to include family as well. I just want to be a hermit but sadly I live with parents. Should I just go to the library and stay there?
well fuck them then, you want them to leave you alone because they're assholes, not because you're inferior
But that's literally every relationship I have. So at this point I realize that humans don't work like that.
See, if you weakness, people will bully you. I remember asking a friend if I crash over his house in case I get disowned, his girlfriend (who I didn't fucking ask) asked me why I'm afraid I'll get disowned, I said cause I failed a class, she gave me a long lecture on how to not fail a class.
The positive ones are career cause programmer friends still think I'm at FAGMAN, and only talk to me about that. I know the moment I tell them I got fired, they want nothing to do with me, and they'll make fun of me or even disassociate myself
I talk to other programmer friends about how I'm stuck on something or I made something simple, they laugh at me and call me a brainlet.
Parents only talk to me to check up on me or chores: they assume I'm gonna blow my head any minute now
Literally all my relationships dynamics suck, because I show weakness. I tell someone I don't like touching girls I became the faggot of the group. I'm fat and I'm now a pig. I had a guy text me about music advice: that's all I am to him, a way to help him with his music

That's why I just want some peace. I want to make new friends when I lose weight and I'm richer, than they can respect me
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Hell, to add to that, I'm not even that fat, I look like picrel except smaller belly.
Yet everyone gives me shit for it. Nobody ever talks to me about something except if it's something I can help them with, or to make fun of me
What's so hard about saying, "stop fucking texting me" But like politely if you want to keep having friends, let them know how you feel, there's no other way around it
Block them if it bothers you that much
Cut them out of your life, theyre not your friends, only reasons to end yourself

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