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Being in the internet for the longest time has fucked up my life perception badly, to start i don't live in the US/Japan or anywhere near these kind of countries, and in fact i been living a pretty successful and comfy in life for the parameters of where i live, to the point that i had people telling me they envy how far i went at my age, but due to all the foreign cultures i go out of my way to interact online and with anime age/success/relationship standarts in mind, i constantly feel miserable for being a "underachiever" to a place i don't live in and i coudn't care about it. Is there any way to reset these perspectives? i'm 25 btw
do you have any relatives who live out in the country OP

All of them in fact, but i do have some friends and family members who constantly fantasize into moving to europe.
>with anime age/success/relationship standarts
I'm sorry, anime age?

are you saying you don't have the perfect anime life of being a main character with a harem of 7 girls including catgirls and elves? yeah no that's why anime is fiction.

but financial success aside, getting a gf is normal and nice.

Not really, i mean in ideal age for something, in the sense of getting a degree around your 20th birthday, getting a job and marrying while in your 20's (maybe gettin a son the soonest possible).

This thinking doesn't exactly make sense here since usually people have children in their teens or soon out of HS, many times they don't marry or move out, and the majority of tend to have a pretty bullshit and harsh life even with a full family way in their 40s/50s, the fact that i got a degree and a stable job without dependents is already a victory to others. Usually, only people with more money, higher degrees or coming from independent schools rougly follow this path, but even then the age still doesn't make much sense, everyone i knew only married or got a more stable job after their 30's
yeah no that's japanese culture for you

not even, it's japan's ideal version of what japanese culture should be, but in reality in Japan if you're not a shut-in NEET who matches anime all day then you're a burnt out workaholic who has 0 desire to get married and have kids

Yea, i'm pretty aware of this and that's exactly the problem, so much exposure had this bullshit penetrated my subconscious in such a hard wy that no amount of awareness stop the misery feeling
honestly all of this perception of japan and the US are idealized. It is not how it really is. U can appreciate the arts n whatever tf but likeeeeeeeeee,, its not reality. The grass is not greener. Do whatever makes u happy that is what counts
you gotta balance it out by watching documentaries about japan's shrinking population and hostess bars and 50 year old NEETs living with their 90 year old parents. not just cute anime girls going EEEEEH SUGOI

I think i will look into it, but desu i don't even need to do that, i have my handful of jap descendent friends who tell all the kinds of wicked histories about them or they're families living in Japan (they can be pretty cruel if you're not born there, even if your parents are).


Maybe, i'm pretty happy with my life tho, my struggle is to remove this fuckin meme from the back of my head, cuz during the day i'm fine, but at night when i go to sleep all this shit comes to me involuntarily and overwhelm me for no reason at all.

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