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>husband’s friend’s wedding is this Saturday
>wedding is a 5.5 hour drive from where we live but husband rsvp’s yes that we’re going
>husband works as an certified athletic trainer at a high school. His job is to provide emergency care and rehabilitate athletes. I think in the UK they’re called a Physio. In his field he needs to work on Saturdays. His boss is very critical about taking time off. He barely takes Saturday off but asks in advance to take off this Saturday since we have a long drive before the wedding
>boss says he’ll try to find someone to cover for him
>weeks pass, his boss still hasn’t found coverage
>husband is scrambling last minute to find someone to cover, but can’t
>he tells me yesterday that we can’t go to wedding since he can’t get anyone to cover, and he can’t risk losing his job
>I ask husband if he called his friend to let him know
>”I’ve texted him but he hasn’t gotten back to me”
>Husband has been in depressed mood all day yesterday and this morning because he hates where he works and realizes he went into the wrong field. He also knows his friend is probably mad at him.
>I ask him if he called his friend this morning and he says “no, he probably doesn’t want to talk to me”

My husband is in a really depressed mood because he hates his job, and probably feels guilty for canceling on his friends wedding last minute. It’s probably not my place to tell him since the groom is his friend, but I really think he should call him. Hell, he should’ve called him in the first place to let him know, so I don’t know why he texted him instead. I don’t know if I should tell him these things, or he should figure it out for himself? I don’t want to put him in a shittier mood than he already is.

At this point, I just want to find ways to cheer him up, but as long as he works this job, I don’t think I can.

What should I do? Is there nothing I can do to cheer my husband up?
Give him the D.
Go to the wedding.
Or do you live for the job?
i would say call the damn friend at some point and explain. part of the role of being a wife is to help out with all that gay interpersonal emotional stuff that us men arent any good at because we've been too busy developing our practical skills
I don’t know the friend that well so I don’t think it’d be my place to call him. Plus I don’t have his number. But if I tell my husband to do it, I’m worried I will upset him even more.

I don’t live for the job, but for my husband he does. He doesn’t have another job lined up if he leaves and we have a mortgage and utilities to pay. If someone cant’t cover while the kids are practicing, it’s a liability if a kid is injured.

I don’t know why my husband would rsvp yes in the first place when he knows what his job is like. Basically my husband is stuck in this shitty job because there aren’t openings anywhere else in his field right now. His only option is to change careers. He’s thought about becoming a gym teacher instead, but he might have to do another 2 of school just to get a teaching certification.
He doesn’t even want to be near me. Whenever he gets in a depressed mood like this he just wants to be left alone.
jfc, your husband is a fucking cuck

if you don't show up to work one day due to forgetting to maintain expectations, that's your problem, you look bad

if you notify your employer weeks in advance that you won't be available one day and they fail to find cover for you, that's their problem

what if your husband was going in for lifesaving surgery? what if he was ill that day?

retarded/exploitative employer for not finding cover, cuck husband for choosing a job over a friend
tell him to read my post, GO TO THE WEDDING
This OP. It's his right to take a fucking day off, Saturday of all days and especially announced in advance. Fuck his boss he's not going to lose his job over this and if he does, he can sue the fuck out of that wretched boss.

You'e both been preparing for this wedding at least mentally and your friend has been too, eagerly awaiting you there at one of the most important or emotional moments in his life. It would be a disappointment for all of you if you skipped this on such short notice because your boss is a money-hungry faggot. It's his fault for not finding someone to cover and he should cover for his employees in such situations
he obviously has right and justice and God on his side if he goes to the wedding but the employer can still fire him anyway and they still have a mortgage you fucking tards
and he ll sue him and get money while he looks for a decent job
yup wrongful dismissal lawsuits are free, instantaneous, and are always successful against people who can hire more expensive lawyers than you
i mean im aware that everyone who posts here is a poorly programmed robot but it's just hilarious that some people simultaneously think they're oppressed by for example women and niggers and that having an asshole for a boss is uncommon and not a big deal

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